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Read The Anarchic Consort Chapter 228 – His Highness Bestowed Betrothal Gifts

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Chapter 228: His Highness Bestowed Betrothal Gifts

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Five pieces of armaments, each was sold for sky-high prices beyond people’s imagination.

Everyone said that Profound Heaven made it this time! Helian Wei Wei made it!

Relying on this special marketing strategy, Profound Heaven had successfully joined the ranks as the century-old shops.

Just that day’s fees for the seats had already surpa.s.sed 5 million taels.

All the managers counted the money until their hands almost fell off due to exhaustion. Helian Wei Wei laughed while drinking tea, everything seemed to run as expected.

Just one little thing…

Why did a certain Royal Highness bestow her all these armaments?

Helian Wei Wei looked sideways at the man sitting next to her.

As if he knew what she was thinking, Baili Jia Jue eyes light to her line of sight, the tone is cold: “Betrothal gifts.”

Betrothal? Betrothal gifts!?

Helian Wei Wei was astonished. She never wanted to receive betrothal gifts.

But, who gave armaments as betrothal gifts? What was the difference with giving a gun to the new bride in the modern time?

Is the norm of the royal family this strange?

“Sigh, this talk about betrothal gifts is a bit odd.” Helian Wei Wei thought. On the wedding day, while everyone else was luxuriously dressed in gold and silver, while she, the bride was going to pick a fight with the Third Prince. So depressing.

Baili Jia Jue wrinkled his eyebrows. His voice very slow, he spoke in an unconcerned manner, “Odd?”

“Not really, the main thing is why you want to give me the betrothal…” Before Helian Wei Wei finished talking, Baili Jia Jue already interrupted her gracefully, “I know that.”

Helian Wei Wei felt very pleased. It was very easy to communicate with smart people. Judging from the way the Third Prince reacted, there was no need for a bride price between them. Marriage was just a formality.

“I will send you something else in a couple of days.”Baili Jia Jue threw one of the armaments on the table. It was as if simply giving away one tael of silver tomorrow.


Helian Wei Wei took back her words silently.

This Royal Highness did not live in the same dimension as her.

The invisible Fire Qilin stood on the side, its eyebrows scrunched up. The master’s body qi was in chaos. It was afraid that it still had to disappear for a few more days to let the master recover. However, the 4 big families’ underhanded actions were very powerful.

“Master.” The Fire Qilin’s calm voice rang out in the mysterious spatial s.p.a.ce, “What do we do next?”

Baili Jia Jue used the telepathy to communicate with the Fire Qilin. “Send all the secret guards to the Phoenix Loft and the remaining few to the Retired Emperor’s side.

“Yes.”The Fire Qilin lowered its eyes and disappeared. Based on the the past, the master’s eyes would lose their abilities to see tomorrow morning. It hoped nothing would happen when the time came.

Night time at the Defense Division.

Heilan Jiao Er’s face contorted due to jealousy. She was completely clueless about the nature of Helian Wei Wei and Baili Jia Jue’s relations.h.i.+p since it still had not been made public.

She heard that her beloved bought four armaments in one breath for that cheap woman.

Helian Jiao Er felt as if something was lodged in her heart. Additionally, she lost face big time so that she could not wait to crush Helian Wei Wei to smithereens.

“Mother, you really have to torture this little s.l.u.t!” Helian Jiao Er’s sat in front of Su Yan Mo, her eyes red. “She dares to have an idea about the Third Prince, someday she would stomp on us!”

Su Yan Mo listened, malicious intent flashed in her eyes, “Previously I thought this girl was ignorant, not expecting that she has guts. Jiao Er, don’t worry. The position of the Third Prince’s wife can only be yours. I have a way to deal with that vile sp.a.w.n.”

“Mother, so you already thought up a good plan.” Helian Jiao Er’s eyes brightened.

Su Yan Mo pinched the teacup, her voice sinister, “Now that she got the wrong idea, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Granted, she’s driven away from the Defense Division. But officially I am still her mother. Marriage is a major event in one’s life, it’s under parents’ orders and matchmaker’s words. Who she is going to marry is decided by the mother.”

“Mother thinks…” Helian Jiao Er stood up. Her face looked happier compared to before.

Su Yan Mo patted her hands, “There are still a couple days to the Martial Qi Tournament. Even though it’s sudden, I’ve chosen a man of a similar breed to give to that vile sp.a.w.n.”

“It’s now in your hands, Mother.” Helian Jiao Er bit her lips, she was afraid this matter would not be successful, “However, n.o.body would take that ugly woman as a bride.”

Su Yan Mo laughed, “Silly girl, that was before. Now she’s wealthy. There’s no lack of people who want to grab that money.”

Helian Jiao Er looked distracted for a moment, but finally she threw herself in Su Yan Mo’s embrace, “Mother is so resourceful.”

“Last time, someone introduced your third sister to Master Huai Nan. He’s not bad at all.”In her heart, Su Yan Mo already counted her chickens before they were hatched. “That person grew up attractive and elegant. He fits this type of dull woman the most. In a moment, I will write an invitation to the Huai family.”

Helian Jiao Er laughed jeeringly “Mother, you said last time that Master Huai Nan except for his handsome face, is an unreliable man. He lives only to eat, drink and be merry, being kept by women. Don’t think to rely on his family for money. If a woman marries him, she will be destroyed with no remains left. Forbid Third Sister to have any contacts with him to avoid spoiling her reputation.

Su Yan Mo tapped her head, the corner of her smiling mouth turned more and more sinister. “Don’t say it like this. Other people would think I’m treating that vile sp.a.w.n unfairly. The more exceedingly Master Huai is praised, the more this thing managed well. Be at ease, besides me, n.o.body else knew that Master Huai Nan possessed that kind of morality.”

“Mother, you dug a perfect pit for her.” Helian Jiao Er’s eyes flashed maliciously. Helian Wei Wei, let’s see what you do next!

The following day at the White Academy, at the corner of the Inferior Compound.

Helian Wei Wei was making the final adjustment to her umbrella, thinking that it would come in handy at the martial qi tournament.

Yuan Ming was lazily floating on top of a tree crotch, basking in the suns.h.i.+ne. Naturally, he was could not be seen by others.

The suns.h.i.+ne was perfect.

The adjustment to her umbrella done, Helian Wei Wei wanted to stretch. The adjustment to her umbrella done, Helian Wei Wei wanted to stretch. Suddenly, she saw a slender and n.o.ble figure appeared.

This person was dressed differently than usual. His eyes were covered with a piece of white cloth. His perfect complexion made the morning light behind him a bit pale.

Helian Wei Wei stopped moving and frowned, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

With a weak voice, Baili Jia Jue lazily said, “I was poisoned.”

“This poison can hurt eyes?”Helian Wei Wei lifted her eyebrows.

Baili Jia Jue grunted, “En,” then laughed evilly, “So, I have to trouble the financial backer to take care of me in the future…”


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