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Read The Achievement Junkie Chapter 166 Feast with the Owner

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Chapter 166 Feast with the Owner

“I’m not leaving this room until all other people in the main auction hall have left, including those on the second and third floors.”

The mangers all looked at each other and nodded. Without a word, the three other managers left the room. Baral smiled and said, “Something so simple is easy the Fat Goose. Is there anything else?”

“No, that’ll be all. I’ll wait until it times for the banquet.” Jack returned Baral’s smile, happy to see that the managers were understanding and didn’t ask too many questions.

“Do you mind if I stay here and wait with you? I’d love to get to know you,” asked Eliza. She glanced at the sleeping Maura and giggled.

“If you wish.”

“Great! Baral, you can inform me when everything will be ready and I’ll bring him down.”

“Very well,” replied Baral. “Young Master Jack, our little miss is in your care.”

With that, Baral fled the room to make sure everything was in order. While the three managers quickly cleared the main auction hall, he hurried to help the banquet be ready for the owner’s arrival.

Everyone on the third floor was saddened or irritated. They all wanted to at least see who that mysterious person was. Now, they could only hope that he would show up again in the future.

The person most irritated was the old councilman from the Adventurers a.s.sociation. At first, he respected and thought highly of the mysterious young man. But later that same young man had forced him to renege his promise in public and then continued to poke fun at him after clearly winning the bid.

Few people could even come up on the councilman’s radar because he was a lv. 63 adventurer, but a young man had managed to do it with flying colors.

Grumpily, the old councilman finally left after everyone else but he still didn’t learn anything about the mysterious young man. After he left the auction house, it was already evening and the marketplace was packed. Not wanting to give up yet, the old councilman stayed there and was waiting to see who left the building after him.

He understood that the young man could use the cloak, but he had to try something. Angry and depressed, the councilman wanted to vent his emotions with something.

Inside the Fat Goose Auction House, the main auction hall was soon cleared and some people emerged from the sixth room on the third floor. In the lead was Eliza, who wore a seductive smile. Behind her was Jack, who was carrying the drowsy Maura on his back.

“Follow me, Young Master Jack.” Eliza waited until Jack was beside her to keep walking, still wanting to chat with the wealthy young man. “Won’t you please tell me more about you?”

“What else is there to know? You know I’m rich and that I’m with secretly with the Leisure Guild.”

“But I want to know about you. I don’t even know you’re cla.s.s and subcla.s.s!” whined Eliza, acting pitiful.

To most people, introducing your cla.s.s and subcla.s.s was common practice, but Jack wouldn’t even tell her that much. He would only answer vaguely or he’d ask her questions about what was going on in the world. No matter what she said, Jack wouldn’t budge.

“Why do you need to know that? That’s unimportant compared to everything else. How you tell me about yourself instead?” reasoned Jack.

Giving him an adorable frown, Eliza pointed ahead of her. “Since you don’t want to talk, then we won’t talk. We’re almost there.”

She led him not to the main hall with the receptionists, but to a side hall that seemed insignificant. However, the moment they entered a door at the end of the hall the atmosphere was completely different.

Jack felt like he was inside an imperial palace at that moment. Everything was lusher and more vibrant.

“This way,” pouted Eliza. Seeing that Jack didn’t mind if they weren’t talking, she decided to try again. “Please? If you don’t answer my questions, at least let me call you Jack.”

“Fine, I’m alright with that.”

“So, Jack, what’s your relations.h.i.+p with her?” asked Eliza, motioning to Maura on his back.

“I already told you, she’s–“

“Jack, I’m not stupid. I know she tried to say otherwise but you didn’t let her. You seem close, but not close enough to already be together,” stated Eliza.

With a loud sigh, Jack looked back at Eliza. “What’s wrong with that? Can’t I have a friend who’s a female?”

“Having those kinds of friends must drive your wife crazy.”

“I don’t have a wife.”


“Nope, she died almost a month ago.”


Eliza had no response to that. How could she know that? Trying to salvage the conversation, she apologized. “Oh… I’m sorry for asking.”

“That’s okay, what’s happened has happened. Those responsible are already dead,” replied Jack.

“Well, do you have any room left for more female friends, maybe for someone like me?”

Chuckling to himself, Jack asked, “Are we there yet?”

“Yeah…” groaned Eliza. They neared a courtyard and entered it without another word. Very quickly, they entered a small yet extravagant hall.

In the center was a dark brown table that seemed to be made from an ancient tree. Gold flatware and silverware were laid out in three spots; two together on one side and another spot at the head of the table.

“You can set her down her and come take a seat.” She pointed at one of the sofas to the side of the room.

Jack carefully laid Maura down on the couch and smiled one last time as her cute sleepy face. Then, he turned around and sat at the spot furthest from the head.

“Silly, that’s my seat. You’re sitting next to my father. He’s very interested in you.”

“I wonder why,” sighed Jack as he stood up and let Eliza take her seat. Sitting down again, he asked, “So, how long has the Fat Goose Auction House been around?”

“Not long. We’ve only been doing business for about twenty years. My father opened the auction house when I was a baby. Since then, we’ve kept growing and eventually became the third biggest auction house in Federal City,” explained Eliza. “Of course, it wasn’t easy. My father always worked hard and kept getting stronger. Without him, some strong groups may try to take everything from us.”

“What good is having so much treasure if you can’t protect it?”

To Eliza, Jack sounded profound. But if Maura had heard him, she would think Jack was a hypocrite.

Jack was easily one of the wealthiest people in Kartonia, the auction was proof of that. While his only backing was the powerful Adventurers a.s.sociation, they had no clue just how rich he was. If they did, it was likely that they would take advantage of him. Who wouldn’t succ.u.mb to greed when tempted by so much wealth?

Across the hall, the sound of a door unlocking echoed. Both Jack and Eliza looked up to see a figure emerging and locking the door behind him.

He appeared to be younger than Jack had antic.i.p.ated, looking like he was in his thirties. Wearing an open red robe over a plain white s.h.i.+rt and black pants, the man walked closer and took his seat at the head of the table. With a glance at his smiling daughter, he laughed.

“So, you’re the wealthy young man I’ve heard about? My name is Argyle Wittam and it seems you’ve already met my daughter.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Master Argyle.”

“Please, my name is enough. Don’t worry about honorifics with me, I never liked them in the first place,” stated Argyle. “Sorry for being late. Let’s hurry up and get the meal started.”

Right on cue, a side door opened and a few servants brought a few platters of different foods. There was a fully roasted boar with its ribs sectioned and ready to eat. A large pot of roast beef was laid in front of Jack. Loaves of bread and dozens of cheeses covered that end of the table, showing that the Fat Goose was truly bringing out its finest for Jack.

“Please, dig in. No need for manners here.”

Jack was hesitant to believe Argyle until he saw the man tear off the leg of a turkey and eagerly devour it. His impression of Argyle was nothing like he had expected from an owner of such a wealthy auction house.

Not missing a beat, he joined in and happily ate his fill. Even the sophisticated Eliza ate with a touch of savagery.

“So, Jack, I heard you’re with the Leisure Guild, is that true?” asked Argyle.

“Yes, but it’s on a need to know basis. There are some things we’re trying to do in secret.”

“Makes sense, it sounds like something that Tralon would do,” added Argyle.

Jack’s fork stopped. He didn’t reply but froze in place for a moment. Unsure of what to think or how to respond, only one question was on Jack’s mind. ‘Tralon is still alive?!’


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