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Read The Beautiful Idol’s Secret Chapter 378 Closer!

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Read WebNovel The Beautiful Idol’s Secret Chapter 378 Closer!

Lu Yi Feng couldn’t stop his pants from falling down just in time and he felt the cold wind because of his bare legs, showing that he was almost naked down there and the cold made him realize that this was all wasn’t a dream.

He just wanted to tease her just now… not really pulling down his pants like this.

To be exact, they were forcefully pulled down by Feng Xiao Qing. He didn’t even dare to look down and could only stare ahead blankly.

What should he do now?

He felt at a loss as well.

Lu Yi Feng felt this was the most embarra.s.sing time that he had ever had in his life. Fortunately, he already told his people to guard them a bit further away from them so no one would disturb both of them. If they saw him this way, he didn’t know how to hold up his aloof face in front of them anymore and his charisma would be gone in a puff!

It was different from the time when Feng Xiao Qing saw him after he was taking a bath — he used a towel to cover up him down there and the position was as embarra.s.sing as this moment. He felt really vulnerable at this moment ah~!

‘d.a.m.n!’ Lu Yi Feng could only curse inwardly.

Feng Xiao Qing went down with an ‘oomph!’ while closing her eyes and her heart was beating faster due to the surprise. It took a few seconds for her to gather herself. She sighed in relief when she found that she didn’t fall that hard but then, she realized that she had been holding onto something tightly all this time.

What the heck was this?

She opened her eyes and due to the dim surroundings, she needed a few moments to see clearly what it was while squinting her eyes. ‘Hmmm…?’ She thought to herself. ‘What is this?!’

It seemed to be pants…?!

Did… Did she really grab Lu Yi Feng’s pants and pull it down?

She froze on the spot.

‘What… What should she do?’ She thought to herself.

The romantic atmosphere turned awkward in a second. They were at a stalemate but no one dared to move. However, Lu Yi Feng was feeling the cold so bad that his body started to tremble a bit but the man still didn’t say anything or do anything. He wanted to pull up his pants but Feng Xiao Qing was still holding it tightly.

Feng Xiao Qing felt the change in his body and quickly stood up because she couldn’t let him freeze to death ah~! She tried to get over her embarra.s.sment but didn’t dare to look at Lu Yi Feng — especially around the area of his little Yi Feng even though the pervert her felt a bit curious.

“So… Sorry…” She could only mutter that while covering her face with both hands in embarra.s.sment.

“It’s fine…” Lu Yi Feng answered helplessly.

He was going to pull up his pants when Feng Xiao Qing asked hesitantly, “Er… You are already in this state… so while on it… Can I just peek a little bit on your birthmark…?” Feng Xiao Qing still needed to confirm it so if it could be done as soon as possible, it would be better. Screw the embarra.s.sment!

Lu Yi Feng froze on the spot and looked at Feng Xiao Qing, wanting to see whether she was joking or not… He thought that she was just teasing her back but instead, her expression was deadly serious.

Lu Yi Feng quickly pulled up his pants so he could talk more calmly with her. “Are you being serious?” He asked once again.

Feng Xiao Qing nodded her head. She cleared her throat and shyly said, “Yes…”

Lu Yi Feng really didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Having a bold girlfriend… was it a good thing or a bad thing? It seemed like he was the one being hara.s.sed here.

“Are you sure?” He asked once again. She was the one who wanted to see it, so she shouldn’t blame him for what would happen next. He already asked her several times…

Feng Xiao Qing started to become doubtful — maybe there was another reason why he was being so hesitant like that? However, her curiosity got the better of her. Thus, she nodded her head while confidently said, “Yes, I’m sure!”

“Okay then…” Lu Yi Feng answered.

He pulled down his pants once again but just a tiny little bit… so Feng Xiao Qing could only see the top of his underwear. “Come here…” He said with a smile.

Feng Xiao Qing didn’t feel suspicious and she went closer to him — only one step away from him.

“Closer!” Lu Yi Feng said once again.

Feng Xiao Qing looked at him and furrowed her eyebrows. “I’m already this close to you… Is it still not enough?” She rolled her eyes. How close did he want her to be?

Lu Yi Feng said, “My birthmark isn’t that big and besides, the place is a bit hidden…”

“Oh…” Feng Xiao Qing nodded her head but she still didn’t understand what Lu Yi Feng had tried to imply. In her mind, she wondered how hidden could it be…

She was still calm when he was going to pull down his underwear as well! She thought that maybe it was on his b.u.t.t — that was the reason why he was feeling embarra.s.sed. If this wasn’t for Xiao Xi Xi… she wouldn’t have done this!

Lu Yi Feng thought that she would back off when she saw his movement and he became helpless when she continued to look at him intently. ‘This woman is really…’ He thought to herself, not knowing what he should say.

In the end, he faced her while pulling down his underwear as well.

Feng Xiao Qing was in shock. “Wait! Stop! Why don’t you turn around?”

Lu Yi Feng stopped his movement and asked her, “Why… should I turn around?” He was feeling confused.

“The birthmark is on your b.u.t.t, right? Why do you show me your front then?!” Feng Xiao Qing asked in a slightly louder voice because of her panicked state.


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