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Read The 99th Divorce Chapter 1139 – She’d Never Be Good Enough

The 99th Divorce is a Webnovel produced by Wan Lili, 万里里.
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Read WebNovel The 99th Divorce Chapter 1139 – She’d Never Be Good Enough

Chapter 1139: She’d Never Be Good Enough

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The more Jiao Ziqing thought about it, the more convinced she became of her own opinion.

“If she were really to become a member of our Ou family, she’d be able to have as much as she wants, and that remuneration would be nothing to her! Hmph!” Jiao Ziqing muttered to herself as she wrung her hands and looked toward the door Yu Lili had just exited. “Such a woman is way too scheming. Our son has been thoroughly wrapped around her tiny finger.”

When Ou Huojin heard that, he looked at his wife helplessly. Feeling somewhat morally conflicted, he said, “Xiao Jiao, don’t think so badly of others. I don’t think this girl is anything like what you imagine her to be.”

“How would you know?” Jiao Ziqing turned around and unhappily asked. “You have no idea. Girls like that are what the Internet terms ‘Green Tea b.i.t.c.hes.. They’re good at putting on an act and have a whole lot of tricks up their sleeve. They’re also ambitious and rely on their good looks to seduce many men. Lao Ou, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for it as well.”

Ou Huojin started to see red. “You’re not allowed to watch anymore television! If I catch you doing so, I’ll smash the television up! You’re not allowed to go surfing Weibo on your phone either! If I catch you once, I’ll smash it once!”

The corners of Jiao Ziqing’s lips turned down as she hugged onto Ou Huojin’s arm and protested. “Why? It’s not my fault! I was just saying it to you. It’s not like I’d say it to her face.”

“Xiao Jiao, that girl might not be as bad as you think she is. You can try to get to know her. I had a simple chat with her today, and I found her character and personality to be quite different from others.” Ou Huojin looked at his wife, helplessness was written all over his face. “Don’t think too lowly of other people.”

“Well, don’t you go thinking too highly of people! There’s no harm in being a little wary,” Jiao Ziqing said.

Wen Fengling heard the exchange between husband and wife and burst out laughing. The two dimples on his cheeks made him look extremely friendly. “I kind of agree with what Lao Ou said. This lady is still fundamentally kind at heart.”

Jiao Ziqing become extremely displeased and unhappily said, “Why are both of you speaking up for her?”

“You know full well the situation that Ou Ming is in at the moment. It’s rare that there’s a girl who’s willing to stay by his side. Besides, Xiao Ou himself likes the girl. As his elders, we should be acting in their best interests. Regardless of the situation, we should help to lift Ou Ming’s spirits. Everything else can be discussed later.” Wen Fenglin looked at Jiao Ziqing, his eyes were full of helplessness. “Xiao Jiao, you really haven’t changed one bit. You’re always thinking the worst of outsiders.”

Jiao Ziqing didn’t say more, but one look was enough to tell that she was unhappy. “What I’m doing is called nipping a problem in the bud,” she said.

Wen Fenglin laughed, but didn’t say anything. He looked at the entrance. His own mind deep in thought.

Yu Lili returned to Ou Ming’s ward, and found Ou Ming still in the position she had left him in. She strode up to him and faced him.

Ou Ming was asleep. His breathing steady. His entire head was wrapped in bandages except for his face, which was peeking out.

Yu Lili sat in front of him and watched him sleep. She reached her hand out to tuck the blanket in around him. Just as she was removing her hand, Ou Ming raised his hand and caught it tightly in his grip.

Ou Ming didn’t open his eyes as he asked, “How did it go?”

“I don’t know.” She extracted her hand from under his gently. “I came back without waiting for their reply.”

“Did my mom scold you again?” Ou Ming asked.

“No,” Yu Lili said.

What she had said felt a lot worse than a scolding.

It seemed she’d never be good enough in Jiao Ziqing’s eyes.


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