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Chapter 1171: In a Single Second

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After they left the hall, Lin Shuangyue suggested, “Lu Ping, you should register in the Sword Tower.”

Xia Yi, who followed them, understood what she meant but didn’t say anything.

As for Lin Xuan, he sneered coldly as his gaze grew vicious. “You want to use it to restrict me and stop me from killing him, don’t you?”

Lin Shuangyue didn’t reply, which could have been considered as tacit approval. She was still worried about Lu Ping because Lin Xuan was someone who could join the Sword Tower. If Lu Ping became a Sword Tower’s member, he would possess a certain deterrence power.

“I will set up a life and death agreement with him,” Lin Xuan said. It seemed like he didn’t want to leave Lu Ping any way out

“You!” Lin Shuangyue angrily looked at him.

“It’s no bother,” Lu Ping said. “In any case, I don’t plan to join the Sword Tower.”

The onlookers were shocked.

“What do you mean by that?” Xia Yi asked.

She was the one who couldn’t accept it the most. For some unknown reason, she felt she had been shamed by him.

“I joined the Sword Pavilion to get a teacher and learn from him,” Lu Ping said. “I’m also carrying out the tests just to graduate from the Sword Pavilion. What relations.h.i.+p does it have with your Sword Tower?”

When the Sword Pavilion students who had just come out heard that, a commotion arose among them. They joined the Sword Pavilion to raise their expertise in sword techniques. It was also a chance to join the Sword Tower and reach another world.

If they didn’t take such a path, it would be difficult for them to make a name for themselves in the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, which was controlled by three great academies. It would be difficult for them to cross the vast chasm between spirit, heaven, and sanct.i.ty-grade continents.

If they could join the Sword Tower, their lives would be easier. They would get a chance to start cultivating anew. It could be said that more than 90 percent of students who joined the Sword Pavilion had done it just to get into the Sword Tower.

However, Lu Ping, who blocked a hundred sword strikes and completed the test without sustaining a single wound, uttered such words. It was obvious that he looked down upon the Sword Tower.

“However, I will still go to the Sword Tower,” Lu Ping said.

Going to it and joining it were two completely different matters. The reason why he wanted to go there was only to rectify his teacher’s reputation.

“Explain clearly what you have said!” Xia Yi shouted.

“I don’t have free time, and I’m pressed because I have to kill someone,” Lu Ping said before he left through the Sword Pavilion’s great gate.

They were words befitting his character,

Xia Yi was about to chase after him, but she was stopped by Lin Xuan.

“Young miss Xia, don’t pay attention to him. He’s just treating you coldly to get your attention. It’s only our family’s idiot who will be fooled by him.” Lin Xuan spoke a.s.suredly has if what he said was the truth.

Lin Shuangyue was aware that he was mocking her. She just glared at him for a moment before she chased after Lu Ping. When she caught up to him she said, “You should be careful. Lin Xuan is stronger than Liu Chengfeng.”

“How is your relations.h.i.+p with him?” Lu Ping asked.

Lin Shuangyue understood what she meant. After thinking a moment, she said, “If we didn’t share the same blood, he would be less than a stranger to me.”

“Understood!” Jiang Chen nodded.

Lin Xuan quickly followed them. After he clearly stated that would be a fight to the death, the two of them flew to the sky one after the other.

A group of Sword Pavilion’s students followed closely and flocked around them while flying at a low alt.i.tude. Such a disturbance was quickly noticed by the city’s citizens.

“Sword Pavilion’s friends, what is going on?” A busybody came over to make inquiries.

Even the Sword Pavilion’s students didn’t know why the two youths wanted to fight. They could only give a vague explanation. However, the people who were aware of what had happened quickly spread the news.

“Young Miss Xia, Lu Ping is someone who can face a hundred sword strikes at woundless-grade, and Lin Xuan doesn’t have the slightest glimmer of hope.” The Sword Tower’s members were confused by the situation.

“It’s like that in theory, but the Sword Puppet tests a person’s overall skills,” Xia Yu said. “As for a person’s highest limit, it depends upon the combination of a person’s forces.”

She furrowed her brows. She looked forward to Lu Ping’s defeat. It seemed like there was still hope for it.

Lin Xuan flew in the sky to an alt.i.tude of 100,000 feet and extended his hand to grab the white clouds. He had an ice-cold expression the entire time.

“Lu Ping, every person’s status is decided upon his birth,” he said with a sneer. “Regardless of how you try to please the crowd, you will forever just be a lucky guy who got the Great Master’s grace. However, you still aren’t aware of that and think that you are on a par with my Lin family, don’t you? What a joke!”

Lin Xuan was furious because everything he took pride in was gradually encroached upon by Lu Ping. First it was the invitation, and now it was the Sword Tower’s qualifications, even though Lu Ping didn’t want to join it.

In the end, it came down to Lin Shuangyue. She had a n.o.ble status equal to him. If Lu Ping could take Lin Shuangyue for himself, he would be on equal footing with him. He couldn’t accept that.

“You are as lowly as an ant, and I will make you taste how pain feels like,” Lin Xuan coldly said.

The speed of Lin Xuan’s sword attack was even faster than the Sword Puppet. His sword energy broke the clouds apart. It seemed like a boundless sea as it formed many ripples and spread out.

Sky Reaching City’s people raised their heads. It appeared as if the sky was swaying.

“The Sword Pavilion’s Lin Xuan is really outstanding.”

After having a clear look at Lin Xuan, many people nodded. It was obvious that he Xuan quite famous.

“Isn’t that the guy who was in the martial arts club?” a club owner asked.

This was most people’s impression of Lu Ping. As for his great achievement in the Sword Pavilion and great power, which broke free of the Realm Level’s restriction, it was only swordsmen who were aware of it.

“I heard that he managed to get an invitation for the Wizard Clan’s banquet. I wonder whether this is true.”

“I also heard about it, and it seems like this matter occurred in the Chaotic Battlefield.”

“They started fighting!”

Before news about the feats achieved by Lu Ping spread among the people, the fight in the sky started.

Lin Xuan was quite dissatisfied with Lu Ping, but he still took the fight seriously. Since they had just gone through the tests, once Lin Xuan attacked, he immediately used his own Sword Domain.

“Lifeless Sword Domain! It’s really a great technique.”

Lin Shuangyue curled her lips. It was obvious that she was aware of her relative’s techniques. The Lifeless Sword Domain was the main source of Lin Xuan’s pride. It was a unique and unmatched Sword Domain. The Lin family used a series of techniques for sword cultivators to help all its disciples form different Sword Domains.

Once Lin Xuan revealed his Lifeless Sword Domain, all of the family’s elders thought highly of him and supported him. They all believed that he had boundless future prospects.

“Sword, rise!”

It was obvious that Lin Xuan was trying to show off. He pointed his sword at the sky and created a shocking sight in it. His sword shone brightly and released a boundless divine might.

“What is he doing? Is he seeking death?”

The crowd quickly discovered that Lu Ping wasn’t moving at all. He just allowed Lin Xuan’s Sword Domain to approach him.

If the enemy used Sword Domain, one needed to do whatever possible to evade it to ensure the victory. One should also try to trap the opponent in one’s Sword Domain. That was common knowledge.

Yet, Lu Ping spared Lin Xuan the trouble of chasing after him. When the Sword Domain engulfed Lu Ping, Lin Xuan was both delighted and infuriated.

“How long will you continue trying to mystify yourself? Die!”

“A Divine Tear!”

This was an ultimate sword technique, and Lin Xuan used it along with his Sword Domain. The sword shone in a magnificent light. It seemed like even a deity could be killed by such a strike.

“Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!” Lu Ping also used a sword move.

“It’s useless!”

Lin Xuan had witnessed Lu Ping use that move to defeat s.h.i.+ Xiao. He was confident that he could block it, especially since they were now within his own Sword Domain.


However, he didn’t expect that the giant sword launched by Lu Ping would be lifelike. If one observed it carefully, one would discern that the sword was truly genuine.

“A Martial Soul!”

Many shouts and screams echoed all over Sky Reaching City.

As Lu Ping used his Boundless Sword Soul along with his ultimate technique, he managed to easily tear apart Lin Xuan’s Sword Domain as if it were a delicate curtain. Lin Xuan had also been torn apart along with it.

“I only needed to use just a single sword strike to defeat you, so how can it be considered a waste of time?” Lu Ping asked.

The outcome of the battle was determined in a single second.


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