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The Almighty Martial Arts System is a web novel completed by 太乙大真人.
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After the sc.u.m Li Wei left, the exquisite dishes on the table disappeared in a flash, as if it wasn’t there to begin with.

No matter how good the food was, so long as one is in a good mood, the food would definitely disappear. On the other hand, if they were in a bad mood, even if the food on the table was dragon’s meat, no one would even want to take a bite out of it.

But before that, Su Nan had to be treated first. If her face was only swelling then she would have been fine, but blood kept flowing out of her mouth. Her injury was not light at all. Even if ice could reduce the swelling, it seemed to be impossible for her to recover in just two or three days. Thus it was needed to be treated with Jiang Fei’s acupuncture as well as a ma.s.sage to completely cure her.

Acupuncture and ma.s.sage is one of the means of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and with Jiang Fei the one doing it, the injuries on Su Nan’s face will heal very quickly. However, Su Nan didn’t have any acupuncture needle in her house, thus she needed to go with Jiang Fei’s clinic for the treatment. While Jasmine Lin on the other hand stayed in Su Nan’s home, accompanying Tong Tong to eat, as Jiang Fei and Su Nan drive back to the clinic for the treatment.

Tong Tong was only a little girl. Even though she knew that her father was a bad father, she still didn’t hold any harsh feelings towards him. After all, she still has a child’s mind, so it didn’t take her that long to forget the scene that had just appeared before her. After seeing Jiang Fei thrash Li Wei, and knowing that he could easily treat her mother, her fear quickly faded as she began to stuff her mouth again.

Jasmine Lin sent Jiang Fei and Su Nan off, telling the two to drive safety, and come back early.

The two then went downstairs, got in the car, and started the engine.

Jiang Fei was obviously the driver while Su Nan, who was at the back seat a while ago, is now in the pa.s.senger seat. A while ago, Jasmine Lin was with them so it was obvious who should be the one taking the seat beside Jiang Fei. But right now she was alone with Jiang Fei, and sitting at the back made her feel like he was her chauffeur.

The time it takes to arrive at Jiang Fei’s clinic from Su Nan’s house was 10 minutes. Su Nan was still not fine, after all something unpleasant had just happened inside her house. Moreover, she was slapped by her ex-husband right in front of her guests. She didn’t have to look at the mirror to know that she was blus.h.i.+ng, she was red from embarra.s.sment. Thus she didn’t know how to face Jiang Fei who had just saved her.

Jiang Fei also thought that the atmosphere was quite strange. Although just a while back, the two were rivals and although the two became closer, whenever they were together, there was always someone along with them. This was the only time that the two were ever alone with each other, except from the times they were cooking, this was really the first time.

But the time they were together in the kitchen was completely different to the situation they were in right now. After all, they were just in the kitchen so Jasmine Lin and Tong Tong were just outside in the living room, waiting for the two of them to finish. But this time, they were outside in a car.

In addition to that, Jiang Fei was never good at starting a conversation. Whenever he does find a topic to talk about, it would always end quickly and silence would once again surround them. Thus it wasn’t Jiang Fei who started the conversation, but Su Nan.

She still looked somewhat down, so she didn’t turn her head to look at Jiang Fei: “Jiang Fei, you’ve mentioned before that I was quite pitiful, do you also think that I’m a failure?”

Jiang Fei was surprised for a moment, but quickly a smile appeared on his face: “No, why do you think that?”

Su Nan was filled with bitterness: “Men fear getting into the wrong line of business, women fear marrying the wrong man. In a woman’s lifetime, marriage can be said to be the most important thing. But when I was college, I was fascinated by him. I still didn’t know his true face, so eventually when we married each other, it resulted to my current miserable appearance.”

Su Nan looked a little dazed, she then said: “In fact, the me of today that you see isn’t my most embarra.s.sing side. When we had just divorced, I truly felt that I wanted to die. There was no meaning to life if Tong Tong wasn’t there for me, and I would have taken that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Li Wei down with me.”

Jiang Fei was also somewhat sad. A woman marrying a good man was indeed something very important.

If a woman didn’t see the man’s true nature before getting married, always being deceived by his sweet talk, the only result would be pain and suffering after getting married.

He could just imagine Su Nan in her youthful days being captivated by Li Wei’s sweet talk. And finally she became his captive, and had promised to marry with a rotten person.

Jiang Fei tried to comfort her: “But isn’t all that in the past? You’ve already divorced him. That sc.u.m has nothing to do with you anymore. Sure, marriage may be important to a woman, but it doesn’t matter if the marriage ends. Sister Su Nan is still young, you still have a lot of time to find someone else and obtain your own happiness. You don’t need to be so pessimistic and look only straight ahead.”

But Su Nan shook her head in response: “I don’t want to get married anymore. After going through that horrible marriage, everything I imagined of how a marriage should be, had all been crushed.”

Jiang Fei tried to say something to persuade her but Su Nan interrupted him and continued on: “Moreover, I already have Tong Tong. Having such a lovable daughter as her, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get married again. If I do get remarried and by chance make the same mistake, then Tong Tong would get affected by all this. After all, Tong Tong wouldn’t be his biological daughter….”

“Sister Su Nan, that’s where you’re wrong.” Jiang Fei frowned.

She was only 30 years old, moreover, this was the most brilliant time in a woman’s life, so how could he just let this delicate flower wither right in front of him?

“You’re just being pessimistic. You having a failed marriage is all good, but you shouldn’t lose confidence in all the men out there. You know, in this world, sc.u.m like Li Wei are few. And as long as you try hard, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a broad-minded man that looks at Tong Tong as his own.” Jiang Fei continued to drive as he tried persuade her. “Moreover, everything about Sister Su Nan is good. Not only are you beautiful, but you also have a good heart. Finding someone who’s perfect for you wouldn’t be hard.”

Although Jiang Fei tried to praise her, Su Nan’s face still turned bleak. She then firmly said: “There’s a lot of good men in the world, but how easy would it be to find one. As for divorce, in fact, my parents also set me up with all kinds of men. But in the end, they either didn’t want a child or had ulterior motives. It truly is difficult to find the person who’s right for you. Trying to find a satisfactory one is hard enough!”

What Jiang Fei said obviously didn’t convince her.

This young woman was truly skeptical of the men in this world.

With just one bad example, she looked at the rest of the group as bad ones too!

“Difficult? If it’s fine with you, a person like me is definitely a good candidate!” Jiang Fei subconsciously said to the flower.

“You?” Su Nan finally looked at Jiang Fei. She didn’t speak right away, but after a while, she suddenly smiled as she regretfully said: “Jiang Fei, you’re a good man….no, you’re a very good man, any woman would be glad to marry you. Unfortunately, I’m older than you, plus you already have Jasmine Lin.”

Jiang Fei touched his nose. He just didn’t know how to explain it to her, as he couldn’t explain his relations.h.i.+p with Jasmine Lin.

Thus the only thing he could do was complain about this woman, Jasmine Lin, in his heart…..


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