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Read The 99th Divorce Chapter 1422 – Divorce Him; I’ll Marry You.

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Read WebNovel The 99th Divorce Chapter 1422 – Divorce Him; I’ll Marry You.

Chapter 1422: Divorce Him; I’ll Marry You.

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Jinnan’s breath was hot. As it came in contact with Ye Youyou’s neck, it made her skin tingle. Her heartbeat sped up.

The unfamiliar warmth and unfamiliar sensation made Ye Youyou’s blood rush to her head. The look in Li Jinnan’s eyes deepened. He could clearly feel the warm and delicate figure beneath him. His originally quick-beating heart was stimulated even further and began to beat in his throat.

Ye Youyou’s breath was tinged with alcohol as well, and the aftereffects of the alcohol were beginning to show. Her face turned red, and her head began to spin faster. She almost pa.s.sed out there and then.

She had been on a plane earlier, experienced that horrible scenario at the hospital, and drank whiskey during a game at night. Ye Youyou was exhausted, but she couldn’t fall asleep. At the very least, she couldn’t fall asleep there.

She used all her strength to push him off, but he wouldn’t budge. Li Jinnan pressed his body further into hers. At that ambiguous moment, it was as if the devil had given him a reckless and unscrupulous abandon.

Almost instinctively, Ye Youyou reached her hands out and pushed against his chest. She protested, “GM Li…”

“Don’t move.” Li Jinnan’s voice was a little low and hoa.r.s.e. His words were accompanied by fumes of alcohol.

While he was speaking, Li Jinnan s.h.i.+fted his body a little to the side and moved the center of his weight away.

Ye Youyou had been crushed under his weight. She could finally catch her breath again after he s.h.i.+fted. Before she had the chance to scramble up, Li Jinnan pinned her down and covered her lips with his.

The warm and gentle touch made Ye Youyou’s eyes widen. She immediately turned her head to the side, but Li Jinnan held her still. No matter how much strength she exerted, she couldn’t move at all.

Li Jinnan moved her hands away and threaded his fingers through hers. His scorching hot body pressed against hers. All that separated them was a thin piece of fabric. Both of them could clearly feel the other person’s heat radiating.

Ye Youyou was extremely resistant. She wanted to push him off, but she was no match for his strength.

It was probably due to the influence was alcohol, but Li Jinnan’s behavior was a lot more frivolous than usual. He slowly brought his knee between her legs to stop her from thras.h.i.+ng about. He did not stop his kiss at all. In fact, it became even more hungry and urgent.

Ye Youyou felt her dizziness intensify. The peculiar sensation in her body grew until it became completely unfamiliar. It felt as if someone had taken a feather and was lightly brus.h.i.+ng it against her tailbone. It made her feel itchy on the inside and flooded her mind with excitement.

A soft moan escaped her uncontrollably. Ye Youyou’s breathing became urgent. Her mind was a blank. Without realizing it, her actions were no longer as violent.

Li Jinnan had drunk a lot that night. Although he wasn’t fully sober, he knew well whom the person in front of him was and what he was doing.

He had never been one to force someone against their will. In the moment, his actions were subconscious.

“Oh…” Ye Youyou suddenly felt as if she’d been doused with a pail of cold water and immediately sobered up. She resumed her struggle and shook her head vigorously.

Li Jinnan stopped in his actions. He moved his hand and hooked it around her waist.

Ye Youyou moved her mouth away with much difficulty. She was panting hard as she said, “GM Li, please release me. I am a married woman. I have a husband…”

“Divorce him.” Li Jinnan’s voice was low and permitted no argument. “Come with me. I’ll marry you.”


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