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Chapter 378

s.h.i.+n’s request .

Receiving Head Chef’s information, I left the kitchen and went to my room . Knowing that offals are actually being eaten is considered a good harvest for now . All that’s left is the processing method…Would my past life’s offal-handling experience be enough?I have handled only already processed offals, so I have no choice but to give it a try while recalling what I saw on television and the internet .

“Oi, no, Ojou… sama . Can I talk to you for a little?”“Eh?”

When I turned around because I was called from behind, s.h.i.+n was standing there .

“Oh my, what’s the matter?”“Ah~… regarding the matter from before… no, however . ”“Neither Head Chef nor Miria is here, you don’t have to mind your words now . ”

“No, I should not be doing that… I am working here, so I should act as necessary . ”

So diligent?But well, unlike in the fief, the status of servants here reflect the status of the master, so it can’t be helped that everyone is this serious…

“… Got it . And so? What about the matter from before?”

Feeling uncomfortable talking with s.h.i.+n in this way, I waited for his words .

“You have asked me before why internal organs are not used for cooking, but you have not given up on that… yet?”

Ah, come to think of it, I did ask s.h.i.+n that once before . I have completely forgotten .

“That time, I have said that it’s being disposed off on purpose because offals are precious for those who can’t afford to buy meat . Their preparation takes time and effort, but it’s indeed edible . n.o.bles who easily get their hands on the high-cla.s.s meat don’t really have to eat the offals, right?… Forgive me, but that’s what I think . ”“Ah…”

I see . s.h.i.+n did not tell me on purpose that time, huh .

Certainly, they are precious proteins for the poor commoners . If we, the n.o.bility, make the offals into gourmet food, they won’t have anything left to eat . People would stop throwing away the offals . However, according to Head Chef story, I got to know that the poor eat the offals . There’s no way that s.h.i.+n who had a dismantling job in the Adventurer’s Guild in the past was not aware of this, so he purposely hid it from me .

“I beg of you . Please, give up on the offals . ”

s.h.i.+n said while lowering his head .

“Wha, s.h.i.+n…”“My parents have pa.s.sed away when I was just a kid, so I might have been forced to eat like that too . Thankfully, I was lucky and was taken in by the guild, so I was not troubled about food, but I was aware that there are those who eat them . I do not wish to steal the food from the poor . ”

I was troubled what to say to s.h.i.+n who kept talking with his head lowered . It certainly would be a problem if the ingredients I got my hands on would end up being stolen from the needy . No, if offal dishes get officially announced, they will certainly vanish from their dining tables . But, I have already told Otousama about the sausage… what do I do? I am troubled .

“You have stored internal organs in your inventory before, so I was worried about what you are up to, but I thought you have given up since you did not ever use them . I will dismantle Orcs myself for you when Kurogane-sama brings them, so could you stop thinking of buying them from the guild?”

s.h.i.+n has completely forgotten the honorifics, but that doesn’t matter whatsoever now .

“… Before? Inventory?”


“Ahhhh!?”“Eh? W, what!?”

Giving a sidelong glance to s.h.i.+n who was startled by my sudden yelling, I searched through my inventory . … There it is . Internal organs . When I had s.h.i.+n dismantle a Bighorn Bull before, I forgot that I stored it whole instead of disposing of it! One, long intestine!… But, the Bighorn Bull’s intestine resembles its physique as it’s far thicker than a Boronian Sausage could ever be…It’s not suitable for the first-time sausage making, isn’t it?

“… Ojou… sama? What is the… matter?”

s.h.i.+n looked at me nervously . I have completely forgotten his presence after I screamed .

“Hey, s.h.i.+n?”“O, ou . No, yes . What is the matter?”“You are going to dismantle an Orc for me if I bring you one, right?”“Hm? Well, yes…”“Got it, thank you! Goodnight!”“Eh? Wai, oy?”

Telling s.h.i.+n goodnight, I hurried back to my room .


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