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Read The 99th Divorce Chapter 104: Before the Storm

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Chapter 104: Before the Storm

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“It is not your fault that you’re stupid. But you shouldn’t show off your intelligence.” Yu Lili smiled and ridiculed, “Miss Lin Wanting, has your IQ reached fifty?”

Everyone started to laugh. Lin Wanting cried even harder.

“That’s way too much,” Liu Anan finally said, not sounding too mad. Su Qianci just called her Snow White, which she was happy about.

“All right. That’s enough.” On the stage, Fu Lengbing looked tall and handsome, holding a microphone. “Thank you all for showing up at this reunion that I organized…”

Su Qianci and Lu Yihan found a place to sit down, and then Yu Lili joined them. The three of them were drinking and chatting, having a good time.

Liu Anan glanced at Yu Lili and Su Qianci jealously and pulled Lin Wanting to a remote corner. “Do you still remember our plan? We will make a change. Later on, I will go talk to them. You take the opportunity to put the drug into Su Qianci and Lu Yihan’s Yu Lili is into Lu Yihan, and she is also Su Qianci’s good friend. I will let her discover that her best friend is sleeping with the man she loves.” Liu Anan looked calculative. she was not the mastermind behind the plan, but this plan was the best one she had heard. “This way, we could make Yu Lili miserable and also ruin Su Qianci’s status at the Li family.”

After hearing that, Lin Wanting also looked gloomy. She asked, “That’s inappropriate, right?”

Liu Anan thought she was being soft, stomped her foot and bristled. “They did such terrible things to you, made you into a joke, and left you with a huge amount of debt. Don’t you want revenge?”

Lin Wanting heard her and sneered. “I mean, is this too easy on them?”

Liu Anan did not see that coming and asked, “What’s your idea?”

“Do you see that person?” Lin Wanting pointed to someone.

Liu Anan immediately recognized that it was the fattest and ugliest man in their cla.s.s. “Ding Haibo?”

“Yes. The guy is not only big, but also promiscuous. In the past several years, he had slept with quite a few actresses and models. I heard several died in his bed, and the cases were all killed by his father, the director of the police force.”

“I have heard that as well. Do you want to…”

“I will make Su Qianci sleep with this pig and Yu Lili with Lu Yihan.”

“No way. You want to make Yu Lili’s dream happen?”

“Don’t you know that Yu Lili is a mistress?”

“For real?”

“The man who provides for her is Ou Ming. If he learns that she slept with Lu Yihan, what do you think is going to happen to both of them?”

Liu Anan was dazed and smiled knowingly. “Then they would never be happy again. Ou Ming sure has means to torture them.”

“Also, what do you think Su Qianci’s consequences would be after cheating on someone like Li Sicheng?”

“Ha ha, definitely way worse than Lu Yihan and Yu Lili.”

More importantly, Li Sicheng was right in this hotel. If he could see it for himself… That would be so much fun. Glancing at the three friends who were still talking, Liu Anan and Lin Wanting smiled wickedly.


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