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Read The Anarchic Consort Chapter 1369 – Wei Wei Appeared 2

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Chapter 1369: Wei Wei Appeared 2

“Take your guns and follow me out. Let’s see what’s going on outside!” Yin Yang Master ordered.

The international criminal who was working with him also nodded at his subordinates.

A group of desperadoes rushed out of the cave.

Ajiu squinted her tiger eyes and blocked the sky-devouring beast, telling it to retreat first!

In Ajiu’s mind, the sky-devouring beast was no different from those cute animals. It was just a little bigger.

The Little Brown and Goldie that she had raised in the forest were very big as well. Other than the fact that they liked to eat meat, there was nothing bad about them.

As long as one’s martial strength was greater than theirs, they would be obedient to the person.

The Little Brown was a brown bear and Goldie was a lioness.

Ajiu did not know that they were only obedient in front of her. It was not because they had good personalities and were willing to be obedient.

It was because her punch would knock them out for a long time. They had to be obedient!

Ajiu did not care about that. In her heart, sky-devouring was one of her own.

It gave her a fish when they first met. Not every animal understood such a well-mannered etiquette.

That was why Ajiu told herself that she had to protect the sky-devouring beast.

Ever since she entered the Tang Sect, Ajiu’s speed had become even faster. Before the group of people fire, she had knocked out the sniper closest to her.

There was only one thing that was very disadvantageous to Ajiu.

Ajiu could not kill people, she could only kill ghosts and demons.

She could use her fists to deal with one or two people.

When there were more people, the power of the bullet would increase as well.

It could be said that Ajiu’s situation was not very good.

If Bai Zhun was here at this time, he would definitely not let his girl fall into such a situation.

But now, it just had to be Ajiu alone.

The Yin-Yang master did not pay attention to Ajiu. In his eyes, she was just a very ordinary Chinese soldier, there was nothing worth looking at.

What he cared about was sky-devouring, who was being protected by the girl in camouflage.

Others might not understand, but as a Yin-Yang master, he knew the three realms best.

Such a huge creature, such a figure, and where it was now, it was the ancient divine beast, sky-devouring!

“Sky-devouring is here! That means we are not far from the real tomb!” The Yin Yang master shouted excitedly with eyes full of surprise and joy. “I didn’t expect the legendary divine beast who is guarding the tomb to be here! “Kill that girl first, then surround sky devouring beast. Don’t use bullets anymore, replace them with sleeping pills! “It is said that the sky-devouring beast’s flesh can make someone live up to a hundred years with just one bite. It must be captured alive!”


With the Yin Yang Master’s instructions, the guns were all aimed at Ajiu!

The sky-devouring beast seemed to have been stimulated when he saw the scene. His dark and watery eyes were dyed with a strong scarlet red bit by bit!

Except for Ajiu, no one had noticed the change in sky-devouring’s mood.

The j.a.panese Yin Yang Master had revealed a greedy and murderous gaze to obtain a sky-devouring beast.

If one batch of cannon fire was not enough, he would send two batches of people.

To deal with these people, Ajiu had no way to comfort the sky-devouring beast.

The sky-devouring beast slowly straightened its huge body. Its scarlet eyes were extremely cold, like flowing blood, losing all goodwill and thought.


The entire mountain shook following such a loud sound.

The fish at the bottom of the river seemed to be boiling as they jumped out one after another.

The international criminals were frightened by such a scene and wanted to retreat.

The Yin-yang master grabbed one of the people’s weapons and ordered loudly, “Don’t stop! Kill that girl would weaken sky-devouring’s ability. Quick!”

He could tell at a glance that the changes in sky-devouring seemed to be closely related to Ajiu.

Although the Yin Yang Master was not sure what the relations.h.i.+p between this girl and sky-devouring was, her skills still made him feel uneasy. He had to leave and deal with her!

In an instant, Ajiu was surrounded by more than twenty gunmen in the middle.

Just as they were about to pull the trigger, there was a sudden gunshot. The criminal closest to Ajiu was shot in the head. He did not even have the time to react!

The other criminals quivered and all pointed in the direction where the shots were fired.

There stood a tall and slender figure. She wore a pure black windbreaker, ultra-short leather pants, and knee-high military boots. She seemed to exude a domineering air even from her bones.

On her left shoulder was a long barrel cannon. She stood on the rock with a faint smile. Her beautiful face, slightly curved thin lips, and waist-length chestnut-coloured hair was scattered in the sparks that filled the sky. She was full of arrogance.

Handsome, cool, these were not the characteristics that a woman should have.

But it was vividly displayed on her body.

Behind her was a group of men. Each of them had its unique appearance. The only similarity was that each of them held a gun in their hands.

This was a military organization, and it was a very standard organization.

It was very obvious that they were the ones who fired the shot just now.

Ajiu’s figure froze when she saw the scene. Her round tiger eyes lit up, but her expression was dull and cute.

Queen Mother?

Why is she here?

While she was thinking, the white cat jumped onto her head, wagging its tail arrogantly. It was matching with the n.o.bility of the Bai Ze clan.

Was it Xiao Bai who asked the Queen Mother to come?

Ajiu smiled happily. If it wasn’t for the wrong time, she would jump into the arms of her mother. It had been a long time since she had seen her mother.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, her father liked to live a two-person life with her mother.

He always brought her mother to see the mermaids in demons world. However, she heard from her brother that every time her father went to the demon world, there would be a lot of demon cries. The mermaids would also be forced to dance.

In short, it was different from the powerful and domineering demon world that she had imagined.

Her father might have been too handsome. Wherever he went, people would feel inferior.

That was how she understood it. However, up until now, Ajiu still could not understand how the mermaids without legs could dance.

(it was because His Highness wanted to please the Princess! It was not easy for us as mermaids! )

However, even with his mother in front of him, Ajiu did not forget that she wanted to protect the sky-devouring beast. She turned her body and kicked the person who wanted to shoot at the sky-devouring beast a meter away!

If it were anyone else, the international criminals would shoot wildly.

However, all of the international criminals recognized the icons on their faces.

“Ghost… boss, that… That’s a ghost!”

One of the criminals grabbed his boss clothes. His voice was trembling uncontrollably due to his extreme fear.

The boss’s eyes sank and he gritted his teeth fiercely. His face was fierce. “You don’t have to tell me, I know!”


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