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Chapter 1360: To Be a Sovereign!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The opening of the Heavenly Palace to the outside world was a big thing.

However, the people who had originally come here were pretty hostile. Almost no one was here to congratulate Jiang Chen.

While people were thinking this way, numerous big shots walked out of the planes’ channel.

These people were strangers for those from the Seventh Realm. They had never seen any of them before.

Nevertheless, their energies were pulsing so majestically that no one could deny their power.

This was especially true of Ao Yue, a respectful Golden Dragon, who was accompanied by her Golden Dragon friends and seniors.

The dragons’ power was so obvious that they could intimidate people easily without even making a deliberate show of it.

“Real dragons have appeared in the world again! And it’s because of the Heavenly Palace! This is unbelievable!”

“Sacred Light World, isn’t that one of the strongest Worlds of Meson dominated by humans?”

“And Endless Sea Field! Where the h*ll did Jiang Chen get to know these people?”

Situ Nan and others kept exclaiming ceaselessly. Exchanging looks, they found that none of them knew anything about it.

It had only been a few months since they had been in touch with the Heavenly Palace.

In such a short time, Jiang Chen not only became a Martial Emperor, but also became so resourceful.

Most important, they found that these guests had come here not only to make a show of power. They were looking at Jiang Chen in awe! They admired him!

“Did he go to the Worlds of Meson to have adventures during the time when we were not in contact with him?”

That was what most people a.s.sumed.

The existence of the Worlds of Meson was not special, but few Worlds of Meson would have connections with the Seventh Realm.

The only exception was the Sword Field.

The other Worlds of Meson scarcely came to the Seventh Realm or, to be precise, any worlds below the Eighth Realm.

The reason for that was that for the Worlds of Meson, the eight realms were actually one country.

And the Eighth Realm was where the capital of the empire was.

Those qualified to travel to other worlds would go to the Eighth Realm directly, rather than to some remote countryside.

Therefore, the connection with the Worlds of Meson was actually something to boast about to the forces in the Seventh Realm.

Jiang Chen received these guests warmly and led them into the Heavenly Palace.

“Wow! What a surprise! Didn’t expect to see such an extraordinary palace in the Seventh Realm!”

Gazing at the Divine Tree of Creatures and the Heavenly Palace, Hai Xi and Yi Ya exclaimed in surprise.

The Heavenly Palace was built on the clouds. This was something ordinary people absolutely could not achieve.

“Jiang Chen!”

Wan Renlong and Wan Ruoxi ran up to Jiang Chen. The teenage girl of the Tangs, who had taken a fancy to Jiang Chen, was also here.

She looked very nervous and shy, peeping at Jiang Chen from time to time.

When her eyes met Jiang’s, she flushed immediately and hurried to lower her head.

Jiang Chen smiled a bit flirtatiously, feeling amused.

“Hey! Would you stop teasing my little sister?” Wan Ruoxi warned Jiang Chen.

Among so many guests, she was the only one who could speak to Jiang Chen this way, because they had known each other for a long time, before Jiang Chen had become so powerful.

When Ye Xue was in trouble, she was also the only person who went to her rescue.

“Fortunately, I got away fast. I didn’t expect anything as gross as the Evil Blood Emperor,” Wan Renlong said. She felt lucky to have escaped.

Back then, she had left early because she didn’t want to bring Jiang Chen any troubles.

Later, it was exactly because Wan Renlong had killed some woman that Xiao Yuan tried to avenge her by attacking Jiang Chen.

That being said, since Xiao Yuan was dead, this incident was already over.

Now, Jiang Chen looked toward the seniors who had come with his friends. All of them were Martial Arts Saints.

They were certainly welcome, but, at the same time, an idea occurred to him. Numerous luminous dots flew out of his spiritual storage ware.

“Seniors, here are some gifts for you,” said Jiang Chen.

“You are so generous. We are here to congratulate you. How can we take things from the host… Eh? What is this?!!”

All of these Martial Arts Saints were going to decline the gifts out of politeness.

They did not witness what had happened in the World of b.l.o.o.d.y Sea. As a result, when they learned that their young masters and young ladies were going to visit a force established by a Martial Emperor, they decided to tag along to have a look.

“A force whose leader was only a Martial Emperor?”

To be honest, they felt disdainful, thinking that, indeed, the Seventh Realm was only the Seventh Realm.

So, out of instinct, they were going to decline Jiang Chen’s gifts.

However, when they had seen what those luminous dots were, they were all shocked. They even started gasping for air.

What Jiang Chen gave them were Black Yellow Elixirs.

“These are practicing elixirs refined with Black Yellow Gas as the main ingredient. The recipe is from ancient times. It perfectly integrates all the kinds of mysterious effects of Black Yellow Gas.”

“The Blood Race’s invasion plan intended to prevent Martial Sovereigns or Martial Deities from appearing in the Black Yellow World. As a result, this kind of elixir was destroyed.”

“In other words, Black Yellow Elixirs can help you become sovereigns!”

His last words petrified these Martial Arts Saints from the different Worlds of Meson.

The strongmen from the three academies led by Situ Nan were also tempted. They were gasping from jealousy.

The rank above Martial Arts Saint was Martial Sovereign, but there had not been any Martial Sovereigns for 1,000 years.

According to the narration of the Evil Blood Emperor, it was because the Blood Race had been playing tricks in the dark.

It was certainly needless to explain what it meant to become a Martial Sovereign in the current world.

The Martial Arts Saints, who had felt disdainful about accepting a gift from Jiang Chen, hurried to take the Black Yellow Elixirs. They were extremely pleasantly surprised, and they did not forget to thank Jiang Chen.

All of them seemed to have something to say, but they held their tongues. Their eyes were s.h.i.+ning with frenzied lights.

The amount of the Black Yellow Elixirs Jiang Chen had given away was certainly not great. It was not enough to help anyone become a Martial Sovereign.

“For the moment, only the Heavenly Palace can produce Black Yellow Elixirs. If you are interested, you can do business with the Heavenly Palace,”

Jiang Chen said.

“Sure! Sure! Let’s do business. Business is business!”

These people could not even speak coherently. They had been afraid there were only a few Black Yellow Elixirs. Learning that Jiang Chen could refine more, those seniors, who were usually very calm, almost burst into tears.

“Jiang Chen, eh, can we do business too?” asked Situ Nan.

Those from the three academies could not stay quiet anymore. They also desired Black Yellow Elixirs.

“But the three academies have been boycotting my Heavenly Palace,” Jiang Chen said, finding it funny.

“It was only a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding!”

“As long as the Heavenly Palace agrees to offer us the elixirs, everything is negotiable!”

These people had come to eliminate the Heavenly Palace, but now, at this moment, all of them were trying to curry favor with Jiang Chen.

“Xie Ting!”

Jiang Chen shouted at the crowd.

After some moments of silence, a pretty woman ran out of the crowd excitedly.


Xie Ting seemed to have antic.i.p.ated what Jiang Chen was going to say. She looked expectant.

“Since the amount of Black Yellow Elixirs is limited, the Heavenly Palace will only do business with your chamber of commerce for the moment. You’ll be in charge of it. Are you okay with that?” said Jiang Chen.

As soon as he made this offer, numerous people threw Xie Ting envious looks.

Xie Ting felt as if a free pie had dropped into her lap.

She had done nothing more than accompany Master Luo Cheng, eating great food and having all kinds of fun. She did not expect to be paid back in this way.

“We’re okay with that. We’re certainly okay. It’s your call, master.”

Before Xie Ting could respond, the president of the Tianhang Chamber of Commerce agreed immediately.

The Martial Arts Saints from the Worlds of Meson looked worried when they learned that the amount of Black Yellow Elixirs was limited, and Jiang Chen was going to also do business with the Seventh Realm.

“Seniors, don’t worry. Your needs of Black Yellow Elixirs will be satisfied first,”

Jiang Chen said with a smile, understanding what they were worrying about.

Not until then did the Martial Arts Saints feel relieved. Their disdainful feelings disappeared. They all started to flatter the Heavenly Palace.


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