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Chapter 17 – The Leverage Of Power

Although Cheng Lin was a chauffeur, he was really one of Master Nine’s subordinates. Normally, he would never step foot into the Yan Family. Now that he was here, she knew that he was here for Yan Jinyu.

She didn’t expect Master Nine to value that girl so much!

Although she was unhappy, she did not dare to give Master Nine’s men any displeasure. She could only suppress her anger and put on a smile. “Oh, it’s Mr. Cheng. Why did you come to the Yan Family at this time…”

“Mrs. Yan, I’m here on Master Nine’s orders to deliver something to Miss Yan.”

“Sending something to Jinyu? What are they?” She squinted at the bag Cheng Lin was carrying. However, she only saw a few gift boxes inside but she didn’t know what they were exactly.

“I’m not sure either. Master Nine personally instructed someone to prepare it. I’m only responsible for sending it over. However, it looks like it should be something for her hands… I heard from Special a.s.sistant Lin that on the way back from fetching Miss Yan, Master Nine noticed the calluses on Miss Yan’s hands.”

Cheng Lin tried to see if there was any guilt or heartache in Fu Ya’s eyes, but he was disappointed.

It was fine if she did not feel guilty or heartbroken, but Fu Ya’s eyes even flashed with disdain.

Was Miss Yan really her biological daughter?

Who would treat their own child like that?

“Oh, is that so? Please thank Master Nine for his concern. Jinyu is in the living room. Since Mr. Cheng is here to deliver something to Jinyu, please enter the house directly. I have something urgent to attend to, so I have to leave the house immediately. Please excuse me.” If she stayed any longer, she was afraid that she would not be able to maintain the forced smile on her face.

If Cheng Lin hadn’t come for that girl, she would have been happy to entertain him, but he had indeed come for her.

“If Mrs. Yan has something to do, go ahead and do it.” After being by Master Nine’s side for so many years, not to mention North City, even in the capital, people had to give him some due respect. This Mrs. Yan… It wasn’t that he enjoyed the feeling of being flattered, but he felt that Madam Yan was being very ungraceful. It was no wonder that after the two elders of the Yan Family pa.s.sed away, the Yan Family became increasingly worse.

He was just an outsider and a subordinate of Master Nine. If he could be implicated because he came to the Yan Family to deliver something to Miss Yan, then it was obvious that Miss Yan’s life in the Yan Family couldn’t have been easy.

Poor Miss Yan. She was just a young girl under the age of 18.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Master Nine was too busy to leave, he really wanted to call Master Nine and tell him everything that happened here so that Master Nine could take Miss Yan away.

Forget it. They should wait for Master Nine to finish his work first. No matter what, the Yan Family was still a big family in North City. Even if they were biased, they probably wouldn’t dare to go overboard.

He had arrived at the living room of the Yan Family’s main building and saw Yan Jinyu sitting there watching television.

From this angle, he could only see her back.

It was very thin.

The servants nearby were busy with their own things. Their expressions were also very strange when they looked at her occasionally. In these strange expressions, there was no respect for the eldest daughter of the Yan Family, only sympathy and disdain.

Seeing this scene, Cheng Lin, who had never been an emotional person, felt a lump in his throat.

She should be the eldest daughter of the Yan Family, but even the servants dared to disregard her in her own home.

How heartbreaking and infuriating.

It seemed like he had to tell Master Nine about what happened here once he was done.

“Miss Yan.”

Yan Jinyu was considering if she should get another packet of yogurt just as she heard someone calling her. She turned around and when she saw who it was, the frustration in her heart dissipated.

Yin Jiujin’s man.

“Mm-hm.” Her gaze landed on the gift bag that he was carrying and she asked with a smile, “Did Brother Nine ask you to deliver something?” Her eyes curved into crescents and she smiled from the bottom of her heart.

She was such an innocent young girl. How could the Yan Family bear to treat her like that?

At first, Cheng Lin didn’t dare to disrespect this Miss Yan because he saw that Master Nine’s att.i.tude towards her was different. But now, he had liked her from the bottom of his heart.

Perhaps, compared to going back to the Yan Family to live the life of a ‘young mistress’, continuing to live in a remote and small place might be more tiring, but it might be more suitable for Miss Yan.

He walked over and stood beside the sofa. He said with a respectful and kind smile, “Yes, Miss Yan. Master Nine got me to specially send these over. They are all hand-protecting items. Master Nine wants you to use them every day according to the instructions on the manual.”

Yan Jinyu raised her eyebrows slightly. “Oh? So soon?” He had just mentioned it yesterday, and he had already asked someone to send it over so early in the morning.

It seemed like he really took this matter to heart.

The smile in her eyes became more sincere. “Put the things down. This is not my territory, so I can’t entertain you. If you have something to do, please go ahead.”

Not her territory…

It was supposed to be a very heroic sentence, yet it sounded very sad.

This was clearly her home.

“Miss Yan doesn’t have to bother about me. I happen to have something to do as well, so I’ll leave after giving you these. Master Nine isn’t in North City, so Miss Yan can call me if you need anything.” He pointed at the gift bag that he had just put down. “I’ve placed a name card inside.”

Yan Jinyu flicked a glance at him before she smiled and nodded, “Alright.” This person’s att.i.tude towards her was a little different. Yesterday, he did not dare to slight her because of his respect for Yin Jiujin, but today, it wasn’t completely because of that.

He was a good person who felt pity for the weak.

However, he was thinking too much. Other than occasionally feeling frustrated in the Yan Family, she did not suffer any grievances.

After a moment of hesitation, Cheng Lin said, “The weather outside is perfect. It’s inevitable that Miss Yan will be bored staying at home. Why don’t you go out for a walk?” He quickly added, “Miss Yan hasn’t been back to North City for a long time, so you must be very unfamiliar with the current North City. I can find two girls around your age to guide you if you need.”

Yan Jinyu smiled. He was indeed someone who was by Yin Jiujin’s side. His words were so flawless. Facing a young lady, who had grown up in a remote village and was suddenly brought back to such a wealthy family, his words could be said to be thinking for her and yet not hurting her pride.

“There’s no need for that. I’ve never had such a carefree life as a rich young lady. I plan to enjoy it for a few days first.”

These words sounded…

“In that case, give me a call when you want to go out, Miss Yan. I’ll find a guide for you.”

After Cheng Lin left the Yan Family, the servants of the Yan Family felt very complicated after they saw how he was both concerned and respectful towards Yan Jinyu.

Cheng Lin was Master Nine’s trusted aide. His att.i.tude towards their young mistress represented Master Nine’s att.i.tude towards her

Even their master had to suck up to someone like Master Nine, so they didn’t dare to mistreat someone that Master valued.

Therefore, shortly after, there were cut fruits and snacks on the coffee table in front of Yan Jinyu as she watched television in the living room.

Her treatment was excellent.

The butler came over to greet her personally even when she was simply done sitting and was about to leave.

“Missy, the flowers in the backyard are blooming nicely. You must be tired after sitting for so long. Do you want to go and take a look?”

The butler of the Yan Family now wasn’t the same one as before. This was a man in his fifties. It was said that after the Yan Family’s old madam pa.s.sed away, the old butler left his post and went to guard the Yan Family’s old residence. Yan Qingyu hired this new butler after that.

For some reason, the butler felt a little scared when he saw her smiling at him. He suppressed that strange feeling and smiled ingratiatingly. “Oh, my surname is Wan. I’m the Yan Family’s butler.. Missy can just call me Butler Wan like everyone else.”


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