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Read Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru Chapter 362

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru is a web novel made by Miyako, みやこ.
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The destructive beauty has appeared! “W, wha…”

I was trembling because of Suzaku-sama who appeared out of nowhere. Why is she here? Hey, Sei! It wasn’t only Byakko-sama that I wanted you to restrain!

“Is something the matter?”

Suzaku-sama asked with a captivating smile while tilting her head to the side.

“N, no. It’s nothing.”

I concealed my unrest with a hurried smile. I am glad that she didn’t charge at me while shouting “Cristesamaaa! Pudding! Chawanmus.h.i.+! Please give them to meeee!” but… Just what are her intentions? Suzaku-sama had her hair put up, but she wasn’t wearing the usual men clothes, but a Qipao-like dress made out of Kimono material mixed with Kimono parts. Her style is good, therefore it emphasized her voluptuous body quite a lot, so it suited her well.

“Today, we have prepared tea ceremony seats for customers to try out Yahatul tea. If you have time, please give them a try by all means.”

When Suzaku-sama smiled sweetly, I could hear “Fuhaaa… a destructive beauty… what a sight for sore eyes” from next to me. When I looked at my side, I saw Mariel-chan staring at Suzaku-sama in fascination.

“Mariel-san?” “… Hah! U, umm, Cristesan, what is the matter?”

Mariel-chan’s face was telling me: “Wha, hey, let’s go! I want to get closer to the destructive beauty!”

“Indeed… since we are here, why don’t we go?”

I don’t know what Suzaku-sama is scheming, and I hope it’s not what I am thinking it is, but it’s not like we can just go home like this, so I decided to get on her scheme.

“Well then, this way please…”

Suzaku-sama guided us further into the store. There were rooms for business discussions lined up inside, we stopped in front of one of them, then we heard a person’s voice after knocking on the door.

“I have brought customers.” “Come in.”

I thought “Huh?” to myself after hearing the person’s voice, but I saw into the room before long.

“Welcome. Please take a seat.” “Ah…” “Se…!”

The one in the room was Sei. He was wearing a blue indigo Kimono with grey Hakama, his hair was bound behind with the same indigo blue k.u.mihimo braid. He was wearing girl’s Kimono and a light make-up when we met for the first time, so I was totally fooled into thinking that he was a girl, but seeing his dignified appearances now, I wouldn’t ever mistake him for a girl.

“He will be performing the tea ceremony of the Yahatul tea for you.”

Please, enjoy… Suzaku-sama guided us to the seats before Sei and left the room.

“Cristesan. It’s him! The one I talked about!”

Mariel-chan whispered into my ear. Yes, I know. Ahh, how startling… to think we would be introduced like this. I was sure we would meet him in the store by a coincidence.

“Is this your first time drinking Yahatul tea?”

Sei inquired with a smile.

“Ah… no. I like to drink Sencha. It’s very easy to drink, so it’s my usual tea of choice. Matcha too.” “Thank you very much. Then, do you know of the etiquette behind the teas of Yahatul?”

Tea ceremony… seeing the tea utensils Sei has lined up, they greatly resembled the antiques of tea ceremony from my past life. Sei was sitting behind the table opposite to us, so I thought he was preparing for the so-called Ryuurei style tea ceremony. However, it would be strange if Doristan’s young lady knew of tea ceremonies in such detail, so I decided to reply with “No.”

“Is that so? Shall we try that first then?”

Sei said so and prepared a matcha tea with flowing movements.

“Please enjoy the tea without paying attention to any etiquette first. These will be your tea cakes today.”

After Sei said that, Suzaku-sama who returned to the room before I noticed brought Youkan (sweet bean jelly) and placed it on the table before us. … Huh? That’s the Youkan I made, no? This surely isn’t Genbu-sama’s share, is it…? Uwaa, won’t that made Genbu-sama angry? … No, Genbu-sama would find getting angry troublesome. I think he’s pitiful, so let’s make him Youkan again the next time. I ate the Youkan and tasted the Matcha tea.

“Wow… so delicious!”

Mariel-chan unintentionally spoke in a loud voice, but it’s understandable. It’s truly delicious. The tea wasn’t bitter, but slightly sweet and mellow.

“Truly, it’s very delicious.”

I agreed with the cheerfully smiling Mariel-chan while hiding my surprise. I wasn’t aware that Sei is this skillful at brewing tea. Gee, to think he was kept silent about this and let me drink tea made with my clumsy brewing skills all this time. I feel embarra.s.sed now.

“Thank you very much. If it’s to your liking, please, by all means, take it home for your parents to try as well.”

Sei smiled and started explaining about the tools necessary for the ceremony.


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