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Read Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 708 – A Victim of His Talents

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Chapter 708: A Victim of His Talents

Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas

The Elite Academy was facing a problem now. That was if they should allow w.a.n.g Zheng to enter the tournament to fight for the mech.

The Elite Academy was an elite academy after all. In the campus poll, surprisingly, 80% of the people opposed the idea.

Although he had rendered meritorious service, he was still late in the end. Moreover, the tournament had already entered the Finals stage. For him to just enter the Finals suddenly, it would not be fair to those partic.i.p.ants who were eliminated.

In addition, although the Academy had thought that w.a.n.g Zheng had rendered a huge meritorious service, a lot of students didn’t feel that it was the merit of w.a.n.g Zheng. Any unlucky person who fell in would be able to return with the help of Li Yizhuo. Basically, w.a.n.g Zheng was just picking up the merit of Li Yizhuo. Although they couldn’t say that w.a.n.g Zheng did not make any contribution, there wasn’t a need to exaggerate things so much.

This had made Jiang Feng feel rather embarra.s.sed. He had originally thought that the students would agree to it but this had resulted in such a scenario.

Currently for the 5 main battle groups, the victor for the first, third and fifth battle group had already been identified. Marzu, Olivios and Lear had already obtained the qualification. One lucky thing was that the second battle group where w.a.n.g Zheng was in had not been finalised yet.

The truth was that the main thing that made the students feel complicated wasn’t about who won and lost. All those were all superficial. The most practical thing was the runic mech.

Although no one really believed that w.a.n.g Zheng would emerge as the champion of the group, this was a matter of fairness. Simply put, the elites just weren’t feeling happy about it.

Surprisingly, the favourite in the second battle group, Hocatolin from Aslan, had opened his mouth. He felt that they could arrange another qualification match for w.a.n.g Zheng by selecting an eliminated partic.i.p.ant from the second battle group to battle with him. The victor could have the rights to fight the winner between Hocatolin and Redington.

The other finalist, Redington had also agreed to the proposal.

The problem with w.a.n.g Zheng’s qualification to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament was eventually able to be solved quickly. The first match was between Pampas and Mondo from the fourth battle group. The king of the Azure Dragon Region demonstrated astonis.h.i.+ng battle strength in defeating Mondo and obtained the slot for the fourth runic mech.

The king of the Azure Dragon… didn’t used any special Ability X to defeat his opponent. He had shown the difference of their strength. As a result, Xuan and Yellow were equally good now.

The 2 stars from the White Tiger, Van Brothers, Olivios and Marzu.

From the Azure Dragon Region, Pampas, and from the Black Tortoise Region, Lear.

The second battle group was initially considered as the weaker group but had suddenly become the main battle stage as everyone’s attention was on them.

w.a.n.g Zheng’s semi final opponent had seemed to struck lottery. The was equivalent to a revival round. In the end, Zhao Zhengjian from Aslan had obtained the qualification. As a strong partic.i.p.ant from the Xuan Grade Cla.s.s 1, he was eliminated by his comrade from the same country, king of the Vermillion Bird Region, Hocatolin, in the semifinals. He was probably the one who felt the most dispirited and had not expected to obtain a chance like this.

The truth was that he didn’t mind if he could get into the finals. However, he could never allow a person like w.a.n.g Zheng to enter the finals directly.

Everyone from Aslan had treated w.a.n.g Zheng as their biggest enemy. This was because this guy seemed to be really close with Your Highness, Lin Huiyin. This was something that the people of Aslan, who were rather obsessive, could not accept.

The qualification round started first. The number of spectators weren’t any less than those in the finals. Disregarding the full house watching it live, the broadcasting channels of the 2 Academies were also filled with people.

Clearly what attracted the attention of the Milky Way Military College was the incident with Li Yizhuo. The deeds of Major General Li Yizhuo had spread across the Academy and he had become the superhero of the Milky Way Military College. w.a.n.g Zheng was clearly the guy who brought these deeds of the heroes open to the public. The people from the Milky Way Military College wanted to see the standards of this lucky guy.

“I heard that if it wasn’t because of him being a burden, Major General Li Yizhuo might have returned alive.”

“If I was him, I might as well just die inside that place.”

“Enough, stop your b*tching. If he could come out, he probably had experience a life and death situation. It isn’t as simple as you all had thought.”

“Tsk. We can’t verify the truth with the dead. Who knew what the real situation was like? I wouldn’t believe that the Abyss was really that terrifying.”

Students were a group of living things that liked gossip. The more elite they were, the more it was so. They always liked to see everything from their own perspective.

w.a.n.g Zheng didn’t mind all these. If he couldn’t withstand these, Li Yizhuo would have really died in vain.

Just like before, Old Zhuo was the failure of the Milky Way Military College as he lost an entire fleet with no survivors. Now that he had become a hero, would Old Zhuo mind?

Zhang Shan and the rest had all arrived at the stadium. They were a little worried about w.a.n.g Zheng’s body condition. The truth was that he did not have to partic.i.p.ate in it. There were too many people who were jealous of him. This was because most of the people had not been to the Abyss before and wouldn’t understand the situation of the main base camp of the Zerg. They always thought that things would be as they thought. At this moment, it was better for w.a.n.g Zheng to lie low.

However, w.a.n.g Zheng still wanted to partic.i.p.ate. As long as he lived, he had to be like Old Zhuo.

“w.a.n.g Zheng, if I was you, I wouldn’t be part of this qualifying round. One should know his own strength.” Zhao Zhengjian from the opposite side started the conversation. “If I was at the Abyss, I would definitely returned with a killing spree and not be like you.”

Zhao Zhengjian was using the public channel. Instantly, the stadium and viewing rooms exploded. This was an open taunt.

Jiang Feng and the rest frowned. They were the ones who really knew about the dangers of the Abyss. However, they had neglected something. These students had been too well-nourished and simply didn’t know about the dangers of the Abyss. They could simply forget about talking about the main base camp of the Zerg as this was an area that even the Military had never arrived.

Marzu and the rest were silent. Olivios was without any expression. The people of Arbiter had a unique characteristic and that was to never care about what others would think. If anyone wasn’t convinced, they would just beat him till he agreed.

“If I was w.a.n.g Zheng, I would shut their mouth forever.” said Olivios calmly although his killing intent was spilling everywhere.

“Hehe, violence would not shut the mouths of the crowd.” Lear said with a gentle smile from the side.

As the victor, Lear naturally was sitting at the front most row and was enjoying the position and joy of a victor. He was waiting for the start of the compet.i.tion with the mentality of watching a show.

Olivios took a look at Lear while Lear was still full of smiles. However, the two of them didn’t continue on this topic.

On the battlefield, the two of them had finished picking their mecha. Zhao Zhengjian had chosen the Icy Rose Knight from Aslan. Zhao Zhengjian entered the Elite Academy together with Hocatolin and they were once considered to be the twin s.h.i.+ning stars of Aslan. However, Hocatolin’s improvements were truly too fast. Hocatolin specialised in fire while Zhao Zhengjian specialised in the power of Ice His attainment in this aspect was definitely No.1 in the entire Xuan Grade level in the Elite Academy. It was just that the improvement of his Ice ability wasn’t as quick as Fire.

This was something that Snow Li and the rest knew clearly. Ai Xiaolu had even asked Zhao Zhengjian for advice previously. She could not fight at all against him. With the same ability, she was still being countered completely.

Honestly speaking, they didn’t want w.a.n.g Zheng to partic.i.p.ate in this tournament at all. On one hand, w.a.n.g Zheng’s body still needed to recover. On the other hand, it was too dangerous. There were many people who wanted to thrash w.a.n.g Zheng to gain fame.

If w.a.n.g Zheng lost, it would only further verify the rumors. His ineptness had caused Li Yizhuo to be unable to escape.

The imagination of humans was plentiful. Throughout history till today, humans had been able to distort the truth and others would believe them if there were enough people saying it.

w.a.n.g Zheng had chosen…

Snow Li and the rest were stunned. Those who knew w.a.n.g Zheng were dumbfounded. Why would he choose this…

Hail Cloud Alliance– Snow G.o.ddess mech.

This was one of the more cla.s.sic mecha within the Hail Cloud Alliance. However, it was also one that was more suitable to the local landscape of the Hail Cloud Alliance. It was suitable in an icy and snowy battleground but its performance was extremely bad in other types of environment.

And yet w.a.n.g Zheng had decided to chose this mech in this battlefield.

Zhang Shan was even more dumbfounded. This was because he knew that w.a.n.g Zheng had never used such a mech before. Even if he had used before, he would have never practised much in it previously.

Huiyin was also at the stadium. Ah, it was really hard to maintain her image of a princess. She wanted to jump around and wish to scream and shout. She wanted to defend w.a.n.g Zheng against the injustice but Angela was restraining her with all her might from the side.

Angela’s sweat was dripping down one by one. Oh G.o.d, please don’t let her get into trouble. Her highness might not understand this. The better she treated w.a.n.g Zheng, the more people would be jealous of and hate w.a.n.g Zheng.

He was a victim of his talents.

Zhao Zhengjian He knew that w.a.n.g Zheng seemed to be able to use the Ice Ability X and also possessed the Fire Ability X. It might seem something really cool but in fact this was a cla.s.sic case of useless abilities. The more he learnt, the more useless he was. However if he was using them in a circus, it was still rather eye-catching.

Jiang Feng and the rest looked at one another. They were able to understand. w.a.n.g Zheng probably wanted to show respect to Li Yizhuo with this mech. However… failure would not show that he was showing respect. Some things weren’t appropriate to come from the mouth of Jiang Feng and the rest for w.a.n.g Zheng. The more they tried to explain, the more it would look they were trying to hide something. If you wished to earn the respect of others, the best was still to talk through one’s strength. Therefore when w.a.n.g Zheng requested to continue to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, Jiang Feng had wanted to stop him but he couldn’t argue with w.a.n.g Zheng.

How should he put it? He wished w.a.n.g Zheng could be more mature and rational. However, he also admired w.a.n.g Zheng’s sense of humanity.


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