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Read The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 478 – The Murongs’ Anger

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Chapter 478: The Murongs’ Anger

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Sacred Daily published Jiang Chen’s fight invitation the next day with the right time and the right location, but the paper added a comment saying that he had been irritated and was eager to prove himself, and this was proof of his guilty conscience.

Ying Wushuang was annoyed, but she could do nothing about it.

She wondered what the paper would say after the next day.

The next day, the day on which Jiang Chen had planned the fight, he needed to go to the Sacred Inst.i.tute to give a lecture first.

When Jiang Chen arrived there, he really wanted to run away immediately, since the Sacred Inst.i.tute had not only gathered all of the disciples of the four courtyards, but also invited all of the important groups in the Sacred City, so Yin Shuang was there.

Yin Shuang was looking at him with a mysterious smile.

She should have known that this wasn’t something that Jiang Chen would like to do, and he was only doing it because she was unable to say no to the Hero Palace. She was having fun seeing Jiang Chen’s embarra.s.sed face.

“Some people are just outstanding wherever they go,” Yi Shuihan, Shen Huan, Lu Fei, and Li Hengjing from the Fire Field exclaimed.

They had come to the Sacred Inst.i.tute with Jiang Chen. At first, the gap among them hadn’t been big, but no one had expected the gap to have become so huge.

Then they regretted that they had alienated him at the beginning when he had been a troublemaker.

They were very popular at the Sacred Inst.i.tute these days thanks to their acquaintance with Jiang Chen. It was a pity that they were only his neighbors. If they had been good friends of his, they definitely would have been more popular.

However, among the other short-term disciples, there were some people who knew Jiang Chen well, like Crimson Moon, who was there, too.

The thing was, they barely saw her after she had joined the Hero Palace. They had thought she and Jiang Chen had been getting along well, but they didn’t know how it was going between the two after Jiang Chen had overturned the dynasty and killed Crimson Moon’s father.

Even Jiang Chen didn’t know. He was surprised to see Crimson Moon in the crowd.

Until then, he hadn’t seen her since he had fainted in the capital.

To his surprise, Crimson Moon had a very strong energy. He didn’t know what she had experienced. Besides that, all of her eight extraordinary meridians had been developed. The Hero Palace had obviously instructed her using his method.

But why is the Hero Palace doing this? Why didn’t I see her in the small world?

Many doubts rose in him. He gave a normal lecture in front of everyone, then he walked down the stage during the warm applause. He walked towards Crimson Moon.

Crimson Moon turned around when he was very close. She walked out of the crowd, heading for a remote place.

Nevertheless, she apparently knew Jiang Chen would follow her this way. She stopped on a street where there was no one around.

She was wearing the same long red skirt, as pretty as before, but a large part of her princess manners were gone, though it was almost un.o.bservable.

She just looked like a pretty woman.

“Do you blame me?” asked Jiang Chen.

“For what? For you killing my father, who was ready to sacrifice me without hesitation, or since I can’t go back to the Fire Field for my whole life because of you?” Crimson Moon laughed coldly at first, then she burst into tears. Her smile was extremely miserable.

“I’m sorry for the pain I brought you, but I hope you know that I didn’t want to cause you any harm when you came to warn me under risk of being killed by Yuan Hong. There are just too many things out of our control in this world. That’s the only thing I can say,” Jiang Chen said, letting out a long sigh.

Crimson Moon wiped the tears off her face. Her eyes had gone red. Looking towards Jiang Chen, she said, “You know what I hate the most?”

Jiang Chen looked confused.

“I hate myself for being unable to hate you, even though I want to.”

Jiang Chen curled his lips. Approaching her, he said, “Have you been staying at the Sacred Inst.i.tute this whole time?”

“Yes,” said Crimson Moon.

Since all of her eight extraordinary meridians had been developed, she was qualified to teach disciples below the Reaching Heaven State.

Then the two were silent.

Crimson Moon broke the silence first.”Don’t you have a lot of things to do today? Is it all right that you’re staying here with me?”

“Take care. No matter what problems you have in the future, just come to me. I’ll try my best to help you,” said Jiang Chen.

“Yeah?” To his surprise, Crimson Moon gave him a meaningful smile. There was helplessness in her eyes.

“Yeah,” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

“So, if nothing goes wrong, you can decide whether to help me or not today, but I have to clarify that I’ve never asked you to do anything.”

Crimson Moon didn’t mention any details. She strode over and pa.s.sed by Jiang Chen.

“How shameless the Sacred Inst.i.tute is! You let a fraud lecture? Why? Was it about how he became the number one through a scam?” an arrogant voice said from across the Sacred Inst.i.tute.

Jiang Chen frowned. The voice was familiar to him. It was Murong Long.

He was standing over the Sacred Inst.i.tute without any support.

The crowd looked up and saw he was alone, but a team of Murongs soon arrived.

The whole Sacred Inst.i.tute went into an uproar when they saw who was there. Even the alarm bells rang.

s.h.i.+ Gandang, the dean of the east courtyard, still had a hot temper. He flew into the air. In extreme anger, he scolded, “You think the Sacred Inst.i.tute will allow you to behave so rudely here?”

“Rudely? That’s right. Anyway, it was always you who set the rules in the continent. If I’m behaving rudely here, what about your people who flew over the city walls of my Golden Dragon City?” Murong Long said, smiling coldly.

“How dare you!” s.h.i.+ Gandang said furiously. Closing his fists, he dashed over.

“We’re both Venerables. You think you’re stronger than me?”

Murong Long didn’t try to dodge. He closed his fists, too, and a great energy was exerted immediately. The strength of a Venerable was beyond match for a Reaching Heaven State.

The two’s fists. .h.i.t against each other, causing s.h.i.+ Gandang to fly away. He didn’t fall until he had flown several feet.

“Huh.” Murong Long smiled coldly. He drew his fist back, as if nothing special had happened.


Many people cried out at the scene.

s.h.i.+ Gandang had been a Venerable for a long time, but Murong Long had just broken through.

“This is the power of an aristocratic family of inheritance. Being a Venerable, the power of the blood in their bodies is more formidable,” the crowd exclaimed.

His fist attack also announced the reason why the Murongs had come this time.

This, of course, incited anger in the Sacred Inst.i.tute. Their Venerables flew into the air one by one.

“Murongs, are you declaring a war?” Even Nan Gong flew into a rage.

“Huh, Jiang Chen killed my cousin. You awarded him instead of punis.h.i.+ng him. I think it’s you who wanted to declare a war!” Murong Long said, smiling sarcastically.

“Didn’t Murong Yuan deserve to die for what she did?”

In the Murongs’ team, a middle-aged man, who had obviously held his anger, came forward upon hearing that. He said, “Do you mean to say my daughter deserved her death?”

It was Murong Xiong, the lord of the Murongs!

The forces present at the Sacred Inst.i.tute weren’t surprised. When they had learned how Murong Yuan had been killed by Jiang Chen, they had antic.i.p.ated this day would come.

Jiang Chen flew into the air. He questioned loudly and calmly, “So only the Murongs are allowed to hurt others, while others aren’t allowed to kill?”


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