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The Autobiography of a Cornish Smuggler is a Webnovel completed by Harry Carter.
This lightnovel is presently completed.

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[45] “Carry”; dialect.

[46] ‘Bedstead.’ ‘Stead’ would be p.r.o.nounced ‘steed’ in West Cornish dialect.

[47] “Further”; dialect.

[48] Spelt “laght” in the ma.n.u.script. Cf. note 8.

[49] The ordinary word for “a valley” in West Cornwall.

[50] A well; dialect p.r.o.nunciation.

[51] Old measurement.

[52] _I.e._, in their reckoning as to the position of the vessel.

[53] ? Folkestone (see p. 4).

[54] On the Fal.

[55] Near Prussia Cove.

[56] Intending; dialect.

[57] A small village about a mile from Prussia Cove.

[58] Lazarus.

[59] Spelt ‘oughten’ in the ma.n.u.script. See note 15.

[60] Referring to the Government reward for his capture.

[61] Cliffs; dialect.

[62] Actions.

[63] Spelt “oft” in the ma.n.u.script. See note 15.

[64] War was declared on the 1st February, 1793.

[65] Guillotine.

[66] Farthing; dialect.

[67] Carhaix.

[68] “Chair”; dialect.

[69] Guillotine.

[70] ? Carmelites.

[71] Meaning “by”; dialect.

[72] A common expression in West Cornwall. It is a forcible way of saying that his means were fully occupied.

[73] Meaning “unless”; dialect.

[74] Meaning “against”; dialect.

[75] Robespierre was executed on 28th July, 1794. Soon after his death the Convention decreed that “Prisoners and other persons under accusation should have a right to demand some ‘Writ of accusation’ and see clearly what they were accused of.”–Carlyle: _French Revolution_, Book vii. ch. i. This decree was followed by the release of great numbers of “Suspect” and other prisoners.

[76] Meaning “by”; dialect.

[77] The Cornish people always measure weight in scores (20 lbs). The stone (14 lbs) is unknown.

[78] In West Cornwall every collection of houses is called a town. The village in which the parish church stands is called “Church town.”

[79] He lived at Prussia Cove.


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