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“I’m going to speak very clearly, Berna! I hate Great Demon Lord Rimuru. However, I do not believe that all of his actions are evil. And we made plenty of mistakes ourselves. He left the school in Ingracia, and even if we are no longer the center of politics or finance, he showed us a way to survive as a place that exports culture. He even opened the great transport system called a train! These facts prove that he is acting fairly. You cannot argue with that!”

Ohh. There were a few spots I didn’t like, but his estimation of me was more positive than I had expected.

Still, it did hurt a little that he was so clear in saying he hated me.

But well, it was his honest opinion. And I wasn’t in a position to complain.

“You’re weak! It’s because you say such things that Ingracia is looked down upon! Never mind this. I don’t want to hear anymore. If that is your opinion, you can fall with the others!”

Julius’s attempt at persuasion failed, and Berna unsheathed his sword.

As if on cue, Magnus, Irina, Clad and Rozari also pulled out their swords.

People with different mindsets often found it difficult to talk.

It was unfortunate, but this fight would not be resolved through talking with each other.

And like that, the fighting began.

There were five of these Humanity Emanc.i.p.ation Alliance people including Magnus.

However, it seemed to me that these individuals were not completely united in will.

Well, they were humans after all. There was no way that they would all think exactly alike.

And so I had already factored in the possibility of such anti-Demon Lord organizations popping up…

Now, what would happen?

Irina and Rozari could fuse with demons, apparently, and so they supported the others with magic.

However, with three rank knights here, one poison tiger may not be enough.

Magnus and Berna were especially strong.

This looked like it would be a tough fight.

Berna was the first to move.

He unsheathed his sword, full of animosity and went straight for Julius.

It was the poison tiger who stopped him.

It jumped out in a quick motion and blocked the attack with Voice Canon.

Unlike the last fight, the poison tiger was moving so smoothly that it seemed like a different monster entirely.

Which was no surprise, because Karma’s friends were behind it and giving orders.

There was a kind of telepathic way that monsters could communicate, and they could understand each others’ will.

“Tsk! Very sly!”

There was also the support of various magic spells, which meant the poison tiger was greatly enhanced in terms of combat ability.

It had been beaten by Magnus the last time, but now it seemed to have the advantage against Berna.

“Let me help.”

Clad said as he joined Berna.

They would fight the students later and focus on the strongest enemy. It was a good decision.

However, things would not be so easy.

After seeing Berna struggle, Irina and Rozari immediately activated some magic.

They were trying to dispel the magic buffs on the poison tiger and replace them with weakening magic.

However, Irina and Rozari’s magic was just erased by the students.

“Impossible! How is our magic being beaten by student-level magic!?”

I could understand her surprise.

She knew how the students were just a few days ago, and she could not have predicted that their magic would surpa.s.s hers in that amount of time.

But that was the reality.

Not only Marsha, but the other magic students had learned to use the magic cards.

Each student learned one spell.

They were given one card each, and it contained a type of magic that they were good at.

Strategy-wise it was not going to be possible to have them learn more than that in just a matter of days.

And so I had them focus on just one spell that they were good with.

And then they were separated into groups and then into smaller teams.

For instance, there were fifteen that learned healing magic.

They were then separated into five teams of three.

There were three in the front.

Julius, Karma and Mondo. And then of course, the poison tiger.

In other words, there was one team for every front guard. And there was one team left-which meant there were three people who could move freely.

Mondo was inferior to Julius and Karma in terms of combat ability, but he was quite brilliant when it came to defense. “But I can’t do that…” he had hesitated at first, but he eventually accepted the important role after much persuading from the others.

With six people taking turns healing them, the front guard would be able to fulfill their roles just fine, unless they received significant damage.

And of course, it wasn’t just healing magic that was being used.

There was support magic, interference magic, defense magic and attack magic as well. Everyone had their own role.

In fact, it was because of the few students who were in charge of interference magic that Irina’s spells were being erased now.

The enemy only had two people doing magic.

They may have been much more capable, but that was with the old style of magic.

This new type of magic was much faster when activating and had short cool down times.

So even if the students were less capable, they could team up and overwhelm Irina quite easily.

“We can do this! Let’s continue to protect them!”

Marsha shouted.

As if encouraged by her, the students grew more determined.

And like that, the battle of magic s.h.i.+fted to the students’ favor…or so we thought.

“What is this? This magic. As annoying as this is, I never would have predicted that such magic exists. Still, they’re not the only ones with a trump card.”

Irina probably thought that this new magic was the result the teachers’ research.

It seemed like she stopped focusing on it and switched gears.

An incredibly calm person, as befit a researcher.

And with that, she took out the trump card she had been hiding from her ‘storage s.p.a.ce.’


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