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Read The 99th Divorce Chapter 478 – Bring in the Wolf and Get Swallowed

The 99th Divorce is a web novel produced by Wan Lili, 万里里.
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Read WebNovel The 99th Divorce Chapter 478 – Bring in the Wolf and Get Swallowed

Chapter 478: Bring in the Wolf and Get Swallowed

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The empty bottle was put on the table. Rong Rui’s cheeks were reddish. He panted, and his lips were red. “I’m sorry for what happened the day before yesterday.” Then he walked toward the door.

Cheng You looked at his back and asked, “What are you doing?”

No response.

“I will go and check on him.” She picked up her purse and went out.

Luo Zhan felt that his heart of sincerity had been completely crushed into pieces by Rong Rui’s scheme. Holding his chest, he sat on the sofa, looking up at the ceiling with a desperate look. He asked sadly, “Have you heard that?”

“What?” Su Qianci played along.

“Oh…” Luo Zhan sighed and wailed, “My heart just broke.”


Rong Rui was walking very fast. When Cheng You went out, she did not see him. Running all the way to catch up, when she saw his back, he had entered the elevator. She hurriedly pressed the b.u.t.ton and the elevator door was opened again. She panted a little, looked at him, and walked in.

Rong Rui drank a lot all at once, so he became drunk very quickly. In just a short while, his face had already become red. Out of the gate of Palace One, he walked wobbly through the cold wind.

Cheng You immediately went to support him and shouted, “Why did you drink that much if you can’t drink? Is it worth it?”

Rong Rui did not answer, but held her hand, his amber-colored eyes fixed on her. But soon, he closed his eyes. “my head hurts…”

“No s**t!” Cheng You barked at him and helped him to find his car. The whiskey was too strong. At this moment, even she was a bit shaky, her mind dizzy.

Rong Rui noticed her condition and took her car key. “Don’t drive. It will be dangerous. Take a taxi.” Then he hailed an empty taxi.

Rong Rui was accompanied to the back seat by Cheng You. When she was about to leave, she was pulled in. She exclaimed, and when she realized what had happened, the door was closed.

Rong Rui told the driver the address, which was Cheng You’s apartment. After paying for the car, he was even more dizzy, and she was the same. Seeing the gate of the community where she lived, she felt a little embarra.s.sed. How did she bring Rong Rui home? Strange…

“Go.” Rong Rui took her hand. Although he was not walking steadily, he could still find the place. Once out of the elevator, he found Cheng You’s door and reached into her bag to look for the key.

She was a little dizzy. After watching him take out the key, she suddenly felt something was wrong. “You want to go in?”

“I paid…the rent.” He smiled and pushed her inside.

Her brain was so dizzy that she followed his lead and fell right down onto the bed when she saw it. However, in no time, Cheng You felt something heavy on top of her. Opening her eyes, she saw Rong Rui. His face was red, but his look was sober. She was a little embarra.s.sed. Looking at him, she didn’t know what to do. She gazed at him blankly.

He leaned forward and kissed her. He then laid down and rolled on the bed with her in his arms. She was kissed suddenly, and suddenly sobered up and struggled. But he tightened his arms and pinned her thighs down with his legs.

They Were Drunk Again

Cheng You resisted, but Rong Rui’s strength was not reduced by drunkenness, but instead increased. He pinned her down with his body and moved more and more wildly. Reaching into her navy jacket, he caressed her waist with his big hand, opened her dark blue coat and sneaked in, gently rubbing her waist through her s.h.i.+rt.

She was shattered, and her breathing quickened. Moving her legs, she was unable to wriggle free. Her head being such a mess, she felt she was not quite sober. She was not a good drinker. Because she had worked for Li Sicheng for three years, she never had to drink on business occasions against her will. It was a miracle that she could pull herself through the strong whisky.

Rong Rui’s face was getting more and more blurred, but the feeling on her body was getting clearer and clearer. He was touching her…

She was pus.h.i.+ng, but Rong Rui was more and more unscrupulous. Cheng You only felt that her body was ignited with flames. At the end, she could not help but cry out of pain. Her eyes became wet as her body instinctively resisted the entry of the foreign object.


Rong Rui felt her resistance and slowed down, held her gently, and ground himself against her. “Does it hurt?” he whispered.

She sobbed and nodded. “yes…”

He pulled out slightly and uneasily whispered, “it will get better.”

She felt him going out and was slightly relieved, but soon, she cried out loud. He did not stop, but thrusted with more force, each stroke carrying a strong desire to conquer. Her screams soon became broken moans, and she squirmed unconsciously. Her eyes groggy, she vaguely saw the red face of Rong Rui.

“Rong Rui…”

“Yeah,” hegasped. “It’s me.” Lowering his body with satisfaction, he plowed her more relentlessly, whispering, “your body tells me, you like me very much, Cheng You. ”

Cheng You could not speak. A white light flashed, and the world became blank.


After Su Qianci and her friends stopped playing, they went to eat. In a bad mood, Luo Zhan deliberately picked a fight with Lu Yihan. They soon started to quarrel. She looked at them silently while eating, feeding a shrimp to Li Sicheng.

Ou Ming saw the movement of Su Qianci and glanced at Yu Lili. Yu Lili had just picked up a piece of meat and was about to eat it. Noticing the look of Ou Ming, she immediately turned the chopsticks around. “Come here, ah~”

Ou Ming was satisfied. Then he saw that Luo Zhan had looked at Lu Yihan resentfully and said, “Come, ah~”

Mortified, Lu Yihan slapped him. “F**k off!”

Luo Zhan collapsed on the table and cried, “it makes no sense. Why can’t a guy as good-looking as I get a girlfriend? It took me a long time to find someone, but she ran away with someone else. It is too unfair!”

Lu Yihan snorted and drank from a bottle of beer. “I don’t have a girlfriend either. I am more handsome than you, taller than you, and stronger than you. I should find a girlfriend before you do.”

“How old are you, 22 years old? I am already 27… Oh!” After the mourning was over, Luo Zhan suddenly looked up. “How about we two make do? You keep the house clean and know how to cook. I don’t mind that you’re a guy.”


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