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Read Terror Infinity Chapter 6.3                     Vol 2. Alien

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Read WebNovel Terror Infinity Chapter 6.3                     Vol 2. Alien


Vol 2: Chapter 6-3.



Jie didn’t back off even when the Alien’s tongue pierced his shoulder. He stood in front of Zheng and pushed the steel bar further into the Alien’s head. He didn’t back off when its blood dripped onto his hands. It wasn’t long before all that was left of his hands were bones.


Jie moved forward. He kept pus.h.i.+ng the bar into the Alien’s head. The blood corroded more and more of his arm. Until his forearms had became bones. Fortunately, Zheng reacted immediately. He pulled Jie backward. When the steel bar was pulled out from the Alien, most of it had already been corroded. Only a short portion of it was left.

Zheng shouted Lan’s name, at the same time he took fresh water out of his ring and poured it on Jie’s arms. Lan woke up from the shock, she used the hemostasis spray on Jie’s arms.

When they were healing Jie’s injuries, that Alien finally wobbled then fell to the ground. Yellow blood flowed out of the body. Pungent white fog started filling up.

Zheng dragged Jie out of the fog to the back of the hall. He finally saw that the corrosion of Jie’s arms had stopped. At this time, both his forearms were gone, not even the bones were left.

Jie had already fainted from the pain. He didn’t wake up until Zheng poured water on his arm again. Then he laughed. “Good G.o.d, an Alien is worth 500 points. You’ve been keep this from us, huh? Hehe. A little desert eagle means nothing, I can go straight for an unlimited ammo AK.”

Zheng looked at his arms in silence. Jie continued. “That’s no problem. As long as I can go back to G.o.d’s dimension alive, it won’t take many points to repair a body. Just that for the rest of this, I will become your burden&h.e.l.lip; Hoho, when I think about it, it’s better staying with you than Xuan. He would probably discard me by this point.”

Zheng exhaled. “Rest a.s.sured, I won’t give up on any comrades&h.e.l.lip; You guys wait here. Don’t come over until I call you. Otherwise&h.e.l.lip; go back to the control room immediately. Then follow Lan’s plan and let fate decide your future!” He picked up a steel bar and went toward the a.r.s.enal.

Since the Alien’s blood corroded a big hole in the center, Zheng had to walk along the wall carefully. Halfway through, someone walked out of the other white fog. It was Zero holding a rifle. His left chest was roughly bandaged with cloth. Blood flowing through the cloth made him look horrible.

Zheng and Zero smiled at each other bitterly. They both seemed critically injured. Zero looked at the Alien’s corpse and said. “The other one’s dead? You’re strong. You can kill them even without any guns?”

“You guys aren’t bad either. Didn’t you killed the other one?”

Zero sighed. “Come inside the a.r.s.enal, they are both there.”

Zheng shouted at Jie and Lan. Zero looked shocked as they came over. He took a deep breath. “Let’s go inside first&h.e.l.lip; It seems your hemostasis spray and bandage are still effective? Kampa&h.e.l.lip; may not make it.” 

The three of them followed Zero into the a.r.s.enal. Zheng noticed that this door was thicker than the other doors, it was almost as thick as the wall. In the middle of this door was a hole about one meter tall. Obviously corroded using the Alien’s blood. The other Alien was lying on the left side in pieces.

“It was luck. This Alien tried to get in before the hole was big enough. Then it got stuck on the door. We shot it for several minutes before it died. But we couldn’t deal with the second one. If you were just half a minute late, then the three of us would had died here.”

Zero explained as he walked in front.

Zheng immediately saw Kampa and Xuan inside the a.r.s.enal. There was a big hole in Kampa’s chest. Going by the sharp shape of it, it was obviously stabbed by the Alien’s tail,but because it didn’t pierce through his body he didn’t die immediately.

Among the three of them, Xuan looked almost unharmed. Aside from some blood, his outfit looked just like when he first arrived to this world. But one could see the exhaustion in his eyes. 

“I didn’t expect the Aliens to be this powerful.”

Xuan spoke before the three of them got a chance. He looked at them silently. “It’s my miscalculation. The Aliens never actually fought humans with guns face to face in the first four movies. So I underestimated their strength. If even the normal Aliens are this powerful, then I don’t know how strong the Queen is. Perhaps we’re really&h.e.l.lip;”

Zheng ignored him and went to bandage Kampa. After a while, Kampa finally stopped bleeding. But he looked so feeble as if he could die from any movement.

“Then let’s ally up. You’re a team, and we’re a team. Neither of us can betray the other, nor is there any way to betray. Of course, you can refuse, but I won’t be controlled by you and become your comrade. Your wisdom and planning are important and I indeed need them. But similarly you also need our ability and knowledge of this world. We hold some value to each other. So you can choose.”

Xuan bit his finger, he looked at Zheng and said. “Ok, I agree with your proposal. But there’s one point you must know&h.e.l.lip; if you can’t keep up with my pace, then I will give you up for the majority!”

“But I will save you!” Zheng smiled coldly. “I will save you for your wisdom!”


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