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Read The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 987 – I Am Not To Be Bullied By Anyone

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Chapter 987: I Am Not To Be Bullied By Anyone

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The manager immediately whispered to Lin Che, “Miss Lin, look. There are other clothes here. A few sets were actually worn by foreign A-List celebrities. It will definitely look fashionable if you wear it, so why don’t you…”

“No, I just want this now.” Lin Che replied.

The staff’s face changed. “Miss Lin, aren’t you making things difficult for me?”

The woman behind could not bear it any longer. She looked at Lin Che and directly stomped here in her heels and asked, “Hey Lin Che, what’s the point of you s.n.a.t.c.hing this from me? Why don’t you give this to me and I’ll give the money to you, won’t that be alright?”

Lin Che looked at her mockingly. “s.n.a.t.c.hing this from you? Didn’t I see this first? Aren’t you the person trying to s.n.a.t.c.h this?”

The woman scoffed. “I don’t care. Whatever I have my eyes on, I will get. Say, how much money do you want for you to let go?”

Lin Che laughed, “Sure. Actually, I have no qualms against money.”

Upon hearing that, the woman showed an understanding look, her expression relaxed as she looked at her with a condescending look. She thought, So she just wanted her to raise the price. She blew her intricate nails and said to her, “Alright, tell me. How much money do you want? If you said this earlier, we wouldn’t have to waste so much time, right?”

That look made Lin Che felt disgusted to the core.

Hence Lin Che coolly smiled at her. “Not a lot, a hundred million.”

A hundred million…

Those at the scene inhaled sharply. Was this person mad with poverty?

The few people who thought she wanted more money finally understood that Lin Che was just playing around with them.

Miss Fang immediately became angry and yelled at Lin Che, “Hey, are you playing around with me? Ha, how bold.”

Lin Che innocently asked, “How could I? I am very seriously calling for a price. Isn’t a hundred million a small sum for you?”

“Ha, it is a small sum, but I will not give it to a frolicsome creature like you.”

Lin Che’s expression cooled and stared at her stoically.

Her a.s.sistant at the side got frustrated and yelled at the side, “Who are you cursing at?!”

“Why? A small celebrity that got the support of the audience every day really thinks that she is invincible?” Miss Fang arrogantly walked over, sizing Lin Che up. “Regardless, she is just an actress who sells her face for a living. How dare you even s.n.a.t.c.h things from me? Let me tell you: don’t think that because you are a celebrity in ordinary people’s eyes, you will be supported everywhere you go. I don’t fall for such trickery.”

Lin Che smiled after hearing that. “If I can sell my face, it means I still have a face that can be seen. Compared to someone with no face like you, I am considered good.”

Miss Fang initially did not realize her double meanings, but after hearing it, her face darkened with anger. “Who are you calling shameless?”

“Ah, I didn’t say anything. Why are you making a connection to yourself? It seems like you are quite self-aware.”


Miss Fang was overwhelmed with anger. Miss Wan also walked from behind. “Alright Qingqing, what’s there to fight with an actress?” She directly said to the manager, “Manager, figure this out yourself. We are customers that spend tens of millions here every month. Compared to those people who could never afford to spend money here, who would you be more willing to offend?”

She then looked at Lin Che. “I know you just wanted to buy some better clothes to attend some ceremony. And these celebrities sometimes can’t bear to spend so much on clothes so they’ll say they want sponsors, right?”

After hearing about sponsorship, the manager immediately said, “We do not sponsor here.”

Lin Che looked at the manager. “Then why are you asking me to strip out of this dress to give it to her?”

“I…” Although the manager was put in a difficult situation, she knew that the purchasing power of celebrities could not be compared to these wealthy people. For pride, the celebrities would buy some expensive clothing for external shootings, but they did not earn as much as these wealthy people, so they would not be as generous in spending money as them.

After looking at Lin Che just now, she did not seem like she would tailor anything here.

Therefore, the manager directly asked, “Miss Lin, didn’t you not buy this yet?”

Lin Che smiled mockingly. “What if I want to buy it now?”

“Can our shop… Not be willing to sell to you?”

The a.s.sistant got angry upon hearing that at the side. “Are you kidding me? How can you bully us like that?”

Miss Fang and Miss Wan immediately smiled like a flower and looked in Lin Che’s direction pridefully.

Lin Che narrowed her eyes at the two people.

Afterward, she said, “Alright, I’ll change out.”

Her a.s.sistant said in shock, “Sister Che…”

If she left like that after being bullied, it would be too shameful.

However, Lin Che did not say anything but went in to change clothes.

Leaving her a.s.sistant to stand with Miss Fang and Miss Wan.

The a.s.sistant angrily snorted.

Miss Fang loudly said, “If you had known better, you should have changed out for me earlier and you could have gotten some money.”

“Stop looking. Are you her a.s.sistant or her manager? Little girl, you must know that celebrities are not everything. This world is the world of rich people, understand?”

Her a.s.sistant was so angry that her liver hurt.

However, she could not say anything.

Just then, she saw Lin Che push the door and walk out.

She already changed into her own clothes, carrying that dress in her arms. The manager immediately smiled and walked over, afraid that there would be any problem on the dress, but Lin Che threw the dress on the floor.

And stepped on it…

The few people froze.

Lin Che’s shoes left an obvious mark on the dress. She then looked up and faced the people opposite her.

Her a.s.sistant thought that she was extremely cool and hurriedly ran over.

“Sister Che.”

The two women and the manager froze immediately.

Miss Fang’s face changed colors. Was she not insulting her purposely?

Miss Wan also got fed up.

“You… What do you mean?”

Lin Che stood there. “Sorry, I accidentally touched it.”

“What do you mean accidentally?! You are doing it on purpose.”

“Since you see that it’s on purpose, what do you want to say?” Lin Che coolly said. “I usually don’t like to argue with people but if people bully me, I will also not just say put. Letting people like you do whatever you want… It makes me so disgusted.”

“You… You… Lin Che, you want to die!” Miss Fang told the manager, “Fine her, fine her ten times the costs, sue her, call the police, and say that she purposely damaged things.”

The manager was also very angry. People always said that celebrities had quite a temper. She thought Lin Che was easy after looking at her, but she did not know that she was the same!


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