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Read The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1355 – The Heavenly Palace Disciples Are Dragons among Men

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Chapter 1355: The Heavenly Palace Disciples Are Dragons among Men

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After Jiang Chen had received a satisfactory response, he spoke once again, “It seems as if there isn’t anyone here who still plans to cause trouble. So let’s officially begin the opening day’s event.”

The members of all the factions who had been feuding with Jiang Chen felt as if they had been attacked by a clap of thunder, and, as they witnessed that their experts didn’t react, their faces turned pale.

As for the Heavenly Sea Gang members, they had even left angrily.

“Now, who wants to become a Heavenly Palace disciple. Or, which faction wants to join the Heavenly Palace?” Jiang Chen’s gaze became its usual gentle self, and he wore a bright smile.

“Is this true? Does he still plan to recruit people at such a time?” The crowd exchanged glances as they all thought the same thing. Everyone here had come over to destroy the Heavenly Palace.

“I want to become a disciple of the Heavenly Palace.” What no one had expected was that there was still someone among the crowd who spoke out eagerly. It was Yao Yuntong!

As Yao Yuntong strode forward, the expression of the academy’s disciples who usually bullied her changed.

When Jiang Chen saw an old acquaintance, he recalled the past and couldn’t help but become excited.

Yao Yuntong went to the center and stood with her back facing the members of the three great academies, while her pretty eyes faced Jiang Chen’s gaze. They smiled at each other knowingly, and they didn’t need to say anything because there was a tacit understanding between them.

“I welcome you here,” Jiang Chen announced officially that Yao Yuntong had become a Heavenly Palace disciple.

Just after this, Jiang Chen waved his arms and several treasures turned into flying beams and flew toward Yao Yuntong. “These are yours.”

Yao Yuntong received them all, and the others got to see what they were. They included a Top-grade Doctrine Artifact and a large number of the best Immortal Elixirs. The most eye-catching treasure was an object that looked like jade.

Yao Yuntong’s face was filled with confusion, and she extended her right hand to touch it. At that moment, a crisp sound could be heard as the object burst open and flew into her body. Yao Yuntong’s whole body s.h.i.+vered, and berserk lightning emanated from her body.

“What is this?”

Yao Yuntong was a lightning method inheritor, and, when she came back to her senses, her face was filled with delight and surprise.

“It’s Heavenly Punishment Lightning!”

“I didn’t think that Jiang Chen could get such a force. Did he choose Continuous Tribulation when he advanced into the martial grade?”

“It’s really terrifying.”

“Why did you call it Heavenly Punishment Lightning?”

“Its name is Du Tian Divine Lightning, and it’s the strongest type of divine lightning. It is only through crossing a tribulation, where one has nearly a 100 percent chance of dying, that one can get it. I didn’t expect that Jiang Chen would be able to achieve it.”

“Yao Yuntong is a lightning method inheritor, and getting Du Tian Divine Lightning is for her just like getting a powerful alien flame if she was a Fire Spirit.”

Jiang Chen was the only person in the world who had managed to cross such a lightning tribulation, and this was why he was the sole person who had Du Tian Divine Lightning. It was a berserk force, and it possessed an immeasurable value.

If Yao Yuntong refined and absorbed the Du Tian Divine Lightning that she had gotten from Jiang Chen, it wouldn’t be possible for her to get her own Du Tian Divine Lightning. But her lightning method’s power would still advance by leaps and bounds. Moreover, many objects in the world required a berserk force such as Du Tian Divine Lightning.

By joining the Heavenly Palace, Yao Yuntong had gotten much better treatment than she had gotten in the Abundance Land Academy, and her fellow students all envied her.

“The Heavenly Palace is really recruiting disciples carelessly.” Someone used sound transmission energy to mock them, and this was why it wasn’t possible to discern who had spoken.

Jiang Chen didn’t ask Yao Yuntong to carry out any tests, and that was why it seemed like anyone could join the Heavenly Palace.

“The Heavenly Palace disciples are dragons among men,” Jiang Chen replied forcefully and stated his Heavenly Palace’s aspirations. He didn’t care about the disciples’ talents or their family background. What was important was solely their hearts.

“Moreover, the formation set up by me can detect anyone who uses a sound transmission energy wave. So, if anyone speaks up again using an anonymous sound transmission, I will consider his actions disrespectful of the Heavenly Palace,” as Jiang Chen spoke he looked to his right side, and he swept the crowd with his gaze.

The scalp of the person who had mocked them out of jealousy became numb, and he felt as if his heart was tightly gripped by someone. He didn’t dare to speak any longer.

“I also want to join the Heavenly Palace.” A pretty woman flew out from the crowd. She was clad in green clothes and seemed like a spirit. She didn’t fit with the general ambience of this place, as a cheerful expression was plastered on her face, while dimples were apparent on her cheeks.

“Sect Master, am I qualified?”

The woman was none other than Lin Shuangyue, who had been quite entangled with the magical clone, Lu Ping. Afterward, she didn’t attend the Wizard Clan’s banquet, and that was why they hadn’t met again until now.

“Shuangyue, don’t cause a scene!” Madame Lin, who was with the ancient Lin family, was surprised and infuriated. She called her daughter and wanted her to come back to the family fold.

“Let her go there.” However, a vigorous voice echoed out and stopped Madame Lin.

“Grandfather? Are you serious?” Madame Lin couldn’t believe it. This man was always strict and severe. Yet now he had allowed her daughter to act willfully.

SIGH! “I always felt as if the Heavenly Palace would become outstanding. So let’s bet on it,” the man smiled bitterly and spoke.

And right there and then, Lin Shuangyue became a member of the Heavenly Palace.

However, everyone wasn’t as resolute as the Lin family.

“Ru’er, if you dare to act recklessly, I will break your legs.”

The Shangguang family was also an ancient family, and it was present here.

Shangguang Ru was looking at Jiang Chen’s face, which was always in her mind, and she recalled what they had gone through at the Wizard Clan’s banquet. She wanted to stride forward. But it was a pity that her father’s statement made her give up on her wish.

Shangguang Ru gritted her teeth. She had always been an obedient daughter, who didn’t dare to go against her family’s wishes. But there was a voice in her heart, which was informing her that this would be the gravest mistake she would make in her life.

There wasn’t anyone else who walked over after Lin Shuangyue. However, getting to recruit two disciples was already a ridiculous matter to the factions present here.

“Sister Cang Yue, I want to go to the Heavenly Palace.”

After Lin Shuangyue came out, Tian Lin, who was among the crowd, also wanted to follow her and expressed her wish. But she was obstructed by Cang Yue.

“You don’t want to go to the Heavenly Palace, you just want to stay beside Jiang Chen,” Cang Yue said.

Tian Lin, whose desires were exposed, became bashful, and her face became flushed.

“However, he’s now recruiting disciples, not concubines for his harem. So, it isn’t suitable for you to go there.” Cang Yue didn’t let go of Tian Ling and continued making fun of her. However, before Tian Ling flew into a rage out of shame, Cang Yue smiled mysteriously and said, “But you can set your mind at ease, as your wish will be shortly fulfilled.”

“What?” Tian Ling forgot about her anger, and a suspicious look appeared on her face.

“You will shortly know what I’m talking about.” Just after Cang Yue stopped speaking, another voice could be heard, and it gave rise to an uproar.

“I wonder whether there is a place for me here if I join the Heavenly Palace?”

It was also a woman, but what was different about her was that she was at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm. She didn’t want to become a disciple of the Heavenly Palace. She wanted to take her faction with her, join the Heavenly Palace, and swear allegiance to it.

“Empress Ling Long, do you want to betray the Red Blood Field?” When the woman expressed her wish, a member of a little tyc.o.o.n-grade faction flew into a rage. It turned out that the woman was one of the Red Blood Field’s seven emperors, and she governed Qi Li Continent.

Jiang Chen had gone into the Red Blood Field before he left the academy, and, if nothing had changed since then, then Jiang Chen was probably still a Xuanji Army officer. If Empress Ling Long joined the Heavenly Palace, the Ling Long Army and the Xuanji Army would both become a part of the Heavenly Palace.

But it seemed as if the Red Blood Field members weren’t willing to accept such a matter. The person who rebuked Empress Ling Long angrily was Emperor Zhan Wu, who had always made difficulties for Jiang Chen, and his beloved disciple had even been killed by Jiang Chen.

SIGH! Empress Ling Long hadn’t changed much, and she still possessed a stunning beauty and a graceful air. She was wearing a bright red robe, which fitted her image perfectly.

She extended her thin fingers and stroked her forehead, while her scarlet lips stated the reason why she wanted to betray the Red Blood Field.


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