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Read The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1048 – Running into Killers Once Again

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Chapter 1048: Running into Killers Once Again

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the Nine Realms, all the branches of the factions had a strict hierarchy, and all the branches of the Three Middle Realms had to obey the orders of the branches of the Seventh Realm. At the same time, the branches of the Seventh Realm had to obey the branches of the Eighth Realm, and so it continued like this until reaching the Sacred Zone.

The Heavenly Martial Arts Realm Thunder G.o.d Sect used the rules to force the Yao family father and daughter to hand over their lightning techniques. Moreover, their persecution of the Yao family wasn’t limited to just this alone—they wanted Yao Tians.h.i.+ to work for them.

Yao Tians.h.i.+ did not want to work for them, which was why the Thunder G.o.d Sect used the rule that lightning techniques can’t be taught to one’s daughter as an excuse to cripple Yao Yuntong, and they forced Yao Tians.h.i.+ to obey this rule. Yao Yuntong wanted to go to the academy and seek their protection. On the road, she ran into a man, and they helped each other on their journey to the edge of the Sky Reaching Continent.

Yao Yuntong was well aware of the man’s designs on the lightning method, but she wasn’t familiar with the Seventh Realm’s terrain and didn’t have any alternative, which was why she continued traveling with them. After Jiang Chen had appeared, Yao Yuntong shared with them without the least bit of hesitation.

“They will probably attack us to take revenge, and they will notify the Thunder G.o.d Sect.” Yao Yuntong was worried about this matter.

“That is most likely.” Even after Jiang Chen understood her situation clearly, he still wanted to help her, and he didn’t care about how powerful the Seventh Realm’s Thunder G.o.d Sect was.

It was probably only because Jiang Chen was near Yao Yuntong that she relaxed slightly and revealed the worries hidden deep in her heart. Her father was still missing, and she didn’t know whether he had been captured by the Thunder G.o.d Sect, or whether he was already…

She didn’t dare to continue pondering about such a matter, and she couldn’t help but reproach herself for such pessimistic thoughts.

“No one can blame you for it.” Jiang Chen saw through her thoughts and said, “The Thunder G.o.d Sect never had any rules allowing them to teach just men and forbidding them from teaching women.”

“Is that true?” Yao Yuntong looked at him. She cared about this matter greatly!

“I can a.s.sure you of this. At least 500 years ago the Sacred Zone’s Thunder G.o.d Sect didn’t have such rules.” Jiang Chen was quite sure of this matter. In the past, the Young Thunder Saint was the Thunder G.o.d Sect’s woman disciple with the greatest achievements, and she was known as someone who would surpa.s.s the Thunder Sage in the future.

Jiang Chen still remembered this all clearly because the young Thunder Saint had the same fiery temper as her father. On the day Jiang Chen got married, she came over to wreck the wedding and she tried to s.n.a.t.c.h Jiang Chen. But she was driven away by his new bride.

At that time, those two heavenly female geniuses’ fight was one of the most spectacular fights Jiang Chen had ever witnessed.

Now, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but wonder whether such a strong woman had also become a Reincarnator. If it was really the case, he would be quite gratified.


Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong hurried on their journey as fast as they could because they were afraid the Thunder G.o.d Sect soldiers were in pursuit of them. The fate of the Seventh Realm Thunder G.o.d Sect had turned out better than some other ancient clans because it could depend upon its unique and powerful lightning method. It had a strong foundation in the Sky Reaching Continent and wasn’t any weaker than Holy Lands and Divine Sects.

On this day, Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong rested on a great mountain, and Jiang Chen set a barrier able to hide their auras.

“The world is so vast, and they probably won’t come here,” Jiang Chen said.

“That surely isn’t the case.” A voice unexpectedly echoed from the void, while a sword was thrust at Jiang Chen’s vital organs.

“The Nether World School!” Jiang Chen was quite familiar with such techniques. Yao Yuntong hadn’t invited this trouble on him. Instead, these killers had come after him. It was fortunate that this killer wasn’t all that strong. Jiang Chen was confident in blocking such a strike. When Jiang Chen was just about to take the killer’s life with a single strike, he suddenly pulled back his hand, and looked in disbelief at the killer. The killer was standing in front of him with a sword against Jiang Chen’s chest, but wasn’t thrusting it at him.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time.” The killer greeted him. It was a woman wearing tight black battle clothes, with a tall and curvaceous body. The woman’s hair was combed up on top of her head, and she had a perfect oval face. She wore no makeup, yet she was still perfect and flawless.

“Moliang!” Jiang Chen was surprised greatly. He had ended up running into two of his acquaintances in a single day. The Nether World School’s killer was unexpectedly the Jiang family’s Jiang Moliang.

They had separated before the start of the t.i.tle Battle. Jiang Chen had a.s.sumed then that he would get to see her in the t.i.tle Battle. However, he hadn’t seen her until this day when she appeared suddenly here in this embarra.s.sing situation.

“You should subdue me.” Jiang Moliang’s voice rang near Jiang Chen’s ears.

Jiang Chen came back to his senses. He s.n.a.t.c.hed the sword from her hands and struck her belly. The lightning power emanating from his fist paralyzed her body and left her powerless.

“You…” Jiang Moliang didn’t expect that he would put on such a serious act and not take pity on a woman like her.

“Be careful!” However, they were in a critical situation, and she quickly warned him. At almost the same time, many ice-cold murderous auras emanated from the void. Jiang Chen realized then that there were more Nether World School killers.

“Buddhist Radiance Illumination!” Jiang Chen didn’t have any way of dealing with people hiding in the void, but he could still slightly harm them.

Jiang Chen called on the eight groups of spiritual beings, and the Azure Demon, Black Dragon, and True Demon sped in different directions. They would leave many traces in the air of the regions they pa.s.sed by, and they thwarted the Nether World School’s attack. After two or three more seconds had pa.s.sed, the Nether World School killers just gave up and didn’t show themselves again.

Jiang Chen still stayed on his guard for another minute or so, and it was only after he was a.s.sured that there weren’t any issues left that he helped Jiang Moliang.

Yao Yuntong, standing next to them, was confused greatly and didn’t understand at all what had just happened. But she noticed that Jiang Chen was acquainted with this curvaceous woman.

“When did you join the Nether World School?” Jiang Chen asked.

He didn’t have a good impression of the Nether World School, but he still wouldn’t judge Jiang Moliang because of it.

“I need to make a livelihood because cultivation has hefty expenses,” Jiang Moliang said.

“It wouldn’t be difficult for you to join a faction with your talent.”

“Didn’t I already join one?” Jiang Moliang looked at him coyly.

“Fine, I won’t interfere or restrict your freedom. But why did you come to kill me?”

Jiang Moliang stood up and said, “If I hadn’t come, this wouldn’t have ended well.”

“That’s true.” As Jiang Chen mulled it over, he felt as if he would have really been in grave danger if he hadn’t gotten her warning.

“Do you know what a Death Warrior is? It is the first person sent to throw his life away when a dangerous target. In the Nether World School, if a Death Warrior can accomplish his task three times without losing his life, he can become a formal killer, and this is my third time.”

Jiang Chen said, “It seems as if you still plan to go back to the Nether World School?”

“If I don’t go back, will you be in charge of my cultivation?”

“That is right,” Jiang Chen replied bluntly.

“Are you serious?” Jiang Moliang couldn’t believe it. She knew Jiang Chen well, and she knew that he was someone who would take everything for himself without leaving anything to others. Even though he was a peerless genius, he still wouldn’t be able to take charge of the expenses of other people’s cultivations.

“The failure of the mission isn’t the Death Warrior’s fault. Moreover, I still succeeded because I didn’t die for the third time.”

“If they send you once again to kill me, what will you do?” Jiang Chen asked.

“You can be at ease, my rank isn’t high enough. If I wasn’t a Death Warrior, I wouldn’t have been qualified to join such a mission.” Jiang Moliang continued, “I didn’t expect that your current achievements would be this great.”

“Should I feel honored due to it?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

An odd look appeared on Yao Yuntong’s face upon witnessing these two people chatting merrily. A killer was chatting with his target. It was really a matter which she had never experienced before.

“You should be careful. When the Nether World School took a mission out on you last time, they had already given up one time, and they won’t allow themselves to fail once again.”

“There is nothing to be done about it, and I will just have to let them face reality.”


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