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Read The 99th Divorce Chapter 893 – Driving Away Shen Manting

The 99th Divorce is a Webnovel created by Wan Lili, 万里里.
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Read WebNovel The 99th Divorce Chapter 893 – Driving Away Shen Manting

Chapter 893: Driving Away Shen Manting

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After hearing her words, the security guard frowned and asked, “What’s the name of the person you are referring to?”

“Ou Ming.”

Ou Ming’s name was the most well-known name in the neighborhood. Of course, the security guard had heard of that name, but he had never seen Shen Manting.

The security guard hesitated for a moment. He took out the pager to call his colleague and said, “Old Li, check if the owner of the 28th floor has come back. Miss Shen is here to see him.”

When Yu Lili got out of the elevator, she opened the door with the pa.s.sword. The doorbell inside was ringing ceaselessly. It was a call from the gate. Yu Lili pressed a b.u.t.ton and the security guard appeared on the screen.

“Excuse me, this is the lobby. A lady named Shen is here to see you.”


Yu Lili sneered because she and Ou Ming had just talked about Shen Manting. The woman had come to her so quickly.

Is Shen still watching me?

However, Yu Lili pretended that she didn’t know her and asked with a rising tone, “Shen? I don’t know a friend named Shen. Does she have the wrong person?”

Hearing her words, the security guard looked at Shen Manting strangely and said, “Miss Shen is saying that she is Mr. Ou’s fiancée.”

“She must be kidding! If every woman who said she was Ou Ming’s fiancée was telling the truth, he must be a very busy man.” With a little impatience and a desultory att.i.tude, Yu Lili yawned and said, “Don’t call me if you encounter the same situation again. Let it be. I’m hanging up now.”

After the conversation, Yu Lili hung up. She felt very satisfied with herself.

Yu Lili was so delighted that she jumped up and walked into the next room joyfully.

She connected the second-hand graphics tablet that she had bought yesterday to Ou Ming’s computer.

Yu Lili opened photoshop and began to paint. In the past, she had always painted characters from TV dramas or games. Now that she had a reason to create her own characters, she felt exhilarated. Yu Lili daydreamed about her paintings being sold, producers buying copyrights from her, and gaining fame and fortune for her work. She was in such a good mood!

Meanwhile, Shen Manting was in a horrible mood.

After being driven away by the security guard, she immediately became angry.

Back in the car, Shen Manting called Ou Ming directly. However, it was not Ou Ming who answered the phone. It was his a.s.sistant, Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng held the phone and said, with a respectful att.i.tude, “Miss Shen, good afternoon.”

Shen Manting was annoyed and shouted, “Where is Ou Ming?”

“Master Ou is busy right now. He is currently negotiating a contract with foreign partners. The overseas investment case is at a critical point. If Miss Shen has nothing important, please don’t bother Master Ou.” Xu Cheng said this in a neutral tone, but the content he expressed was very clear.

Hearing Xu Cheng’s words, Shen Manting shouted with anger, “Is this your way of talking to your president’s future wife?”

Xu Cheng secretly, but he said with the same tone, “Miss Shen, Master Ou really is busy right now. If you don’t believe me, I can send you a short video.”

Shen Manting was even more annoyed. She sneered, “Okay, send one to me!”

Xu Cheng hung up, then used Ou Ming’s mobile phone to send her a video. The camera was aimed at Ou Ming’s office. She saw Ou Ming talking to a foreigner, and they seemed to be in the middle of tense negotiation.


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