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Read The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 1065 – Make Sure To Serve This Woman Well

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Chapter 1065: Make Sure To Serve This Woman Well

But the other women could no longer control themselves. In their eyes, the men here were all very handsome.

Since they did not have enough money to play around with male celebrities, they could also get their fill here.

“Eh, Xiaosi, this is none other than Miss Yun. Come here and serve her properly.” The women specially directed the most handsome man to the seat beside Yun Luo.

The man called Xiaosi looked at Yun Luo. He walked over to her with slight reluctance in his expression.

The woman said, “This is one of the new additions. He became the ace right after joining. So many people want to take him out but are unable to.” Then, she said to Xiaosi, “Come, wait upon Miss Yun properly. She’s definitely different from others.”

Despite this, he merely nodded, approached her, and asked, “Does Miss Yun want to drink wine or eat something?”

Yun Luo did not have an ounce of interest in gigolos like this one.

Undeniably, this Xiaosi in front of her was indeed quite good-looking. His face would definitely attract many women outside. It was a pity that her heart was fixated on Gu Jingze from the moment she met him. From then on, she did not feel anything for any man she met.

She smiled mockingly and thought to herself, How naive these women were. These sissy men had them in the palm of their hands and they looked completely smitten.

On the contrary, she had encountered the most powerful man on earth. Thus, she did not even consider these individuals as men.

But it was not as if that most powerful man belonged to her.

She looked at Lin Che beside her. Lin Che also sat there expressionless. She did not feel anything for these people in front of her.

Yun Luo thought, As expected of Madam Gu. Of course, she did not feel anything for them.

But wouldn’t it be too boring to sit here like this simply?

Yun Luo said, “Xiaosi, no need to bother with me. Just serve this woman beside me, Miss Lin, well.”

Lin Che smiled awkwardly. “I don’t think there’s a need for that. A handsome man like this is best left for you to enjoy.”

Yun Luo said, “We agreed that he was supposed to serve you. I won’t vie with you. Why? Do you look down on gigolos?”

In front of them, Xiaosi’s expression was stiff. About him, there was a sense of dissatisfaction at being insulted. But he swallowed it down with his hands trembling.

Lin Che noticed all of this and did not miss anything.

Lin Che could not bear it. She felt that everyone’s journey in life was different and each one of them had frustrations of their own.

She said, “Everyone has their own jobs. This is just his job. There’s nothing to look down on or not to look down. He’s here to keep us company, to speak to us, and relieve our boredom. You can’t just call him a gigolo, right?”

Xiaosi froze. He looked at Lin Che and momentarily felt a grateful warmth in his heart. The long-awaited warmth seemed to provide him some comfort.

Xiaosi said, “It’s alright. It doesn’t matter what people call me. It’s just a way to address me. Miss Lin… you can’t drink alcohol, right?”

Lin Che nodded.

Xiaosi immediately poured some juice for her. “Drink carefully.”

Lin Che said, “Thank you.” She took the juice from him and smiled at him.

Xiaosi simply sat beside her and proceeded to help her take some fruits.

The women were dumbfounded. So much money had been spent to get Xiaosi here.

Fortunately, Yun Luo was the one paying the bill this time. Otherwise, they would not be able to get him here either.

Because Xiaosi had gotten very popular the moment he came. He would definitely not leave with any client and was extremely cold. Someone had called for him once, but when he went there, he simply sat down and refused to speak. It was useless no matter how you tried to seduce him.

There was nothing they could do about it as he was simply too attractive. As a result, many women also tolerated his behavior. They felt that his face was worth their additional effort too.

But they did not expect him to actually sit right beside Lin Che after such a short time. He had even started to serve her things.

Could it really be that Lin Che’s beauty had moved him?

They could not take it lying down. They did not know which nerve of Yun Luo’s had short-circuited. If she hated Lin Che, why did she still have to get such a good man to keep her company?

But Yun Luo was completely indifferent. When she witnessed this scene, she merely scoffed and asked, “How can one be enough? Hey, call over all the best men in your establishment. A woman as s.l.u.tty as she can’t be satisfied with just one man.”

They were even more stunned. However, they did not dare to second-guess her and quickly went out to call for more people.

After some time, the most good-looking men in the establishment were standing there in lines.

Yun Luo did not stand on ceremony either. She brandished her hand and directly threw a wad of cash onto the table. Then, she said, “Come over, all of you. Miss Lin isn’t picky. She wants all of you.”

The moment they saw that she was a very wealthy person, they frantically gathered around her.

However, the five or six of them did not know what to do as they looked at Lin Che.

Yun Luo simply scoffed and looked at Lin Che. “You must have learned many tricks to serve Gu Jingze to the point where he dotes on you so much. You must have used several men. I don’t know if these men are enough for you to use. Let me know if this is not enough. You’re usually the one thinking up all ways to serve Jingze with your flirtatious tricks. Why don’t you enjoy their methods for a change?”

Lin Che glared at Yun Luo. “Do you find this very fun? Do you think that doing this will make Gu Jingze feel disgusted towards me?”

Yun Luo said, “Yes, perhaps he dotes on you and can’t bear to leave you behind. But after I take videos of this and show them to him, it will definitely weigh on his mind. Slowly, after knowing that you’ve been played with by so many men, will he still not mind at all? Hehe. You really think too highly of yourself. You also think too highly of men. You’ll know if I’m right or not after giving it a shot.”

As she said this, Yun Luo stood up immediately. The women were all surprised. So this had been her intention all along.

Yun Luo huffed. “That’s enough. We should all leave. We shouldn’t intrude on Miss Lin’s beautiful night.”

They quickly walked out.

Lin Che stared at Yun Luo unwaveringly. However, the gigolos were all looking at Lin Che. Although they had been gigolos for such a long time and had met all kinds of people, it was actually their first time seeing such a beautiful woman. Although they worked as gigolos, they were ultimately men too. They would still have natural reactions towards her.

Especially in a situation like today’s, they were no longer gigolos but ordinary men.

Just then…

Xiaosi suddenly stepped forward. “That’s enough. She’s a pregnant woman. It’s not good to behave this way.”

Hearing this, Lin Che immediately looked at the man before her gratefully.

All of them said, “Enough of that. Why are you pretending to have good intentions? That woman we saw earlier looked so rich. There’s no reason for us not to take on such a good deal.”

“Precisely. You’re already working as a gigolo. Why are you still trying to act like a good samaritan?”

They had despised Xiaosi since a long time ago. They felt that he had really grabbed all the limelight ever since joining the club. Furthermore, he was leading the life of a wh.o.r.e, but expected a monument to his chast.i.ty. He was trying to make himself out to be so morally superior for no reason.

If you actually want to be morally upright, then don’t sell your body out there.

Xiaosi said, “It’s true that I’m a gigolo. But I keep people company while they have fun. I’m not here to do anything illegal. What you’re doing is illegal.”

Just then, Lin Che also stood up. Seeing that the women had already gone out, she tugged at Xiaosi and said to him, “I was actually kidnapped here. If I can escape from here today, I will definitely repay you.”


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