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Read The 3 B’s- Beauty , Brains And Bravery 166 It Was ‘His’ Birthday …

The 3 B’s- Beauty , Brains And Bravery is a web novel completed by AuthorVD.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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The entire Youth Team already knew about the man and the woman’s relations.h.i.+p and they all were genuinely happy for them. Moreover , they both looked like an ideal couple whenever they stood with each other. They were like two pieces of a puzzle which completed each other.

Yes . The woman had quite some issues related to her past to deal with. But then again , Xi Yuan was always there to stand by her side. Her Six knights in s.h.i.+ning armors were there for her as well.

But was it necessary for them to show their PDA like this ?

Singing for him publicly. Expressing her feelings by writing a song for him. Organising such a cozy and relaxing party for him. Hugging each other so intimately in front of everyone.

They could practically predict the future of this couple …

William finally sensed the admiring and helpless gazes around him and coughed slightly ,”Can you both just get a room ?! “

The crowd broke out in laughter as they started teasing the couple.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d !”, Rong Xinghe clenched her teeth angrily as she glared at William after separating herself from the man.

Xi Yuan simply smiled as he caressed the girl’s hair. She looked so adorable when she glared angrily at someone.

At this time , Xi Fang approached the couple and held out his hand to his ‘to be sister-in-law’ with a smile ,”Dance?”

Rong Xinghe smiled and nodded at the man as she joined him on the dance floor.Xi Yuan joined back the crowd as he could roughly guess the conversation his brother was going to have with the girl.


Both Xi Fang and Rong Xinghe reached the floor as the song changed into a relaxing one and they started performing a couple dance. Just like his brother , Xi Fang was quite skilled with such formal etiquettes and courtesies. In fact , Xi Fang was more or less a shadow of his brother. Although it was impossible to be exactly as legendary as Xi Yuan , this one individual imitated and emulated him the most .

Rong Xinghe wasn’t too good at dance but she was a fast learner. So it didn’t took long for her to sync up with Xi Fang.

“I wanted to talk about something to you , Xiao Xinghe. “, the man said as other couples joined them on the stage as well .

“I sensed that. What is it ?”, Rong Xinghe smiled .

“Um …I have a girl …girlfriend . Her name is Yue . Jiang Yue .”, the man cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Jian Yue … Isn’t she the only daughter of ‘The Diamond Merchant’ Jiang Qiyang ? The man’s solitaire diamond collections are just … love !”, Rong Xinghe giggled dreamily as well as dramatically .

“Do you love diamonds , Xiao Xinghe ?”, the man didn’t forget to take important notes for his brother .

“Nah … I am not a jewelry person. I have lost many earrings and necklaces till date. So don’t bother .”, the girl smiled ,” You tell me. Why are you telling me about this ? What do you want ? And does my bartender know about this ?”

“HEHEHE … Your bartender definitely knows about it and he has no opinions about our relations.h.i.+p status . “, the man really liked how his sister-in-law had met his brother back then .

“All he cares about is our career and happiness. Other than that , he simply does a basic background check on whomever we date taking our security into consideration .”, the man continued ,” That’s why I need you.”

“Hmm … go ahead . “

“Well … I have heard that you have an eye for people and that all your brothers make sure that they marry the ladies whom you genuinely like . Apparently , everyone around you believes that you can easily see through a person and that you are never wrong with your judgement . So … “

“…so you want me to meet Jiang Yue and tell what I feel about her ? “, the girl completed Xi Fang’s words .

The man nodded innocently ,” Brother admires you and I admire him. He is no less than a G.o.d to me , Xiao Xinghe. But ever since you have saved Ying’s honour from our rivals and I have seen your selflessness , I believe that I have changed my inspiration. I am your fan , devotee , servant , cook , and whatever you want from now on. Always ready to serve you. “

Rong Xinghe burst out laughing , “Really ? My gardener has been asking for one week leave from the past few days . Care to join ?”

“Where are the d.a.m.ned Trowel , shears and hayforks , Military Chief ?!! “, Xi Fang straightened his back and acted as if he was on a military drill and had been given an important mission just now .

The girl started laughing even more .

Xi Fang smiled and adjusted back his dance posture ,” No , but seriously. I do care about your opinions , Xiao Xinghe. Could you meet Yue just once ?”

Rong Xinghe nodded ,” Of course , I would like to teach her some tricks to annoy you . You are too calm. Just like your brother. There should always be a pebble to cause beautiful ripples in the calm water or it might get stagnated and that can be risky .”

“Why do I suddenly feel like this was not a good idea ? “, Xi Fang sighed helplessly .

“HAHAHA…Too late to back down . “, Rong Xinghe chuckled .

Suddenly , a pair of strong arms touched the girl’s waist and pulled her against a firm chest . The man then turned her around and glared at Xi Fang ,”Enough !”

Why the h.e.l.l were their conversation taking too long ?! And what was with all the laughing and smiling ?! It was ‘his’ birthday …

Xi Fang raised his hand in air gesturing his surrender and walked away. Do whatever you want now. No reason to be jealous of me just because I stole your woman for few minutes , brother !

Rong Xinghe hadn’t seen this coming . Did this guy really had to be so impatient and insecure ?! But that “Enough!” was so cute and charming .

Xi Yuan held out his hand in mid-air as he gestured that he also wanted a couple dance.

Rong Xinghe rolled her eyes . Childish !

The girl then smiled and fulfilled the birthday man’s wish by placing her hand onto his . With all the special treatment , why was she suddenly feeling like it was her own birthday ?


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