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The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love is a Webnovel produced by Ye Fei Ye, 叶非夜.
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Chapter 85Best Dead, Lest Be A Hindrance (5)

It wasn’t that Qin Zhi Ai didn’t sense that when Jiang Qian Qian said “Thank you,” the expression in her eyes was so ruthless she looked like she eagerly wanted to rip Qin Zhi Ai into two.

However, Qin Zhi Ai purposely pretended she didn’t detect anything, and gave Jiang Qian Qian a light smile, generously replying, “You’re welcome.”

At this point in time, the more nonchalant and calm she appeared, the more pent-up resentment the other party would build up.

And sure enough, as Qin Zhi Ai had predicted, after she gently and lightly said the two words, ‘You’re welcome,’ Jiang Qian Qian was so angered her shoulders trembled.

Since as early as high school, Qin Zhi Ai had already known that Jiang Qian Qian was not a sort of person who would take matters sitting down after suffering humiliation and defeat.

This was still in the beginning stages. Qin Zhi Ai didn’t know what kind of trouble Jiang Qian Qian would stir up out of nothing if she continued any further.

Furthermore, if Qin Zhi Ai stepped back and left now, Jiang Qian Qian would have absolutely no choice but to suffer in silence. She wouldn’t be able to vent her resentment even if she wanted to, making it even more difficult for her to bear.

Following that train of thought, Qin Zhi Ai put down her cup. “You guys keep having fun. I’m going to soak in the hot spring for a while.”

After that, Qin Zhi Ai turned around and called for a staff member to prepare a bathing suit and a towel for her.


Qin Zhi Ai intentionally found a small unoccupied hot spring located in the most hidden and concealed area in the resort.

She was the only person in this hot spring surrounded by tropical plants all over, isolated from almost all noise. The only sounds that could be heard were the bubbling sounds produced by the spring water flowing into the hot spring.

After the water was adjusted to the right temperature, Qin Zhi Ai chose a comfortable position to lie front down on the side of the hot spring and closed her eyes.

She had slept on the rattan chair in the sunroom last night. It was uncomfortable and she hadn’t been able to get a proper sleep. Even though she had caught up with sleep in the morning, after closing her eyes for a while, she started feeling sleepy.

Before Qin Zhi Ai went into the hot spring, she had handed her phone to a staff-member.

Just when she had fallen comfortably asleep, the staff-member ran in with her phone. “Miss, you have an incoming call.”

Qin Zhi Ai opened her eyes, and glanced at the screen of her phone that the staff-member was holding in front of her. The call was from the driver that Zhou Jing had arranged for her.

Qin Zhi Ai walked out of the hot spring, wiped her hands dry with a towel, thanked the staff-member, took the phone, and swiped the screen to answer the call.

As the signal was slightly weak inside the hot spring area, Qin Zhi Ai couldn’t hear what the driver was saying. She said “Please wait a moment,” into the phone, and then walked outside.


Jiang Qian Qian, who hadn’t been able to reap any benefits or satisfaction in the previous clash, had been feeling a bit sulky and moody ever since Qin Zhi Ai left.

Possibly because her heart was restless and frustrated, after soaking in the hot spring for a while, she felt uncomfortable all over. She draped a towel over her shoulders and came out of the hot spring pool.

She had originally wanted to find a staff member to get them to deliver a cup of water, however, after walking around and around the place, she unexpectedly saw Liang Dou Kou standing on the pavilion outside talking on the phone.

Jiang Qian Qian hesitated for a brief moment and then ran to the back of the Chinese rose plant behind Liang Dou Kou. Straining her ears, she started eavesdropping on Liang Dou Kou’s phone call.


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