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After hugging her for half an hour, he replied “I love you so much.” He couldn’t help, but smile and chuckle repeatedly making her laugh. “Yes~ yes~ me too” as she rubbed her head against his chest.

Sigh. Hopefully you’ll stay the same way even after your memories recover.

Seeing that she fell asleep in his embrace, he kissed her forehead and slowly dozed off to dreamland as well..

Outside of Shi Xue’s room, a woman was biting onto her lower lip as her hands clenched to a fist.

Her body trembled after hearing the couple’s confession and intimate sounds.

“Shi Xue…SHI XUE!… Never thought you’ll survive that fall… I underestimated you!… Just you wait… heh.. you guys wanted to find that maid.. but a dead person can never speak”

The next morning, Shen Qi called Zhi Hei to inform him that the information he wanted about the woman had been collected and it will be delivered to him this afternoon. After the call ended, Zhi Hei returned back to bed where his sleeping beauty is smiling sweetly in her sleep. He laid next to her watching her sleep and kept replaying her confession in his mind from the previous night. He couldn’t help, but smile and hug her closer.

When Shi Xue woke up, it was already 11 and Zhi Hei was nowhere to be seen. The spot next to her was cold meaning he left for a while. She sat up and found a note under her cellphone.

Note: “I’ll be back really soon. I told the chef to standby so when you are hungry just ring the bell and food will be prepared for you. 🙂 Don’t miss me too much”

“Tch.. who is going to miss you?” she said with a slight smile as she leaned against the bed.

-Zhi Hei’s Study Room-

Shen Qi: Here is the information we found about the woman who disguised as the house maid the day Miss Shi Xue fell down the stairs.

After Zhi Hei skimmed through the report twice, he crumbled the papers in front of him.

Zhi Hei: What do you mean by she went missing ever since the day Shi Xue fell down the stairs?

Shen Qi: Boss, after the incident that day, the woman suddenly disappeared. No records of her leaving the country or traces of her being anywhere. It seems like someone hid all her tracks so we won’t find her.

Zhi Hei: Seems like I’ll have to be alert of everything from now on to protect her from danger… sigh. Alright. Continue the work on your hands and inform me if anything happens. I’ll continue to stay home to work.

Shen Qi nodded and exited the mansion.

“Sigh… Even the strongest man cant escape ‘love’. How I miss our cold devil master… “

Zhi Hei returned to Shi Xue’s room and found her using her phone happily. She was so concentrated on her phone that she didn’t notice his presence. Although he saw her cute expressions and silly smile as she browsed her phone, he couldn’t help but feel jealous over not getting her attention.

“What are you looking at? You seem very happy.”

“KYAAAA… Ohh it’s only you. Phew. How come you don’t have footstep sounds when you walk!! I’ll get a heart attack if you continue to do that.” she frowned

“Oh? I thought somebody was too focused on her phone screen that she didn’t realize her lover came in. My fault now?”

“Of course your fault!! You left me alone in the room and only left me a note!! I woke up to an emptied bed.. and ate breakfast alone!! At least wake me up and tell me you were going to go somewhere. hmph” she turned her head to the other side.

He chuckled and took her phone out of her hands as he leaned to her ears “My fault~ All my fault making you upset… how about I compensate you~”


“Turn your head towards me and I’ll tell you”

She turned her head slowly to face him…

*Kiss* Their lips touched as his face had been close to begin with. When she turned her head, he took the opportunity and caught her off guard. He licked her lips before parting their lips.

“Your compensation” he winked.


He touched her chin and lifted her head upwards as he leaned in to kiss her again.

“Not enough as compensation!”

*Kisses again*

“Still not enough!!!”

“Oh..? then how many kisses until you feel you’re fully compensated?” he grinned.

She whispered into his ears “It’ll never be enough. So you’ll always belong to me” she gave him a peck on his cheeks before looking down and twisting the tips of her hair.

He laughed as he rubbed her head while saying “Our family’s Shi Xue is so cute.”

He brushed her straight nose and smiled before bringing her a wheelchair.

“The weather is great today. Come, I’ll bring you to the garden” he said dotingly.

“Mmm” she spread her arms out and reached out towards him.

Not used to seeing her like this, he was stunned for a few seconds before holding her in his arms.

“… how about we forget the wheelchair. I’ll bring you out like this.” he said sweetly.

“..n..nooo there’s so many people on our way to the garden!!” she swung her legs slightly.

“Eh? Who dares to have an opinion of what I do in my own territory? Hmmmm?”



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