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Read The 3 B’s- Beauty , Brains And Bravery 15 Just Who Was This Woman ?

The 3 B’s- Beauty , Brains And Bravery is a web novel created by AuthorVD.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Some time later , the man came back , now in pretty comfortable state.

He was wearing a Black and White tuxedo style fas.h.i.+on designer clothes which made him look even more handsome .

As he walked into the party arena , it gave a vibe as if a king was walking with his minsters following him.

He had that n.o.bility to him that no one could compare to.

He didn’t stopped to make small talk with anyone . He went straight to the bar area , where drinks were being served and sat to calm down his mind that was bursting with exhaustion from the day’s work.

Girls looked awkwardly at each other !

They have had been preparing themselves about how to speak with him , which topic to start their conversation with , they had been redoing their make up again and again .


They had been ignored completely by him .

He was clearly not in a good mood .

So no one dared to offend him .

Everyone just stood and looked at him .

He was an eye candy anyway !

They were still gonna look at him and give feast to their eyes.

Meanwhile , the three siblings who were ignored by their brother just like the crowd was , looked helpless.

Why couldn’t he give face to atleast them.

But they couldn’t just let him be alone , so all the three of them walked towards their brother and sat with him with expectant eyes hoping that he would join the crowd.He noticed their reactions and simply didn’t react .

He just rolled his eyes.

You three ! Do whatever you want ! Just don’t get me into this c.r.a.p.

Suddenly ! Their was a loud shriek from the end of the door !

A young industry artiste came running , ” Sis Xinghe is here ! ! ! Ah ! She is so beautiful today ! “

The whole group got excited again .

Oh My G.o.d ! The lady of the hour is finally here !

This woman was capable of doing something that no other person could ever gather courage for!

She changed the destiny of country X with one decision she took.

Almost everyone here today was her fan !

All eyes started looking expectantly towards the door .

After two minutes , a tall figure entered the party premises. “Sorry guys , it took a bit of time to park the car . ” she said.

This woman in front of them was just…..


Rong Xinghe was wearing an Elegant Red Lace Vintage Tea length off shoulder gown.Her long Black jet hair were open and falling down till her waist.

Was she really the woman who was in control of the army ?

She looked so delicate , and pretty.

Her perfect red lips , her perfect figure made the crowd think that this girl might have never even picked up a knife in her life , let alone be revolvers , rifles and military weapons.

How could it be !

She gave off sensual as well as a distant and n.o.ble aura …

….As if she was impossible to reach to…

Earlier , if women were head over heels for their ‘Prince Charming’ Xi Yuan , then now ,

all the men in the party had Rong Xinghe to be in ‘Deep Love With’…..

William reached towards the woman and wrapped her in a big hug….

” Congratulations ! Military Chief Rong ! ” He made the gesture of saluting as if he was on a military field.

Rong Xinghe looked at him and rolled her eyes , ” You are high again!”

She knew that her bestie couldn’t handle alcohol but she never understood why he used to drink so much even though he knew he couldn’t.

Indeed an idiot !

William stood her in the middle of the crowd to deal with her ‘fans’ who started pestering her and questioning her like the b.l.o.o.d.y media…. and walked away !

Just like that !

b.a.s.t.a.r.d !

This guy was dead …

She also started talking to the other friends of ‘Youth Team ‘ present there ….

…..she was completely unaware of the set of two eyes that never left her.

Xi Yuan had been looking at the woman from the moment she entered the place ! He observed her each action , her each movement .

When she talked to a small girl and raised her eyebrows ever so slightly pretending to be shocked by her words , his heartbeat stopped.

When she smiled , he felt a wierd warmth flowing through his body….

Just what was happening to him?

Just who was this woman?

Her eyes and the smiles on her lips….

Her n.o.bility and decency ….

Her furiousity and calmness surfacing over it completely ….


Just everything about her was unique …..

Xi Yuan was looking at the woman , and the the Xi twins and Xi Wei were looking at their eldest brother …..

Was he really the Xi Yuan they knew….

One second ! Not even for one second did his eyes left the woman….

Their minds went completely blank …

They didn’t even knew how to react ….

They forgot , that in such a situation , their responsibility as the younger siblings , was to tease their brother…..

Xi Wei finally said something , “Bro …”

Xi Yuan : [Ignore]

Xi Ying : ” Bro ,this wine tastes amazing , isn’t it? ”

Xi Yuan : [Ignore]

Xi Fang : ” Bro ! The stocks of our rival company are gradually going up in the market ! What to do about it ?”

Xi Yua :[Ignore]

Holly h.e.l.l !

Even business couldn’t distract him !

She was the one…

She was the only one who could be their sister-in-law.

All the three didn’t even needed to talk to the man , his eyes were clearly answering the questions they had …

They have had heard about ‘love at first sight’ but today they were watching it happen in front of them…..

They came to the conclusion they wanted to come to !

Mission accomplished ! ! !

Their plan with William Young was accomplished finally .

All the ‘three siblings’ of Xi Yuan and the ‘best friend’ of Rong Xinghe were grinning ear to ear at the current moment.

Meanwhile , Rong Xinghe’s head started to hurt . She actually needed a breather now . She could not talk anymore with these people.

She had actually got a ‘ThankYou Phobia’


She needed to drink something ….

She turned towards the direction of Xi siblings and started to walk towards them after excusing herself from the crowd …..


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