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As soon as the journalists heard Rong Xinghe’s words , the conference hall was in an uproar suddenly. They stood up from their seats and violently pointed their mikes towards Xi Yuan , so they could record his reaction with accuracy. After all , almost entire Country X was s.h.i.+pping this couple from the past one year. If what Rong Xinghe said was really true , then it was bound to become a sensational breaking news.

Meanwhile , Xi Yuan kept staring at the mischievous little lady devil beside him , with a muddled expression. Just how was the girl expecting him to react now ?!

Rong Xinghe realized what she had blurted out a moment ago , only when her eyes met with Xi Yuan’s helpless ones. c.r.a.p ! She wouldn’t have been distracted like this , had this man not looked so striking hot today. Anyhow , she had to handle this situation now. After all , she was the one to create the entire mess. But now when she thought about it , this could be a beneficial opportunity for her as well…

The girl cleared her throat and tapped onto the mike in front of her before she spoke up with a cheeky smile ,”Actually , Mr. Xi is my crush. But he refuses to marry me. Can my fans help me propose him , please ?”

The journalists exchanged glances among themselves and looked back at the girl before they finally convinced themselves that Rong Xinghe was just kidding. Eventually , they broke out into a nervous laughter as well and sat back on their seats. As expected of the nation’s Military Chief… unexpected and incredible !

“In case I am spotted flirting with Mr. Xi someday , I hope the media and fans will not trouble us.”, the girl laughed at the cameras ,”He is so charming that it gets difficult for me to restrain myself.”

Xi Yuan glared at the girl before he shook his head and smiled to himself. She was literally making a members.h.i.+p pa.s.s for herself ! The woman deliberately pretended as if he was her crush , so that she could easily flirt around with him anywhere and anytime , not bothering about the pressure from media. She was indeed his adorable wild little kitten. How smart !

“What are your opinions about Ms. Rong’s words , President Xi ? Have you really rejected her proposal to marriage ?”, a reporter directed his question towards the man with excitement.

Xi Yuan pinched the s.p.a.ce between his brows as he muttered under his breath ,”I don’t know what to do of this girl !”

Next moment , the man grabbed onto Rong Xinghe’s hand and dragged her out of the conference hall , as the journalists tried to follow behind them but were stopped by the security staff hired by the couple. Anyhow , even if the interview was a short one , it was worth it. They were able to shoot Rong Xinghe’s sweet yet cheeky confession , along with Xinguan holding each other’s hands. These two footage clips alone could easily boost the ratings of their channels for two weeks , at least. And clearly , Xi Yuan’s standpoint regarding the matter was still unknown. Both , the man and the woman , surely knew how to put on an interesting show ! They had a lot to research on now…


Meanwhile , Xi Yuan hauled the girl to his office and closed the door impatiently. The man then leaned in onto the girl as he trapped her against the door with his body. He loosened his tie before a smirk appeared across his lips.

“What was that ?”, the man asked.

As the heat between their bodies increased , Rong Xinghe felt slightly intimidated. This man… How could his presence be so imposing ? Even she couldn’t survive that magnetizing smile of his !

Finally , after calming down her rapidly beating heart , the girl pulled the man’s cheeks and hooked her arms around Xi Yuan’s neck ,”What can I do ? I couldn’t control myself. Its better for the world to beware of my crazy and dangerous side , baby!”

Xi Yuan couldn’t help , but laugh at the girl’s cute attempt to appear seductive for him ,”So you want to play around publicly , while I am not even allowed to respond back ? Don’t you think that’s unfair to me ?”

“What do you mean ?”, the girl asked , confused by the man’s deep tone.

“Don’t overestimate my self control , Military Chief. Else , you will have to face the consequences eventually.”, the man smiled as he provocatively closed the distance between him and his woman ,”For instance , the way you publicly staked your claim upon me today , you have no idea what that did to me.”

Rong Xinghe simply looked into the man’s magnetizing eyes , and the silent message wasn’t difficult for her to read. After all , she understood her Yuan and his desires more than anyone else in this world. Next second , the girl closed her eyes as she placed her lips softly upon Xi Yuan’s.

In response , the man responded with the same pa.s.sion and fire in his heart. He suddenly had the urge to melt into her. It was getting very difficult for him to control himself now. But then again , Rong Xinghe’s consent was more important than anything else for him. And he just knew that the girl wasn’t ready for it yet.

And his Xinghe’s comfort and happiness had always been his first priority , and that was never going to change in this lifetime.

Only when the man started feeling uncomfortable , did Rong Xinghe parted from him. The girl worriedly brought a gla.s.s of water to the man before she pulled out her phone and opened the emergency contacts list. But before the girl could call Su Rogguang , Xi Yuan s.n.a.t.c.hed away her phone and rested his head over Rong Xinghe’s shoulder.

“I… am fine. Calm down , sweetheart.”, the man smiled weakly ,”I simply need you. My best medicine…”

Helplessly , the girl rubbed the man’s back as she breathed a sigh of relief ,”Yuan… Don’t scare me like that again , please. I won’t be able to live , I will weaken up. Without you… I just can’t…”

Xi Yuan lifted his head up and looked at the tears rolling down his Xinghe’s eyes. That made his heart ache even more. Her pain , her tears , her grief… They were his only weaknesses.

“I will never , Xinghe. I will never leave you. Promise !”, the man replied anxiously ,”Just stop crying. You know I can’t see you like that. Please. I am sorry. I am so sorry for scaring you.”

“Make it up to me then.”, the girl wiped her tears and laughed. She couldn’t bear to see that pitiful expression on her darling’s face , after all. Time for the little lady devil to come out !

“How ?”, Xi Yuan slapped his forehead. Why was he having a bad feeling about this ?

“There is this ‘feast carnival’ going on , with 60% discount on all the street foods. And I am hungry. Lets dig into some hotpot , noodles and fried rice. Please !”, the girl winked at the man ,”I will do your makeover , okay ? No one will recognize us.”

“You do realize that your boyfriend is a billionaire and that he can afford to take you to a certified and starred hotel , right ?”, the man sighed.

“Nothing can beat street food , love !”, the girl said in an inaudibly soft tone , as her expression turned into that of a homeless puppy dog.

d.a.m.n ! Xi Yuan cursed under his breath. Now how was he to fight this ? Street food it was , then !


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