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Lu Yi Feng answered, “I’m feeling good at this moment. The symptoms are gone right after I released her hand… I’m quite amazed because this is the second thing that has never happened to me before. Even though I felt something just now, I could still bear with it.” He felt lucky that he didn’t disappoint the little girl.

“Why don’t you try to touch Xiao Xi Xi once again? I need to see whether you still have the same reaction or getting better… after a second try,” Tang Yi Jun ordered in a soft voice.

Lu Yi Feng agreed and he touched Xiao Xi Xi’s hand. He also wanted to know the result ah~!

“How do you feel?” Tang Yi Jun asked.

Lu Yi Feng shook his head. “It’s still the same as before… It’s fortunate that it’s only small symptoms and I don’t need to drink medicine when Xiao Xi Xi touches me…” He explained while trying to think in a positive way and at the same time, appeasing the worried little girl.

He could touch her without being afraid of the effect of his medicine. After all, there was no need for him to drink that thing!

Tang Yi Jun nodded his head in satisfaction and laughed, “You have gotten a tremendous improvement… and it’s good. Maybe sooner or later, you will be fully cured… Keep it up!”

Lu Yi Feng, “…”

Was that all? Keep it up? Tang Yi Jun didn’t even give him any useful solution ah~! He really wanted to kick this useless doctor to the curb. People would never guess that he was one of the best in his field if they looked at his current performance. Fortunately, he still needed to do a session with Xiao Xi Xi.

Lu Yi Feng quickly said, “Good!”He wanted to end his session as soon as possible. He turned around and talked to Xiao Xi Xi in a soothing voice, “Then, it will be Xiao Xi Xi’s turn next, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy…” Xiao Xi Xi was ready. She saw that the session wasn’t only that bad because she just needed to talk with the doctor and the latter didn’t even try to do anything to her daddy just now — unlike the weird doctors that she had met before.

Tang Yi Jun nodded his head. He was also helpless ah~! He couldn’t force an answer from Lu Yi Feng ah~!

Tang Yi Jun wanted Xiao Xi Xi to tell everything with her own words. She told her about her trauma, the after effect, and also her nightmare. Tang Yi Jun felt that Feng Xiao Qing was a good mother because even though Xiao Xi Xi was having a bad trauma, she was still able to live her life normally and happy too!

She spoiled her but didn’t treat her like a gla.s.s jar that would be easily broken… This was actually a really good att.i.tude.

Tang Yi Jun took a look at the medicine that was given to Xiao Xi Xi by the previous doctor. He shook his head and told Feng Xiao Qing, “You should stop using this medicine. Yes, it’s a good one but it’s too strong for Xiao Xi Xi. I will give you a better medicine and this medicine won’t have any side effect as long as you use it right.”

Feng Xiao Qing was surprised. She would never think that there would be such a problem with the medicine. Fortunately, she didn’t want Xiao Xi Xi to depend on medicine, so she rarely gave it to her — unless the nightmare was getting worse just like last night.

“I gave it to her last night. Will there be a problem?” Feng Xiao Qing asked worriedly.

“No, it should be fine because it was only one time,” Tang Yi Jun tried to appease Feng Xiao Qing.

Feng Xiao Qing sighed in relief. She quickly threw out the medicine so that she wouldn’t accidentally give Xiao Xi Xi the wrong medicine.

Everything went well in the session. Tang Yi Jun didn’t push Xiao Xi Xi too much because he just wanted her to open up and he gave her a few sound pieces of advice — for example, she needed to be more honest to her parents and told them whenever she met with a problem.

All in all, Feng Xiao Qing was quite satisfied with the sessions. She could give Xiao Xi Xi under his care and feel at ease. Tang Yi Jun also told her that Xiao Xi Xi’s case wasn’t that hard to handle. The only thing they needed was time. It would be slow progress but he needed the parents’ help — they needed to create a harmonious and loving atmosphere to make the little girl live in happiness and start to forget about the sad past.

The only thing that they needed to pay attention to was her tendency to be obedient towards old women — they had to change Xiao Xi Xi’s mindset slowly so that no one could use her.

Once the session had finished and Xiao Xi Xi was already asleep, Feng Xiao Qing asked Lu Yi Feng when they were alone in the living room, “He’s a good doctor and you’ve become his patient for so long, but… why didn’t you have any progress before this?” She didn’t mean to say that Lu Yi Feng was weird, she was just feeling purely curious.

Lu Yi Feng sighed. “It’s not that there’s no progress. The problem laid in me, actually. I never tried to open up to him so there was also nothing that he could do. In a way, I was grateful that he is my friend because he could keep my illness as a secret. However, the fact that he’s my friend also put me in difficulties…”

“Why?!” Feng Xiao Qing asked in surprise. For her, it would be more comfortable to open up to her friends ah~!

“There are some things that I don’t want my friend to know… To me, my past is so embarra.s.sing…” Lu Yi Feng finally admitted.


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