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“Brat, what did you say?” The dragon gave Jin Rou a sharp glare with thousands of daggers, “Do you know who you are talking to? I am one of the mighty dragons in the land of Grivexia, Release!”

“And so?” Jin Rou smiled, “You are but a lizard in my eyes.”

“Hohoho.” The dragon smiled and found this interesting, releasing its killing intent, “Brat, I previously thought that I should kill you painlessly, but since you are such a brave man, I will torture you until you wail, wis.h.i.+ng for death. How about that?” This dragon was planning to instill fear into Jin Rou.

“Well, I have no objections. As long as you have the capability, why not?” Jin Rou shrugged his shoulders leisurely as if this matter was not worth his attention at all.

Seeing the reaction of Jin Rou, the dragon was infuriated. This human should be afraid by now since it released a dense killing intent. However, what was this? What situation was this? A mighty dragon like him, was being treated like this?

“Unforgivable!” The dragon shouted, making the surroundings react violently as the wind crashed everywhere, leaving the trees cut and making cracks on land, “You think I am a joke, brat? You are just a human, yet you think you are somebody? This venerable here is a dragon with a bloodline of True Dragon!”

“Oh that, I agree. I can sense the blood of a True Dragon in you. However, that’s just that. Not worth mentioning still.” Jin Rou said.

“Such a confident you have there, brat.” The dragon spread its large wings and said, “Very well, let me see where you got your confidence from!”

Tens of large airb.a.l.l.s appeared next to the wings. The dragon was condensing its qi on its wings to create such airb.a.l.l.s and circulated it. These airb.a.l.l.s were giving a whoos.h.i.+ng sound and trembling, “Brat, let’s see your capability!” It flapped its wings forward and the airb.a.l.l.s shot towards Jin Rou at a fast speed!

“Insignificant skill.” Jin Rou smirked and channeled a dense of his qi, making circulating and violent wind around his right arm, “Feel the difference between our power, lizard.” he shot his fist towards and…


It created a terrifying shockwave that scattered the wind in all directions, creating fluctuations on the void. The world felt this shockwave and created numerous pits below. It completely wiped out a large portion of the mountain range.

“Ahhh… looks like I overdid it.” Jin Rou smiled wryly, “Whatever, I will just fix it up later.”

“No need, Youngmaster, I will do it in your stead.” Yuna Sierra offered.

Jin Rou did not say anything and just looked in the other side of the battlefield.

This progress extremely stupefied the dragon. Just that ma.s.sive and terrifying shockwave was enough to completely wiped out his airb.a.l.l.s. Take note, that attack was one of his strongest skills! Each of those could kill an Emperor, fifth, instantly!

“Impossible.” The dragon muttered. After a period, it regained its composure and said, “It seems you can back your words up. But it doesn’t mean that you can defeat me with just that. As you see, even though it was a terrifying attack, it did not matter if it could not affect me.” This time, it did not dare to underestimate its enemy,

“Indeed, however, I just cast it for the airb.a.l.l.s you created. But you really think that it’s the maximum of my strength?” Jin Rou smiled mysteriously.

This made the dragon frowned. His previous arrogance could no longer be found. It was clearly aware that its enemy was on another level compared to the beings of this world. It was waiting of what its enemy would do next. After which, the dragon will decide what to do.

It was not one of the mighty dragons of Grivexia for nothing.

“You don’t have something to say?” Jin Rou smirked, “Well, let’s finish this then.”

He flickered his finger and said, “Void Gate! Come out, Riyan!”

Rumble! Rumble!

A majestic black gate appeared, this large and towering gate intimidated everyone present except Yuna Sierra. The clouds got darker with thunder crashes all around.

“What the h.e.l.l…” The dragon felt an ominous feeling towards this. Its instinct was telling him to run away now as fast as possible! Its arms could not help but tremble due to the incoming unknown to it!

Jin Rou looked at the dragon and said, “Let me show you why I call you lizard.”


A colossal arm with sharp paws stomped the air, creating shockwaves all around! Just this ma.s.sive arm was enough to deter every living being kneel in fear.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The beast inside the Void Gate was slowly getting out of it. Every sound it created stole breaths of all the people! It was as if a calamity is descending.


Soon, the three sectmasters revealed a face with full of despair when they saw the beast out of the gate. “We’re… we’re doomed.” Their faces aged tens of years because of this, with tears and snots streaming down their face.

“What the h.e.l.l is that?!” The Royal Knights were alarmed and scared s.h.i.+tless. If not for their mental fort.i.tude, they already peed their pants in fright.

The king was the same, of course. He could not help but suck a couple of mouthful of cool air as his body trembled tremendously. This was the first time he felt this extreme fear ever since he was throned!

“No way…” The dragon, Release, seemed weakened.

A colossal dragon, with the height of reaching the clouds from the ground, stood there. Its scales were white, revealing four sets of mighty wings! Its eyes were red as if it was colored with blood. The term colossal that used to Release was such an overstatement!

This being was like a G.o.d descended from the Heavens. It was emitting a terrifying aura that made all the beasts of this world run away, farther away!

This dragon lowered its head as a gesture of kneeling for dragons, in front of Jin Rou and said with a manly tone, “Your Majesty… Celestial Dragon Riyan at your service.”


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