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Even worse… Sasha almost peed on her pants due to fear! The woman inside the cubicle was so scary ah~! She felt like crying for having such a bis curiosity! The phrase ‘curiosity kills the cat’ was so true! She wouldn’t dare to do this ever again!

Sasha’s whole body was trembling and because of that, her body became imbalance. “Aaargh!” She yelled loudly in despair.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Feng Xiao Qing was sitting on top of the toilet while looking down and she covered most of her face with her long black hair… She muttered softly in an eerie voice, “Sasha… Sasha…” She didn’t forget to move her body back and forth slowly.

When she felt that Sasha was still looking at her in fear, she slowly looked up and moved her face towards her in a slow movement which made it even eerier. Because of the previous imbalance, Sasha clutched the upper part.i.tion between the cubicle tightly and she seemed to be paralyzed. She couldn’t move her body at all and she couldn’t turn away her gaze ah~!

To add the desirable scary effect, Feng Xiao Qing suddenly gave a sharp glance at Sasha while trying to reach up to her in a slow manner. She muttered once again in a low sinister voice, “Sasha… Sasha… come to me…”

Sasha couldn’t think clearly and she really believed that the woman in front of her was a ghost! If it was the kid’s mother… logically speaking, how could she know her name? She had never met the woman ah~!

Feng Xiao Qing who pretended to be a ghost was actually inspired by Sadako, the j.a.panese ghost and it was quite suitable with the j.a.panese ambience of Tetsuya. She even copied Sadako’s voice when she appeared — just like in the movie. She added a dramatic effect by using her red lipstick… She made a trail of blood here and there on her face… to make it look as scary as possible. Without the blood, she was afraid that Sasha would recognize her face.

Before, Sasha could only see her side face and thought that the ghost was already too scary. However, when the female ghost turned around and showed her face, Sasha couldn’t take it anymore. She tried her hardest not to let herself faint inside the toilet… or the female ghost would certainly drag her away to the afterlife.

Her heart was beating erratically and her stomach was churning in fear. After that, Sasha fell down because of extreme terror and without a second thought, she screamed like a lunatic while running away and getting out of the washroom.

No matter what, this time, Sasha’s image took a hit!

Sasha yelled and cried at the same time, saying that there was a ghost inside the toilet which attracted the attention of many people — including her friends. The manager of Tetsuya was surprised because this was the first time this type of case had happened!

He took note of Sasha’s appearance and it didn’t look like that she was lying — the woman was really scared. Not only that, but this woman was their loyal customer so he knew that something was indeed wrong. He asked for several employees to come with him and check the woman’s washroom. On the other hand, he also told his subordinate to calm the woman and give her water to drink.

He got a headache because the woman had made this into a commotion and he couldn’t block so many people’s mouth ah~! He could only make a call to the owner for his help.

The manager’s main concern was to check on the washroom and surveillance camera. This was better to be a prank or else their reputation would take a hit.

Feng Xiao Qing couldn’t help but laugh out loud. ‘Serve her right!’ Feng Xiao Qing thought to herself. Who told her to be so annoying and curious? She did nothing and yet, Sasha tried to take a peek at her. What a ridiculous woman!

While Sasha was making a commotion outside, Feng Xiao Qing calmly came out of the cubicle and went to the make-up room. She wiped her face clean with water and tissue, making her face turned slightly reddish due to the fraction but she didn’t care. It was lucky that she didn’t use a waterproof lipstick — or it would take a long time to clean up the mess and she had no time to run away from here.

After tidying up herself, she quickly went out of the room before someone saw her. When she turned to the right where the VIP room was located, people were coming from the left side and Feng Xiao Qing knew that they must have wanted to check on the washroom.

Feng Xiao Qing sighed in relief… It seemed like she was able to get out of this safely. It was fortunate that she had a tendency to avoid surveillance camera whenever she saw one — a habit that she had gotten because of the nature of her gang before…

If Feng Xiao Qing didn’t automatically do this… she shuddered when she thought of the consequences. When she saw the VIP room, she sighed in relief. Before she opened the door, it was opened from the inside. Lu Yi Feng was standing there, looking at her.

Lu Yi Feng came out and closed the door behind him softly. Zhang Li and Xiao Xi Xi didn’t notice Feng Xiao Qing’s presence because she was covered by Lu Yi Feng’s body.

“I…” Feng Xiao Qing wanted to say that she wanted to come in, but before she could say the whole sentence. Her sleeve was pulled by Lu Yi Feng and they went to the room next door.

“What are you doing?” Feng Xiao Qing asked curiously.

“Didn’t you say that Sasha was inside the washroom?” Lu Yi Feng asked. “I was just going to save you by calling her out so you didn’t have to wait too long. The foods would be cold and it won’t be that delicious anymore. However, it seems like you are fine. What happened back there?”

Feng Xiao Qing tried to hold back her laughter once more, but she couldn’t. She gasped until she cried and told Lu Yi Feng everything in between her laughter. “You should have seen her face! It was so hilarious!” Feng Xiao Qing grinned widely.

She even demonstrated to him her movement from the start and also Sasha’s hilarious reaction!

Lu Yi Feng could only shake his head. This woman was so mischievous ah~! She was even able to think such a weird method… However, as long as they didn’t meet with each other face to face and fought just like the last time, then make his mother disappointed, he felt that the method was good enough.

“Are you sure that people won’t find out about it?” Lu Yi Feng asked carefully.

Feng Xiao Qing nodded proudly. However, Lu Yi Feng told Lin San to handle this matter — just to be safe. After that, they went back together inside the room.

“Mommy… what took you so long?” Xiao Xi Xi asked, teasing her while winking at Zhang Li.


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