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Vol 9: Chapter 7-1.

Zheng slowly opened his eyes. He was showering in a beam of light. His body felt painful and itchy, such a horrible sensation. However, accompanying this sensation was the healing of his wounds. The wounds were being repaired in visible speed. The right side of his body nearly disappeared in whole. He looked like two-thirds of a person. The remaining third of him was forming up.

Zheng raised his eyes. Everyone else was also inside the light beams. The beam on Lan was purple instead, different from the others, who all had the same color.

Anyway, being in G.o.d’s dimension meant that she was alive. Honglu, Heng, and ChengXiao were having a conversation on the floor, Ran was standing behind Honglu, so no one in the other group died, which was fortunate.

Zheng closed his eyes and immersed himself in the sensation of the light. Although it was still painful and itchy, he felt as though he was in heaven.

Before long, the beams dimmed down. Zheng was the last one to get down. Lori immediately jumped to his arms while crying. This experience gave her too much of a scare, scared of separating with Zheng, scared of dying, and scared of Zheng dying with her. So many things weighted on her up to this moment. She could finally release her feelings with tears.

Zheng stroke her hair then looked at Lan. She smiled back at him without any hint of sadness. In fact, she looked delighted and relieved.

“Ok, ok. Go back to your room if you want to get intimate. Or do you want to teach a lesson of s.e.xual education?” Honglu laughed. Then Ran knocked his head.

Zheng let go of Lori, who was blus.h.i.+ng, and let out a sigh of relief. “I was afraid that you would all die. We are so lucky everyone’s alive.”

Honglu said. “We are indeed lucky this time. Didn’t you hear the information at completion? We completed the last movie of the series, the highest difficulty. There won’t be anymore Alien and we each obtained 5000 points and a rank B reward. Don’t you feel this is extremely lucky? Haha.”

Zheng recalled what he heard before he fainted. This was such a pleasant surprise.

Honglu twirled his hair. “You didn’t inform us about this. Don’t you think we are lucky for surviving the highest difficulty of the series? Didn’t you know that completing a series gives points and ranked rewards?”

Zheng shook his head with a bitter smile. “I really didn’t know. I can learn about many things from G.o.d but it won’t tell me anything concerning the missions. Think about it, if we know about these side missions and how to complete them, we will be able to grow so much. We can keep completing side missions in every movie and it will be like farming in an mmo.”

Zheng walked under the sphere. He closed his eyes and connected with the system. He had 6300 points and a rank B reward. The points exceeded what he expected. The rewards for each of them were enough to offset the horror they experienced.

The group took a good night of rest as usual. All enhancements and exchanges would be discussed the next day. To everyone’s surprise, ChengXiao, who had been talking all kinds of women, created a girl with some freckles and a braid. Her beauty was a step below the other girls in the platform, but ChengXiao’s eyes had a sense of tenderness when he looked at her.

Of all the people, Heng, Lan, and Yinkong still hadn’t created any humans. Yinkong’s reason was pretty straightforward. When an needed someone to comfort her, then this would be disqualified.

Heng and Lan didn’t say their reasons and the others didn’t continue asking. Everyone had their secrets. They will reveal them when they feel the need to. It was unreasonable to force the answers.

The group gathered for a meal in Honglu’s room because Ran’s cooking was much better than that of Lori’s. Although the boy didn’t seem willing, everyone ignored him. Ran was very welcoming in contrast.

“So you encountered two Queens on the way? That was lucky of you.” Zheng took a bite then said loudly.

The others looked at him in confusion. Honglu seemed to get it as his hand went for his hair again, but Ran slapped his hand with her chopsticks. “I was curious as to the wound on your right body. Even if you get hit with a wrecking ball, the wound wouldn’t be so terrible. You are aware of it, right? As your physical stats increase, your body’s toughness also increases. Your muscles won’t get crushed like this even if you are hit by a truck at high speed. The force this wound took was horrifying. Is this from the Newborn?”

Zheng nodded. “I can still feel a chill up my spine as I recall it. It was too horrifying. You can’t even imagine the power of a Newborn. I need to use Qi or Red Flame to break open that metal alloy of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, but the Newborn could just smash it and tear it apart. If a normal person has a strength of 1, my regular strength is 3-4, my strength with Qi is 5-7, and 10 when I am in the second stage. The Newborn was at least 100.”

The others s.h.i.+vered as they heard this. Honglu nodded in confirmation. “Right, that’s more on point for the 5000 points and a rank B reward everyone received. I was confused as to why the Queen only worth 1000 points and a rank D reward while the Newborn was so much. The difference in points was too big, but comparing their powers, this difference actually wasn’t big enough. Haha, that’s why I kept saying we were lucky.”

“From the beginning when we were confined, we would have become hosts if not for the defensive field. Any team was almost certain to get wiped at that point without a mean to defend themselves. This was our first luck. The second one was our splitting up. Although it seemed like we spread out our powers but the Aliens could only choose one group to attack. That group was you. There were only two Queens on our way and we easily completed the movie. Third, you were almost certain to die. I don’t know how you survived the first wave of the Newborns.”

Zheng looked at Lan. She had been quiet since she came back, and she looked calmer than before. She laughed when Zheng looked at her. “The Newborns were strong physically but mentally weak. I took control over their minds and have them kill each other. Even though I also took some damage but I still killed both in the end.”

Honglu snapped his finger. “So that explains it. Think about it, G.o.d’s goal isn’t to kill us but rather force us to evolve. Why do we encounter so many dangers in the movies? I think there’s a solution to every movie. The solution shouldn’t be too difficult, but we didn’t find them in the past. Like, if Lan’s mind control is stronger, she could use these two Aliens as our fighters and clear the way to the shuttle. We could have killed everything we saw. Haha. If we had a computer expert, he could stop the self-destruction. If we had someone that can operate the s.h.i.+p, he could isolate the areas, drive the s.h.i.+p to Earth and get the government to kill the Aliens.”

“So, any mission can become simple. We can earn more points and rewards. The key is to find the solution instead of following G.o.d’s orders! This is the real evolution!”


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