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Read The 99th Divorce Chapter 1296 – The Daughter-in-law

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Chapter 1296: The Daughter-in-law

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yu Lili felt she was being too presumptuous in thinking that. Perhaps Ou Ming’s mother was feeling bored and decided to take her out to see more of their world. In this situation, she didn’t dare say a word. She followed behind Jiao Ziqing silently into the garage.

“Do you know how to drive?” Jiao Ziqing suddenly asked.

Yu Lili immediately answered, “I do!”

“OK. You drive.” Jiao Ziqing unlocked the car doors and tossed the car keys over to Yu Lili before getting into the pa.s.senger seat in front.

It was hard for Yu Lili to read Jiao Ziqing and understand what she was up to. As the saying went, women are not meant to be understood. She was finally beginning to comprehend the meaning of that saying.

Without any further delay, Yu Lili drove off to the exclusive country club that Jiao Ziqing had provided directions to. She parked the car and headed in with Jiao Ziqing.

Jiao Ziqing and her friends had reserved a private room for their gathering. Waiting inside were a few other rich middle-aged ladies. Their figures had been preserved very well, and their skin still looked supple and smooth.

From appearances alone, they looked the same age as Jiao Ziqing. If Yu Lili hadn’t known of their ages beforehand, she would have guessed they were only a little past 30.

“You’re finally here. Hey, who’s this girl?” one of the ladies asked in surprise. “Why have you brought another young lady today?”

Jiao Ziqing didn’t reply. She turned and made her way to sit in front of them.

The waitress served tea. Jiao Ziqing took a long and leisurely sip before introducing her friend to Yu Lili. “This is Li Pingting, my good friend.”

This was the lady that had spoken to Jiao Ziqing moments before. Yu Lili nodded her head and smiled politely, “h.e.l.lo, Auntie Li.”

“This is another good friend of mine, Qiao Meng,” Jiao Ziqing said.

“h.e.l.lo, Auntie Qiao,” Yu Lili greeted dutifully.

“I’m Zhuang Yunhua,” another woman introduced herself with a smile to Yu Lili. “You must be Ziqing’s daughter-in-law. You must be a pretty formidable individual to have married Ou Ming.”


That term made Yu Lili feel a little sense of unworthiness. She laughed awkwardly and stole a glance at Jiao Ziqing.

Jiao Ziqing put her teacup down and said, “She’s shy. Right, Yunmeng, is your daughter’s wedding day approaching soon?

It was obvious that Jiao Ziqing had said that to change the topic. Yu Lili let out a sigh of relief.

Zhuang Yunhua was soon immersed in a conversation with Jiao Ziqing. The good friends were chatting away, and their laughter became increasingly raucous. No one paid any attention to Yu Lili at the side.

When the ladies became bored of their conversation, they opened a table and engaged each other in a game of mahjong.

Yu Lili stayed by the side quietly, helping them to top up their tea every now and then.

Throughout the whole session, Jiao Ziqing never introduced the girl whom she had brought to the gathering without advanced notice.

Li Pingting was an impatient person. Whatever patience she had possessed had worn thin. She finally asked, “Ziqing, why isn’t your daughter-in-law saying anything? What’s her name?”

Along with Li Pingting, all the other ladies were of the opinion that Yu Lili was being too inconspicuous in her demeanor.

When Yu Lili heard the term “daughter-in-law” mentioned again, her awkward feeling returned.

Did Ou Ming’s mother count me as a daughter-in-law? It is most likely that Jiao Ziqing won’t recognize me as such.

Unexpectedly, Jiao Ziqing cast a glance at Yu Lili and replied without a care, “Who knows? Perhaps she’s looking down on you, Dongfeng.”

A mahjong tile was thrown out with a slam. At the same time, Yu Lili’s heart skipped a beat before soaring sky high.

Ou Ming’s mother hasn’t refuted my ident.i.ty as a daughter-in-law!


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