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“Mission completed? You don’t have to come back to Shanghai. Head straight to Dongbei, find ChengXiao and Heng, then seize all the statue pieces the j.a.panese army has. Once accomplished, count the number of pieces in our possession. If the statue would be a whole, make for Shanxi. Otherwise I will join you to start the final plan.” Xuan said to a silver plate.

“Final plan? What plan?” w.a.n.gXia’s voice came through the silver plate along with the loud whistling of the wind.

w.a.n.gXia was flying the Sky Stick over the Pacific Ocean to the direction of Shanghai. He contacted Xuan to report as advised beforehand shortly after leaving the battlefield and asked for his next mission.

It was surprising that Xuan would decide to go to Dongbei himself for his final plan. Xuan had been managing the information coming from the three powers in Shanghai this whole time. What could this final plan be? To bombard Dongbei with nukes?

“Raze Tokyo. There’s only a third of the time limit left. I can’t guarantee we could obtain the last piece of information in such a short amount of time. So we would have to initiate the final plan.” Xuan said.

w.a.n.gXia was shocked. He mumbled the words raze Tokyo several times before yelling, “This is your final plan? What kind of plan is that? Relish the final chance with ma.s.sacre? Have you given up? I have just destroyed a U.S. fleet and now you target Tokyo?” The injustice from killing the innocent sailors finally erupted from him.

“Officer w.a.n.gXia!” Xuan shouted. “Obey your orders!”

w.a.n.gXia paused and calmed down. Several seconds later, he said, “Colonel Chu Xuan, the order I received is to a.s.sist you in obtaining resources from this realm. I will follow all your orders on this basis. However! I don’t believe razing Tokyo and taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people will allow us to survive. I refuse to obey this order!”

A silence came from Xuan’s end as if he had cut off communication. Ten seconds later, Xuan’s voice came through. “An explanation is troublesome and waste of time but you are an important force in the upcoming plan. I do not allow you to leave the team at this time. I will only say it once. We are heavily disadvantaged in this bonus mission. First of all, we do not have enough manpower as many of our members have fallen in a sleep. Secondly, we do not have enough time to search a large area without sufficient information nor a psyche force user. In such times, we have to proceed with unconventional means. This world is nothing more than a parallel world like I’d told you from the beginning. We can do anything to it as long as it will help us complete the mission.”

w.a.n.gXia became impatient, “But I don’t think razing Tokyo and killing innocent people have anything to do with the mission! I can’t imagine the possible reasons!”

“Mortal’s wisdom.” Xuan sneered. “We knew the mission is abnormal from the start due to the Saints of the West. The mission is a trap in disguise and it is nearly impossible to complete as we normally would. At least not in the order of gathering information, finding a statue piece, and repeat until we have a whole statue. So…”

w.a.n.gXia interrupted him. “Then why did you follow this process when you know it can not complete the mission? What secret arrangements reside in your mind?”

Xuan calmly said, “There is another arrangement but it’s not secret. Remember your first order of defeating the j.a.panese army that occupied j.a.pan? The order was to defeat and not wipe out the army. We followed it up with nuking the j.a.panese navy, defeating a division using only Heng, and then a U.S. navy fleet. Every battle is a step forward in the plan. The goal is to inform all the powers which possess the statue pieces of our power, a power that transcends all else in this era, a power belonging to mythologies, and to let them know of the importance the Buddha statue has to us. We will go against the whole world for it.”

w.a.n.gXia said, “That’s not sensible. The powers in possession of the statue pieces wouldn’t hand over them knowing how valuable the pieces mean to us. They would coerce us into working for them or giving them weapons. What does it have to do with razing Tokyo?”

Xuan waited for w.a.n.gXia to finish then said, “Normally, that’s the case, which is why we resort to unconventional means. If we can’t find all the pieces in seven days, then we will make them bring the pieces to us. Not in the form of a trade or satisfying their requests. We will instill them with fear… Our plan leading up to this point has the intention to make them believe we will act more insane the closer time nears the end of seven days. From an occupying army, to a small fleet, to a division, to a complete fleet, to Tokyo. We are progressing toward insanity with time. The party to be in possession of the final statue piece needs to know that we will raze the world without consideration of anything, even if it comes to destroying the whole of humanity. We are also sending the message that any party who informs us of the statue’s location will be handsomely rewarded with wealth and authority. If that party is a sole person, he will obtain wealth and and authority equivalent to that of a large organization.

“To rise high in the world or to perish with it, these are the two choices we give them. Once Tokyo falls, we will split up over the world and destroy any army that comes in sight. On the seventh day, we will begin to raze the world with the Magic Cannon starting at the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Everyone over the world will receive the broadcast that we will raze a city every thirty minutes, and will wipe off humanity at the end of twenty four hours. We are the executioners of Judgement Day. This is the final plan that has begun since you attacked the j.a.panese army in Shanghai. Do you have any more questions?”

w.a.n.gXia trembled uncontrollably. He knew Xuan had a heart firm as iron or more accurately, he had no heart. Xuan would use everything available as resource to achieve his desired outcome, including the lives of his comrades and his own life, not to mention the lives of the countless innocent unrelated people. And now he had come to include the destruction of humanity in his plan.

“Not destroying humanity but to use it as a threat to force the party with the statue piece to hand it out. Furthermore, this is not the real world… Make your decision. Do you want to survive or do you want this world to remain intact.” Xuan corrected w.a.n.gXia.

w.a.n.gXia became silent, drowning the racket he was making. After a long pause, he sighed. “Are there no other solutions? And… do you firmly believe we can gather all the remaining pieces?”

“There is no other solution. We only have sixty to seventy percent chance of gathering all the pieces of the statue. This is the reason we resort to unconventional means.” Xuan replied in a serious tone. “Because there is no other way, because we lack the conditions to gather the statue, we have to resort to other means. w.a.n.gXia, we are trapped since the start of the mission in an intrigue where we have to catch the only glimpse of light to survive. The Saints of the West intended to wipe us. I regret to tell you that my wit alone is not sufficient to break us free. Understand? Which is why I have been saying we will brute force our way through the mission. This plan is built upon pure strength. The final step is the absolute power we possess to break free from the trap!”


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