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Read The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 328 – Gu Jingze Could Only Watch From Where He Was

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Chapter 328: Gu Jingze Could Only Watch From Where He Was

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Upon hearing this, Gu Jingyu could only say, “Alright then. It looks like Big Celebrity Lin’s schedule has now become tight too. In the future, I have to make an appointment in advance.”

“Ha, I’m actually a little scared now that Big Celebrity Gu said this.”

“Hey, one day, you’ll definitely become one of the queens of the industry. When that happens, maybe I would’ve lost popularity a long time ago and will only be able to tell people on television that I filmed together with this actress before.”

“Enough of that. Can you even lose popularity? If you really could, would you even have been able to last until today? You would’ve lost popularity a long time ago.”

As a matter of fact, Gu Jingyu had been famous for many years. To this day, he was still an A-lister. It was indeed no easy feat for him to be this famous.

As for what he said about her becoming a queen in the industry one day…

It would be great if such a day really came.

( .c om ) That night, Lin Che agreed to go and eat skewers with Song Shuhai. The two of them met at the entrance and rode together in the same car to a very clean and very famous skewer restaurant.

Song Shuhai was extremely friendly and invited all the staff who had come along with them to eat together as well.

She was indeed a much better person than Xin Xiaoyuan as Yu Minmin had said.

The two of them ate skewers while watching the news that was currently showing on television.

While Lin Che had been busy filming, Qin Wanwan had finished filming a huge period production. At the moment, it was very popular and she was currently on a promotional tour. It was clear that her popularity had likely risen again by a large amount.

They saw that everyone was praising her on the tour. They were even saying that she was really good at dealing with people and everyone felt that she was a very good person. Lin Che sighed while watching. She felt that she herself had always been lacking in that aspect.

She was always the subject of discussion, but she definitely did not always receive so many complimentary words each time as Qin Wanwan did.

The few times that Lin Che had been in a scandal, she had always been scolded upside down. Although everyone had instantly taken a liking to her many times, it was always by sheer luck, and each controversial event was essentially very dangerous.

Seeing that she was watching the television seriously, Song Shuhai smiled and said from beside her, “This Qin Wanwan is not bad. I heard that the relationship between the two of you is very good too.”

Lin Che said, “Yes. It’s alright.”

Song Shuhai said, “But your brand images are a little similar. In the future, your resources will definitely overlap. For instance, if a large IP television series starts filming, your images and levels of popularity are similar, so both of you will definitely be recommended for it and you two will inevitably compete.”

Lin Che knew that she meant to say that she herself and Qin Wanwan would probably be rivals more than anything else in the future.

Lin Che smiled. “It’s not that bad. Anyway, one person can only take on so many television series in a year too. Furthermore, there are so many television series each year, so it’s also good to have some compet.i.tion to make us work even harder.”

Lin Che smiled very optimistically. When she first developed the desire to be a celebrity, it was because she felt that this was something that she liked. She did not want this to actually become a matter of compet.i.tion only.

Because she really liked acting. She really, really liked it.

Then, Song Shuhai suddenly saw Gu Jingyu coming in.

She hastily stood up. “Jingyu. Oh my, you’re a rare guest.”

Gu Jingyu smiled as he walked in.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu a little blankly.

( .c om ) He headed straight to the s.p.a.ce beside Lin Che. “Why? You look so absent-minded now that you seen me. Are you stunned?”

Song Shuhai quickly smiled and asked, “Would you like to eat some too, Jingyu? This place is very clean.”

Gu Jingyu sat down and responded immediately, “Yes, okay.”

Song Shuhai immediately called for someone to bring the menu and ordered a few more dishes again.

Gu Jingyu had never eaten such things. He let them order whatever they wanted since it did not matter to him at all.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu and asked in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Gu Jingyu said, “You had a dinner gathering and didn’t bring me along, and you even have the nerve to ask me why I’m here. Why? Did you not want me to come so badly?”

Song Shuhai said cheerily, “No way. Jingyu really knows how to joke around. You have no idea how honored we all are to have you here. It’s all thanks to Lin Che.”

Gu Jingyu b.u.mped forcefully against Lin Che.

Lin Che only felt dumbfounded. This Gu Jingyu was indeed unpredictable. He would do this for no reason at all. How could anyone stand this?

Thereafter, although Gu Jingyu had never eaten such things and Song Shuhai had even thought that he would not eat a lot, he actually began to eat and even started to drink beer. He appeared extremely sociable with the people.

After they had finished eating together, it was already almost dawn. Lin Che did not drink, citing the fact that she was feeling unwell as the reason. She just received st.i.tches and although it was just a minor injury, it was still preferable for her not to consume any alcohol.

When the gathering ended, Gu Jingyu offered to send Lin Che home and went to get the car first.

Song Shuhai and the rest watched Gu Jingyu leave and said to Lin Che, “It’s all thanks to you that I even saw Gu Jingyu eat this kind of junk food for the first time.”

Lin Che, “This is nothing much either.”

“Gu Jingyu is famous for being aloof. He definitely wouldn’t hang out with people in the crew. I didn’t even believe it when everyone said that he’s different when he’s with you. However, I now believe that’s definitely true. The rest of the crew is only this intimate with him because they’re a.s.sociated with you. Wow, I really envy you. Tell me, why does a la.s.s like you have so many people protecting you? What is just so appealing about you? I’m really dead jealous.”

Lin Che said, “I think it’s only because I’m unlucky that I keep attracting people.”

Yes, it was only since meeting Gu Jingze that her life suddenly changed so tremendously.

In the past, there had never been this many problems.

Because of her hatred towards Gu Jingze, she was just a little plaintive about her recent experiences.

Gu Jingyu returned with the car and took Lin Che home.

He had drunk a bit of alcohol and his gaze was also slightly heated. When he looked at Lin Che, he smiled in a much more relaxed manner than he used to as well.

After getting out of the car, Lin Che said, “Alright, you should go back now. I’m going in.”

“Yes… by the way.” Gu Jingyu remembered that he had something to give her and turned around to take it. “This is a contract for an advertis.e.m.e.nt. Take a look at it when you go back. You’ll film it together with me. Think it over.”

“Wow, this is so great!”

“Of course. Now, you know how good I am to you.”

“Yes, yes, yes. You treat me the best!”

Gu Jingyu said, “Go home.”

“Yes. I’ll take a look at it when I get home and contact you again. Let’s keep in touch through WeChat.”


Then, Gu Jingyu suddenly felt dizzy due to the alcohol and took two steps forward.

Lin Che quickly pulled Gu Jingyu for support.

“Oh no, be a bit more careful. Serves you right. Why did you drink so much for no reason?”

“You heartless thing. Isn’t it because I was glad to have a gathering with you?” As he said this, his hands rested a little weakly on her arms. It took a lot of effort for him to finally stabilize himself.

Lin Che looked at the Nation’s Idol helplessly while wondering if his fans would feel as if they had traveled to another universe if they saw him like this.

However, from beginning to end, she did not see Gu Jingze standing inside by the door and looking at the two of them over here…

After getting off work, Gu Jingze had initially gone to rest in the villa he was temporarily staying at.

However, he could not stop worrying and wondering if Lin Che had properly applied her medicine and whether she had followed instructions to avoid certain food.

He too knew that the maids had already been instructed to look after her properly, but he still felt a little worried inside.


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