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Read The Black Card Chapter 75 – Book For A Fight

The Black Card is a web novel produced by Xiao Se Liang (萧瑟良).
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 75 – Book for a Fight

Translator: Lav

Editor: Levs


Wu Haoyuan yelled: “You aren’t even worth as much as a rotten bug! I can crush you into the ground with a single step!”

If it was before, Shi Lei probably really have nothing against Wu Haoyuan. Of course, it was impossible that Wu Haoyuan was already at the finish line, but there was no way for Shi Lei to compete against him either.

But now, if Wu Haoyuan was a first-cla.s.s millionaire, then Shi Lei wouldn’t dare to be too full of himself. But it’s just a Wu Haoyuan, Shi Lei really couldn’t care less.

Shi Lei had a rough judgement of Wu Haoyuan. Although Wu Haoyuan’s family was somewhat rich, but they would only have 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 yuan, or not even that much Otherwise, he wouldn’t drive a b.u.mblebee for three years straight without changing. If his family had 100,000,000 or more, he would at least change the b.u.mblebee to a Porsche 911. 911 is a supercar, although it’s only the lowest of the supercars, but compared to b.u.mblebee which was only a beginner level sports car, it was much stronger.

If Wu Haoyuan wanted to compete on something different, then Shi Lei really didn’t stand a chance. But money, except the top 20 on the Forbes rank, Shi Lei didn’t care about anyone else.

It wasn’t that Shi Lei could smash stacks of money on Wu Haoyuan’s face to show what it’s really like to be wealthy, but because that Shi Lei had a millionaire card that he hasn’t used before. And that card allowed him to experience the life of a top-cla.s.s millionaire.

Shi Lei asked clearly and the Scepter answered clearly too, that the millionaire life it meant was those with at least 100,000,000 a.s.sets with them. In other words, supercar, or top-cla.s.s supercars were nothing but toys to them. To those millionaires, they would even drive boats for fishing at sea, and they would even have their own private planes.

One thing Shi Lei was sure was that the life the millionaire card was capable of, was at a level that even if Wu Haoyuan’s family sold all of their a.s.sets, they would not reach it.

“A frog sitting at the bottom of the well.” Shi Lei said calmly, and his contempt att.i.tude made Wu Haoyuan’s b.a.l.l.s hurt.


How dare he!

A poor brat dared to call me a frog!

Have you seen a frog driving a b.u.mblebee?!

Have you seen a frog living in a mansion?

Have you seen a frog with 100,000 yuan of pocket money every month?

Shi Lei, oh, Shi Lei, do you really think that you are superior just from the few 100,000 you made through stocks? Who the f.u.c.k are you!

Wu Haoyuan was on the verge of been driven insane as he had never seen anyone who dared to talk like this to him. Even those who were richer than him, they wouldn’t dare to call him a frog who’s sitting at the bottom of the well.

If he was facing those people whom Shi Lei mentioned earlier, then he would accept that he’s a frog in front of them.

But the one standing opposite him right now was Shi Lei, a guy who never had any sense of presence in the past 3 years in Wu Dong university.

After more than three years, Shi Lei probably just went to those high-cla.s.s restaurants one or twice recently. As a loser who couldn’t even afford to buy a car, how dare he call Wu Haoyuan a frog? How could Wu Haoyuan not be angry?

“Hahahaha……” Wu Haoyuan was overly furious that he laughed so hard and began to cry. He pointed at Shi Lei and said: “Shi Lei, don’t think that just because you gave Sun Yiyi 60,000 yuan you can pretend that you are a fuerdai in front of her! You know your family’s background perfectly well! You just have luck on your side and made a small fortune through stocks! If I didn’t guess it wrong, you always finished spending them, didn’t you? What an arrogant thing! It’s merely 200,000 yuan and you are losing yourself! If you kept this money and try to do something with it, maybe you’ll have a chance to compete against me after a few decades! But now, how dare you! What do you have! I have a car that you can’t even afford if you don’t eat or drink for 8 or 10 years! And this car, it’s nothing but a toy to me!”

Shi Lei raised his eyes and thought, what stocks? Dunno where this came from.

He smiled and said: “My background? Sorry, I actually don’t know much about it. I need to find a professional to calculate it. As for your toy, your toy is a bit too low-cla.s.s. This isn’t even at beginner level of supercars; this is at most a poor person’s version of it. I don’t know how you are so proud of it!”

Wu Haoyuan was furious and pointed at Shi Lei: “Poor person’s version of it? If you can even drive a ……” He paused and realised that Shi Lei made a fortune recently, but he didn’t exactly know how much he earned. If he earned 200,000, he should’ve spent it all by now. But what if it was more than this?

After the paused, Wu Haoyuan said: “Don’t accuse me for bullying you, but if you can drive a Pa.s.sat, I’ll accept that my b.u.mblebee is nothing!”

Shi Lei frowned and exaggerated: “Pa.s.sat… That’s really hard. How about you wait for a bit. I’ll ask if any of my friend’s servants drive a Pa.s.sat for grocery shopping!”

“Ha! Boasting! Keep boasting! Boasting doesn’t need tax anyways!” Wu Haoyuan thought that Shi Lei was crazy, otherwise, how could he say things like these?

Shi Lei was abnormally calm and said: “As a fuerdai, I believe you have many friends. How about this, you choose a time and I choose a place, you drive the best car you have there and ask your friends too. I’ll ask a few of my friends and ask them to take their toys out for a bit. We’ll see whose car is better.”

“You said it!” Wu Haoyuan glowered at Shi Lei and said word by word.

If Wu Haoyuan had to drive his own car, he really didn’t have any good cars. Even his father only drove a Cayenne, which was just over 1,000,000 yuan. But if Shi Lei allowed his friends to partic.i.p.ate, then it would be easy. The fuerdais which Wu Haoyuan knew had Ferraris and Porsches, even though they were not the super cool ones, but they were a million or two each and they would surpa.s.s Shi Lei’s easily.

“Shi Lei, don’t make a fool of yourself and ride a bicycle there!”

Shi Lei laughed and said: “Time!”

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow morning at 10!” Wu Haoyuan’s expression was extremely cold.


“I’ll tell you the location before 10 tomorrow!” Shi Lei turned around, dragged the astonished Sun Yiyi and left Wu Haoyuan there.

It was a chaos inside Moonlight restaurant. It was yet dinner time and there were barely any customers, but their argument brought all the waiters and even chefs from the kitchen to the front.

Wu Haoyuan clenched his teeth and swore loudly: “f.u.c.k you! Trying to boast in front of me? If you can’t do what you promised, just wait till I get my hands on you!” With that, Shi Lei stormed outside the restaurant.

“You little s.h.i.t! Come back!” A roar came from inside the restaurant and Wu Haoyuan almost slipped from the jump scare.

“You sure don’t need tax to boast, but you aren’t paying for your f.u.c.king meal? Stop pretending to be a fuerdai! Hurry up and pay!”

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