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Chapter 1318: Sacred Lord List’s Chief

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Jiang Chen was aware that this was unrelated to his character, and it was only because the fire dragon’s main source in his body had been discovered by the other person. Moreover, it seemed from such a draconic prestige that the woman belonged to the Golden Dragon Clan that was the Dragon Clan’s royal family. After the woman cast several glances at Jiang Chen and sized him up, she flew onto a tall wall.

Upon witnessing that the distance between the two people was becoming shorter, a discussion arose among the crowd, and they started making guesses about what would happen.

“You have my clan’s main source,” she said. This was a simple statement, and one couldn’t discern its implications.

“That is right,” Jiang Chen admitted it openly.

“If I take away your Human Clan’s supreme treasure and appropriate it to myself, what will your Human Clan do?” The woman asked.

Jiang Chen was quiet for a moment, before he said, “They will bring people in an expedition to force you to hand over the supreme treasure.”

Such a reply was beyond the woman’s expectations, while the other people were confused by it.

“Don’t you understand what I have implied?” The woman asked curiously.

“It isn’t difficult to understand your implication.”

“What about you?” The woman was puzzled by his frankness.

“I also welcome your Dragon Clan to come over to take the main source, but it’s a question whether you can achieve it,” Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

It was only now that the woman understood his speech’s profound implication, and she could feel his great confidence.

“You are an interesting human.” The woman had a favorable impression of Jiang Chen, and she said, “The main source is useless to me. So, you can set your mind at ease. But my clan’s other warriors won’t take the same stand as me, and it’s especially the case for the Fire Dragon Clan.”

After the woman spoke, she landed on the tall wall and stood next to Jiang Chen.

Such an action left the six people in the air in an awkward situation, and they quickly went back to the wall. They didn’t dare to stand atop a dragon’s head, and this was especially the case since the woman was an expert ranked third on the Sacred Lord List.

“Is it you who have killed Tian Shenyi?” The six people looked at Jiang Chen with a vicious gaze. The one who raised the question was a woman with an average appearance. But she still had a curvaceous body and wore gorgeous clothes, while she had a pair of seductive eyes filled with an arrogance that would let any man desire to conquer her.

“Why are you raising a question despite knowing the answer?” Jiang Chen didn’t treat those six people politely due to their previous actions.

“Have you depended wholly on your power? You didn’t cheat, did you?” The person speaking underestimated Jiang Chen and suspected him, and his contempt was apparent in his tone.

Jiang Chen looked at the guy and sized him up casually. He said, “What is your ranking?”

“I’m Hai Xi and am ranked ninth.”

“It’s no wonder.” Jiang Chen raised his brows and didn’t say much.

Hai Xi got angry, and, even though he didn’t move, his power was revealed fully. “What do you mean by this?”

“What I meant is what you think I mean,” Jiang Chen said.

“Are you implying that I’m jealous of you?” Hai Xi asked in a loud voice.

“I have an immortal-grade Martial Dais, the Dragon and Phoenix Divine Body, Nine Clouds Holy Veins, and I have grasped a Supreme Will, as well as the four natural forces’ rules.” Jiang Chen didn’t yield by even an inch, and he spoke quickly and threateningly. “What qualifications do you have to make any insinuations against me in my face and question me?” The last words forced Hai Xi to move back by several steps, while his breathing became rough, and his face became flushed.

“Despite this, you still shouldn’t have killed people carelessly. Tian Shenyi and the Human Emperor were both rare fighting forces, and it’s especially the case for the latter, as the Human Emperor Bow can play an important role on the battlefield.” Another person raised a difficult question at Jiang Chen, and it was a half-monster ranked seventh.

When Jiang Chen faced their questions, he chuckled disdainfully, and said, “You are talking as if they would show me mercy. It isn’t up to you to comment on my affairs with them.”

“A single hand can’t clap, and you are making enemies everywhere. Don’t you think that you should take a look at yourself and examine yourself?” After Hai Xi came back to his senses, he raised a question in an ice-cold tone.

“A single hand can’t clap?” Jiang Chen’s smile became brighter, while the dangerous aura emanating from him became more intense. As a swoos.h.i.+ng sound echoed, Jiang Chen disappeared from his former place, and it was at the same time that a crisp sound echoed out.

The crowd who didn’t have a clear look at what had happened discovered that Hai Xi was covering his right cheek, and a stupefied look was plastered on his face.

“Is my palm resonant or not?” Jiang Chen went back to his former place, and he raised a question earnestly.

An uproar arose among the crowd, and they were all scared by Jiang Chen’s tyrannical and savage nature.

“You have gone overboard! Do you really think that no one can take care of you?” The half-monster ranked seventh said.

“You can give it a try, but it’s still a premise that you are prepared to die for.” Jiang Chen cast a glance at the half-monster and answered carelessly. The ambiance atop the tall wall became intense, and they were all at daggers drawn. The only exception to this was the female golden dragon.

The other six people were all communicating with their Holy Awareness, while Jiang Chen was standing among them fearlessly. At this moment, another shocking aura appeared. It wasn’t any weaker than the female golden dragon, and it was even sharper. A sword beam streaked across myriad miles, and instantly reached the top of everyone’s heads.

“Xiao Yuan, the Sacred Lord List’s chief.”

The person who arrived was a man with a handsome appearance. He was clad in white-clothes, and his whole body possessed a dignified and awe-inspiring air.

“Young Miss Ao Yue, come over to have a talk.” The man didn’t plan to land on the ground, and he still stood on the air, while he invited the Golden Dragon Clan’s woman.

The woman called Ao Yue didn’t act pretentiously, and she flew at the same alt.i.tude as the man.

There wasn’t anyone who had an objection against this, and it was the case even for the several people atop the tall wall. It was also the case for Jiang Chen because he didn’t care about these matters.

“Let’s wait for the other person’s arrival, before we discuss this affair,” Xiao Yuan spoke with the people on the ground once again. He seemed cultured and refined, while he was also reserved.

After a short while, the last Sacred Lord who was ranked third also arrived in the safe zone. She dropped from the sky, and, while she didn’t emit any stifling aura like the other two previous people, she seemed as indiscernible as a mist that no one could catch. When the person that arrived appeared in the crowd’s line of sight, the person who had the most intense reaction was none other than Jiang Chen. It was because this person was Tianyin. It was Man Tianyin who had gone into the Eighth’s Sovereign Spirit Palace after her Sovereign Spirit was awakened.

Jiang Chen couldn’t contain his stirred-up emotions, and he flew into the air. Jiang Chen didn’t notice the uproar that arose on the ground, and when Man Tianyin came to a stop, Jiang Chen went to her side. They hadn’t gotten to see each other for a long time, but Tianyin was still as beautiful and mesmerizing as before, while her demeanor had changed, and she didn’t seem like before, as she had a fierce and firm air. The current Tianyin seemed slightly confused and dejected, and when she sighted Jiang Chen, she became perplexed.

“Tianyin?” Jiang Chen got anxious, and he had a restless feeling.

“Long time, no see.” Man Tianyin nodded at Jiang Chen. But it seemed like she didn’t want to speak further.

Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, and he couldn’t help but recall Xiao Nuo. He got complex feelings about this matter. In other people’s eyes, it seemed like Jiang Chen was trying to befriend Tianyin. Yet he was only ignored by her.

Man Tianyin hadn’t even spent more than a year to reach the Sacred Lord List’s third position, and she wasn’t inferior to the current Jiang Chen. Moreover, since she was a beautiful woman, the crowd treated more leniently, and they took her for a G.o.ddess. If Man Tianyin didn’t reply to Jiang Chen with several words, other people might even have a.s.sumed that Jiang Chen was trying to worm his way into befriending her.

“Tianyin, is this guy your friend?” Xiao Yuan looked over there.

It seemed that the way Xiao Yuan called Tianyin that they had a close relations.h.i.+p.

“That is right.” Man Tianyin had complex feelings about this matter, and she didn’t know what she should say. She could only give a brief positive reply.

“Sir, we have an emergency at hand. So please go down, as we must urgently discuss a countermeasure,” Xiao Yuan said.

Jiang Chen raised his brows and spoke with displeasure, “If you want to say anything, just say it. How is it related to me going down or staying here?”

When such words echoed, surprised cries echoed endlessly, while Xiao Yuan furrowed his sword-like sharp brows.


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