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Read The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1315 – I Will Stand Here and Let You Attack

The Brilliant Fighting Master is a Webnovel completed by 张牧之, Zhang Muzhi.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1315 – I Will Stand Here and Let You Attack

Chapter 1315: I Will Stand Here and Let You Attack

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“He’s still so arrogant? Could it be that Tian Shenyi is still hiding a part of his power?”

Tian Shenyi was obviously at a disadvantage. Yet he still seemed fearless, as if he didn’t care about death and was only considering how he could give vent to his anger. This provoked many people’s curiosity!

“He, he, did you a.s.sume that Tian Shenyi managed to get to the eighth position only by depending on his current state?” A voice echoed out, furthering many people’s curiosity.

“Regardless of which list it was, the tenth and third positions were always a dividing line, and the power of the Sacred Lords cla.s.sed among the top ten wasn’t exaggerated at all, and they really surpa.s.sed ordinary Martial Emperors.”

Most people cared more about a ranking’s top ten positions due to their special nature, and that was why the compet.i.tion over the top ten positions was more intense. The power demonstrated by Tian Shenyi wasn’t enough to let him get into the top ten.

Bang! However, when Tian Shenyi had finished speaking, Jiang Chen’s iron fist heavily struck his face. Jiang Chen’s fists were covered by the armor and he possessed tremendous power. He ended up nearly destroying Tian Shenyi’s head. Tian Shenyi ended up spouting a mouthful of blood, as well as white teeth.

It still wasn’t limited to just this, as Jiang Chen’s crazy attacks rained upon Tian Shenyi, and as he used the holy techniques of Lightning Fury and Foot Apart World, while his black armor became engulfed by scalding lightning power. Every time Jiang Chen thrust his fists, he would attack a different position, and he would also thrust both fists at the same time.

Tian Shenyi wasn’t able to react in time, and after a short while, cracks appeared on the divine armor and many pieces of it fell off.

“It’s enough!” Tian Shenyi shouted angrily.

“Is it enough just because you said so?” Jiang Chen appeared behind Tian Shenyi’s back, struck him with his fist, and sent him flying.

Before Tian Shenyi could regain his balance, Jiang Chen went to the place where Tian Shenyi was flying to and waited for him there. He even built up power in his fists.

Upon witnessing this, Tian Shenyi’s scalp became numb, and he shouted loudly, “Hateful!”

Golden light emanated from Tian Shenyi, and, when Jiang Chen’s fist attacked him, his blow didn’t manage to succeed as usual, and the fist was caught by a big hand. “I have said that it’s enough!”

Tian Shenyi, whose body was engulfed by a golden light, started changing once again—his height went from six feet to nine feet, and his long hair became silver-white. Tian Shenyi moved his five fingers and held Jiang Chen’s fist firmly. As he slightly exerted his power, he twisted Jiang Chen’s arm, and a loud noise echoed from the iron armor, as if it couldn’t bear such a toil, and it seemed like it would disintegrate.

Bang! While Jiang Chen was still pondering a countermeasure, his vision went black, and he had a dizzy spell. It was because Tian Shenyi used his head to ram Jiang Chen’s forehead.

Jiang Chen was infuriated by this, and he bit his tongue. His fresh blood helped him quickly get back to his senses, and he used his knee to attack Tian Shenyi’s belly. However, even Tian Shenyi’s reaction time was improved, and he managed to catch Jiang Chen’s knee, before he used his elbow to attack Jiang Chen’s face. Fresh blood came out of Jiang Chen’s mouth, while he moved his body and kicked Tian Shenyi’s chin with his right leg. Such an intense blow made Tian Shenyi let go of Jiang Chen’s fist, and they were separated.

However, in the twinkling of an eye, they started fighting once again, and they didn’t leave the crowd enough time to digest what had happened. Everyone in the safe zone looked at each other in dismay, while their mouths were opened wide.

The two people were exchanging one blow after another, and it seemed like their limbs possessed tremendous power. Such a simple close-quarters fight seemed stunning! Moreover, Tian Shenyi’s body transformation made the fight seem even more shocking.

“It’s the second transformation,” Yiya muttered to herself. She finally understood why Tian Shenyi could reach the eighth position. The divine transformation was a kind of state change, and it would let one get a heavenly G.o.d’s power, but such transformations were also numbered, from one to eight. It was rumored that the Divine Recluse Clan’s Master could carry out the eighth transformation, and, in such a state, he could rival a Human Clan’s Martial Sovereign.

The advantage the second transformation could bring in the Martial Emperor Realm was incomparable, and it was already outstanding of Jiang Chen to persist for so long without falling down. However, it was obvious that the current situation wasn’t advantageous to Jiang Chen. The second transformation didn’t just raise Tian Shenyi’s power, it also let his divine armor recover, while its defense became more shocking.

Many cracks appeared on the Immeasurable Ruler, which had taken an armor shape, and even its lightning power went out of control. After they fought for a while the armor disintegrated, and the Immeasurable Ruler took back its former appearance. Its l.u.s.ter was dim, and it couldn’t be used for now.

“Are you now aware of how insignificant you are?” Tian Shenyi flew into the air. His clothes had already burst open due to his divine transformation, and his upper body was bare. His flesh was bright and flawless, and many divine symbols covered his muscles. One couldn’t see any anger on his face, and, accurately speaking, he didn’t wear any expression. But an ice-cold glint was flickering in the depths of his long, narrow eyes.

“Your tortoise sh.e.l.l is slightly hard.” Jiang Chen chuckled bitterly. He had to admit that Tian Shenyi was really powerful.

“If you kneel in front of me and confess your mistakes, I will give you an easy and quick death,” Tian Shenyi said.

“Hey, you shouldn’t get elated too soon, should you? I haven’t said that I’m at my wit’s end,” Jiang Chen spoke mockingly.

Tian Shenyi squinted his eyes, and his divine aura’s pressure made it seem like his stifling aura was able to freeze even the sky. Just after this, Tian Shenyi crossed his arms in front of his chest and said, “I will just stand here, and let you attack one time.”

As such words echoed all around, an uproar arose among the fight’s spectators. Great confidence could be discerned from Tian Shenyi’s tone, and even though the crowd was startled by it, they still found it normal. It was because regardless of how they observed this matter, it didn’t seem like Jiang Chen had any ways of dealing with this, and, as a matter of fact, this was really the case. But, this was just limited to Jiang Chen’s main body when it came to the Du Tian Divine Lightning’s aspect.

The sound of something flying through the air echoed from a distant place, and two light rays of different colors streaked across the sky like shooting stars. One of them was yellow, and represented raging flames, while the other was light blue, and represented swift wind.

Many people were confused by this sight, while Yiya and her companions understood what was happening, and a spirited look appeared on their faces.

After a short while, two people with the same appearance as Jiang Chen appeared on the left and right sides of the battlefield.

“Clones? No, it isn’t right, how can clones possess the main body’s full power?”

“This is unreasonable!”

“It’s really outrageous!”

The people who saw the incarnations for the first time were stunned by them greatly.

The mystical One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones Technique was from the ancient era’s Heavenly Palace and was a true divine technique.

The confident Tian Shenyi raised his brows and pursed his lips. He didn’t say anything due to his pride and confidence.

“You are confident, aren’t you? I hope that you won’t regret this,” the three Jiang Chen uttered the same words. Just after this, the main body started weaving hand signs quickly, and the Lightning Soul appeared atop his head, while the Immortal Divine Bird and Boundless Sword Soul appeared atop the two magical clones.

“Three Martial Souls? They are even three perfect Martial Souls, aren’t they?”

The crowd, who had recovered with great difficulty from the shock brought to them by the incarnations, were stunned once again.

“The wind, fire, and lightning forces reached a worldly rule level.”

It wasn’t limited to just this, as Jiang Chen still had the Void Divine Wind, Solar Golden Flame, and Du Tian Divine Lightning which corresponded to his three elemental worldly rules.

It could be discerned that the corners of Tian Shenyi’s mouth twitched. But he still didn’t say anything.


This matter continued until the three Jiang Chens started preparing their attacks and exposed their Martial Daises’ grades. It was then that Tian Shenyi lowered his hands.

In the end, the Supreme Will got the sublimation of three worldly rule level power that were the wind, fire, and lightning, and as the Supreme Will was used along with the Immortal Sword Spirit, a terrifying sword appeared here.

“It’s the previous sword move!” Yiya and the others recalled this sword move, which had scared everyone next to the Soul Palace.

“Please don’t fail.”

Yiya still remembered clearly the destruction caused by it. If the execution of such a sword move failed, the scope affected by it wouldn’t be limited to just the sky alone.

“What the h.e.l.l? You are cheating!” The aloof Tian Shenyi was also frightened.


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