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Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – An Eye for an Eye

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Falling into extreme pain, Liang Xiao’s body collapsed heavily onto the floor . A pool of fresh red blood started to form as blood sputtered out of his right shoulder .

The entire arena was silent for a few seconds . Shouts of surprise then filled the air .

“Oh my G.o.d . How did she cut off Liang Xiao’s entire arm?”

“She must have cheated! From the position she was in, there was no way that she could have counter-attacked . ”

Someone randomly shouted this and everybody started to agree with him . No one believed that Liang Xiao would lose in the position that he was in, nor that he would lose an arm as a result .

Ding Wei was in-charge of bringing the students from the Longteng School this time, and his face immediately darkened . He stared unwaveringly at the sword in Gu Lingzhi’s hand .

He was a Peak Level Martial Lord and could easily see that Gu Lingzhi did not cheat . The reason for how she could turn the tables around and win was due to that sword in her hand . If he guessed correctly, that sword…that sword must be an Earth-Level Spiritual Sword that was reduced .

d.a.m.n it, who would be so free to make a sword like that? If not for that sword, the one who lost an arm should have been Gu Lingzhi . Then, she would no longer stand a chance to win Rong Yuan over!

“I- I refuse to accept this!”

A piercing cry came from Liang Xiao who had regained his consciousness . Looking at the judges, he cried weekly, “Gu Lingzhi must have used something illegal in the compet.i.tion . There was also that white mist earlier, she must have cheated!”

The judges looked at him pitifully and said, “I will make the decision as to whether or not Gu Lingzhi has cheated . When she was battling with you, all she used was the same weapon . The white mist earlier was created by her own Spiritual Energy and she did not cheat . ”

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Although the judge was not too happy to see Gu Lingzhi win, he had to say this . Gu Lingzhi was really very lucky . She had managed to obtain an Earth-level Spiritual Weapon just before the finals and changed her entire fate . Losing an arm is afterall, the biggest blow to one’s Martial Artist career .

“How can that be… she must have cheated! If not, how could she block my attack? I don’t believe it!” Liang Xiao bellowed, slightly crazily .

Just fifteen minutes ago, he was full of confidence and thought of how he might be rewarded by the Princess after defeating Gu Lingzhi . But in that short span of time, things had taken a ma.s.sive turn .

Without his right arm, his Martial Skills were significantly reduced by 80 percent . It would be extremely difficult for him to make any progress in the future . His entire life was ruined .

“That’s right, Gu Lingzhi must have cheated . If she did not cheat, then how would that white mist appear?” someone shouted from the crowd .

They did not see how Gu Lingzhi might have cheated when her sword clashed directly with Liang Xiao’s, but the white mist that had appeared earlier was very suspicious .

“What a joke . Just because you guys can’t do it, it doesn’t mean that no one else can . A bunch of straw bags,” Xin Yi voice towered amongst the suspicious voices .

Gu Lingzhi turned towards the direction of the voice and saw a guy rolling on the floor in front of Xin Yi, clutching his manhood . There was a red stain on the floor as a skinny old man was glaring at him angrily .

Tianfeng Jin, Yan Liang and Nie Sang were standing confrontationally at him amongst other Royal School students .

Because of what Xin Yi said, everyone’s attention was now drawn to the situation at hand and they stared horrified at the guy on the floor .

What kind of hatred did he harbor to severe one’s manhood?

Everyone forgot about their suspicions regarding Gu Lingzhi and turned their attention onto Xin Yi . From the furious gaze of the old man, everyone knew that it was Xin Yi that had broken their ancestral line .

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“Senior, can you announce the results of the fight?” Sensing that the old man was of the Martial Lord rank, Gu Lingzhi rushed the judges, afraid that Xin Yi would get beaten up .

Gu Lingzhi’s reminder brought the judge back to reality as he was startled to realise that he had actually forgotten to announce the results . He rushed to say, “The winner is Gu Lingzhi from the Xia Kingdom . ”

Hearing this, Gu Lingzhi did not bother about the indignant look that Liang Xiao was giving her and jumped off the stage, heading straight for Xin Yi .

Since the battle had started, she had wanted to give this person who kept badmouthing her a piece of her mind . The white mist was something she created by herself . First, she released water spiritual energy and formed a water wall . She then released her fire spiritual energy and quickly boiled the water droplets in the air . The water did not have time to completely evaporate and eventually formed a thick white cloud .

Although it sounded easy, one had to have extremely good and precise control of their spiritual energy in order to do this . With her breakthrough on her Spiritual Weapon, it allowed Gu Lingzhi to have even more precise control of her spiritual energy, enabling her to achieve this . If it were others, the most they could have done was probably to cover the water spiritual energy with fire spiritual energy, creating a fire wall .

Since Liang Xiao was someone who made it to the final rounds, the disturbance from the water wall alone would have been able to help her win but it would not allow her to teach him a lesson . Hence, when Liang Xiao was able to detect her position due to her injury, she thought of a plan and played along with him .

She had initially thought of exchanging a few blows with him before injuring him and making him bedridden for three to five months . Who knew that when he was attacking her, he would aim to disable her and not allow her to leave unscathed? This enraged Gu Lingzhi and she wanted to see what he had intended to do . She then realised that he had aimed his attack directly at her right arm . After she understood what he wanted, Gu Lingzhi raised her Fengwu Sword with the intention of reflecting the blow back at him . This was how the battle ended .

How could a typical longsword be any match for her Earth-Level Spiritual Weapon? The second that their swords clashed, his sword disintegrated under the power of her Fengwu Sword .

Amongst the despising looks she was receiving, Gu Lingzhi made a beeline for Xin Yi . She lowered her voice as she asked him, “What is going on?”

Xin Yi didn’t seem to care as he replied, “Someone was being r.e.t.a.r.ded and was asking for a beating . I am merely teaching him a lesson . Without his manhood, he will no longer create trouble for both ladies and men . ”

Everyone who heard Xin Yi started to feel sympathy for the guy who had just become infertile .

From what Xin Yi said, it was clear that this man had something wrong with him and wanted to take advantage of Xin Yi . Never would he have thought that he would be punished . It was better for this kind of person… to be infertile .

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“Nonsense!” Having taken a Healing Pill, the young man was helped up by the older man . His face was no longer as pale from pain . “I did not do anything!”

Xin Yi raised his brows, “Oh? Were you planning on doing something else then?”

“I…” The guy was rendered speechless out of anger .

“Stop arguing! You shall pay for injuring my disciple!”

After saying this, the old man clenched his fist and brought his fist, surrounded by golden spiritual energy towards Xin Yi .

If his fist were to hit Xin Yi, Xin Yi was bound to die or at least have his entire skin peeled off .

“Retreat!” Gu Lingzhi barked out as she pulled out and threw the Protective Jade Amulet that Rong Yuan had given to her from her waist . The artefact let out a white glow as it blocked the skinny older man’s blow . The artefact then returned to Gu Lingzhi’s hand .

“How dare this violent man enter the arena? Is the security so poor in the First School?” Gu Lingzhi turned her head and questioned the judges . As the older man repeatedly attacked, the Protective Jade Amulet was activated once again .

The judges face blackened as maintaining order in the arena was also the responsibility of the First School . When Xin Yi first injured the person, someone had already noticed .

From far, they saw the skinny old man that was standing beside the injured boy and quickly retreated .

The skinny old man was actually a roaming guard with relations to the First School . On normal days, he would receive payment from the North Qiu Kingdom’s Royal Family and worked only when the Royal Family needed him to .

Furthermore, the one who created trouble was not from the North Qiu Kingdom and the guards of the area closed an eye as they allowed the skinny old man to do what he wanted .

They never thought that the first move that the skinny old man made would be one with the intention to kill . Yet, what was angering was that the attack had actually been blocked by Gu Lingzhi’s Protective Jade Pendant . Hence, the judge was put in a spot as he could not pretend to ignore them .

“Where is security? What did the school hire you for?”

As they were called out by the judge, the security guards who were hidden among the crowd had no choice but to come out .

As the one attacking was an expert from the Martial Lord rank, the Protective Jade Pendant was disintegrated after three blows . As Gu Lingzhi took out another Jade Pendant, the guard moved to stand in between Gu Lingzhi and the old man . Blocking the old man, he declared, “Senior Mei, please do not cause trouble in the First School! If there is anything, you should talk it out . ”

The security guard emphasised the words ‘First School’ as if to remind him where he was . If he wanted to take revenge, he would have to do it outside of the First School .

Mei Yingxiong caught on to what the guard meant and waved his fist once again before holding himself back . He then said sorrowfully, “I will respect the First School, but my disciple is injured and all of you owe me an explanation!”

The guard turned his head and face Xin Yi seriously, “Audacious! How dare you cause trouble in our First School? Aren’t you going to cripple your own hands as punishment?”

Cripple your own hands?

A collective gasp could be heard from the crowd .

This punishment was more severe than even the one Gu Lingzhi did to Liang Xiao .

Everyone from the Royal School could take it no longer as they stood closer to Xin Yi . No matter what, they were all from the same school . Even if they did not get along personally, they would not allow anyone to bully someone from their school .

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