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Read The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1541 – The Third Will Be a Doctrinal Thunder

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Chapter 1541: The Third Will Be a Doctrinal Thunder

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Jiang Chen found an island before the ko cloud had caught up with him.

This island was really tiny. Thrusting itself out of the sea, it was less than 300 square feet.

“Whitey, cover me.”

Jiang Chen was not going to let Whitey help him confront the thunder of ko, because it would make it even more dreadful.

Whitey was very worried. He had finally reunited with Jiang Chen. He was afraid he would lose him again.

But he chose to trust Jiang Chen. He was patrolling on the island. The whole island was shrouded with a threatening air.

Soon the ko cloud appeared overhead.

“Darn it,” Jiang Chen could not help but complain.

The reason was simple. If he had guessed right, this ko of thunder was for his breakthroughs to the peak of Martial Emperor and to Martial Arts Saint.


Jiang Chen could not be too careful. He called out his two practicing bodies. Each of the three Jiang Chens was holding a sword.

When he was just about to go all out to resist the ko of thunder, there was another unexpected development.

Jiang Chen’s state strength retrogressed to the late stage of Martial Emperor.

“Are you kidding me?”

Jiang Chen was too upset to cry. He hadn’t experienced any kos of thunder while breaking through to the peak of Martial Emperor from the late stage.

The meticulous will of the natural law wanted him to resist this ko of thunder as a Martial Emperor in the late stage.

The result was obvious. He would definitely lose his life!

The will of the natural law thought Jiang Chen had been deliberately avoiding the way of balance of the ko of thunder. As a result, it was punis.h.i.+ng him this way.

“What should I do?”

A Martial Emperor in the late stage was facing a ko of thunder even stronger than one prepared for Martial Arts Saints. This was not something that could be achieved through courage and will.

It was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, or throwing an egg against a rock.

In this moment, something reacted in Jiang Chen’s body.

“The seal?”

Jiang Chen could hardly believe it. The seal was still there although he was outside the Demonic Abyss.

“The Scripture of the Void. Thunder Spirit. Smelt.”

This time, a strange voice came from the seal.

At the same time, something was happening on the square of the Demon Slayers Palace, where the Mysterious Gates were located.

The ground suddenly started to quake. Then a Mysterious Gate flew into the sky, turned into a flowing light, and flew away.

Those of the Demon Slayers Palace were all struck dumb. They did not know how to react to such a scene at all.

There was no way they could have imagined that a Mysterious Gate would fly away one day.

When the person in charge of the Demon Slayers Palace arrived, no one knew where the Mysterious Gate had gone.

If anyone had been unbelievably careful, he would’ve found that this Mysterious Gate was the same one that had sent Jiang Chen into the Demonic Abyss.

As to Jiang Chen, although he didn’t know what had happened, he could understand what the voice was telling him.

It was telling him to just go ahead and exert the Scripture of the Void and ask Lil Ying the Thunder Spirit for help, but he was not sure what to smelt.

“Could it be to smelt the ko of thunder?”

Before he could give it another thought, the first ko of thunder fell, targeting the island. Thunders were roaring. All creatures were shaking. The day looked like the night.

The Mysterious Gate came into the sky over Jiang Chen at such a crucial moment. The ko of thunder hit it. The Mysterious Gate’s energies vibrated violently.

Then the Heavenly Thunder went through the gate and went on falling, but it was already different from how it had been.

If Jiang Chen still had not gotten it, he would have wasted the G.o.ddess’s good intentions.

“Interceptive Divine Finger.”

“Lil Ying.”


Collaborating with each other, the three Jiang Chens all had their own tasks.

Hit by the Interceptive Divine Finger, the Heavenly Thunder, which was supposed to destroy him, was much less destructive. Something in it seemed to be missing.

Then Lil Ying the Thunder Spirit flew out to confront the Heavenly Thunder. At this moment, the three Jiang Chens made efforts together.


In the end, the Heavenly Thunder and Lil Ying entered his body together. Although his body was numb, and he could not feel anything for a short while, the goal had been achieved smoothly.

“I see. Did the G.o.ddess antic.i.p.ate this?”

Although Jiang Chen used to be the Invincible G.o.d of War and the G.o.ddess’s master, he was totally convinced by her power.

Then the second ko of thunder fell. The difference was that it was more powerful.

But what Jiang Chen needed to do was the same, just to smelt the Heavenly Thunder.

The ko of thunder hit the Mysterious Gate first. The Mysterious Gate shook a little bit, as if it would fall apart at any minute, but it did not.

The Heavenly Thunder fell again. Although it was still very destructive, the three Jiang Chens worked together and took it in swimmingly.

In this way, Jiang Chen’s state enhanced. He was a Martial Emperor at the peak.

“The third will be a Doctrinal Thunder.”

At the same time, Jiang Chen also recognized what kind of ko of thunder he was facing.

The good news was there was only one ko of thunder left.

The bad news was this third ko of thunder was hundreds of times more powerful than the first two!


The sky looked like it had been punched through by someone. The ko of thunder fell like a giant waterfall. Even the Mysterious Gate in the air sank a little bit, as if it could not take it anymore.


The Mysterious Gate reacted violently. It fell apart with a PAH under Jiang Chen’s concerned gaze. Its energy dispersed.

The ko of thunder devoured Jiang Chen like a monstrous flood.

The whole island was affected. The Heavenly Thunder hit the seawater and electric arcs ran through the water. It was a spectacular scene.


Whitey kept growling in anger, because when the Heavenly Thunder fell, he could not sense Jiang Chen’s energy at all.

If it were not that their blood connection had not been broken yet, he would have dashed in regardless of anything.

After the one-minute-long turmoil, the third Heavenly Thunder was finally exhausted and started to vanish.

Whitey saw the island disappear very soon. There was not even any water, as if a piece of puzzle was missing in that s.p.a.ce.

After a good while, the universe finally started to fix that place. Water flew in again.

However, this was not Whitey’s concern at all. He did not feel relieved until he saw Jiang Chen sitting in the air.

Aided by the Mysterious Gate, Jiang Chen had finally gone through the ko of thunder that should have killed him.

The thing was his current state was in a subtle status.

It was above the peak of Martial Emperor and below the preliminary stage of Martial Arts Saint.

There was no such a stage for the Human Race.

Besides, Jiang Chen’s state would achieve the preliminary stage of Martial Arts Saint temporarily when he was in the most desperate stage in a battle.

It was because he had not completely absorbed the kos of thunders that he had smelted.

They were stuck in his body for the moment. It would take him some time to digest them. Not until then would everything be ready and he could go into the preliminary stage of Martial Arts Saint.

According to this theory, Jiang Chen should have been a Martial Arts Saint. After all, he had gone through the ko of thunder.

However, if anyone tried to detect his state, they would find he was still a Martial Emperor at the peak, only one step away from Martial Arts Saint.

“I knew it was not so easy to become a Martial Arts Saint.”

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. During his brief two-months stay in the Demonic Abyss, he had realized one and another state breakthrough, including a big one. This was evidently not very reasonable.

The balance of the natural law did make sense.

“Heh, heh, the Demon Slayers Palace must have gone mad.”

Something suddenly occurred to Jiang Chen. He could not help but laugh.

After all, one Mysterious Gate could bring the Demon Slayers Palace 100 people’s profits.

By then one of the eight Mysterious Gates was missing and only seven were still there. He supposed the Demon Slayers Palace must be investigating this.

“Whitey, it’s time to go.”

Jiang Chen had taken the advantage, and he certainly did not want any trouble.


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