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Chapter 654: The Three Middle Realms

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Jiang Chen made a cave in a mountain wall, and built a stone room inside the mountain. He used all of his knowledge to make this secret room became the safest place in the True Force Realm.

He also set several barriers and formations around it to prevent any intruders from discovering it, and his father wouldn’t suffer then any accidents here even if there wasn’t anyone to take care of him.

“Even if I can’t find one of the legendary objects in two years, I must still find an alternative to them,” Jiang Chen vowed inwardly, as he wouldn’t allow his father to just die like this.

Jiang Qingyu’s talent and power were enough for him to make his way in the Three Middle Realms, or even the Three Upper Realms.

However, he was captured once by the Black Dragon General because of Jiang Chen, and after he saved him with great difficulty, he went to find the cause of his teacher’s death, and ended up in such a state.

He nearly didn’t enjoy a treatment adequate for someone at his Realm for even a single day, and he even helped Jiang Chen, and accomplished many matters, which the latter wanted to do, and eased the burden he was facing.

“I must surely become stronger to prevent people close to me from ending up in such a state,” Jiang Chen vowed inwardly.

He planned to immediately go to the Three Middle Realms, and even though the Flying Dragon Dynasty needed him now, but he was a genius, which could grow stronger quickly, and by the time he came back from the Three Middle Realms, he might be already a Great Venerable.

He would then become capable of being vastly more useful than now.

However, Jiang Chen, who would shortly leave, was still slightly worried about Yin Shuang, and Ying Wushuang. Fei Yue became an empress, while the other two women stayed here just because there weren’t capable of returning due to the closing of the plane channel.

Jiang Chen could, in fact, break through the barrier set by the great factions, but the nerve of all of True Force Realm’s factions’ people are tense now, and it was unknown what kind of trouble might such actions bring to them.

“It’s fine, as we can cultivate in the True Force Realm’s Flying Dragon Dynasty for a while, and it would be better for us than going back.” The two women didn’t really mind it.

“Come with me.”

Jiang Chen decided to help them slightly before leaving.

“Martial techniques are an external power, while bloodline, Spirit Body, War Body are an internal power.”

“I will teach you a cultivation method, which could let you form a War Body, and you can use it to achieve a breakthrough, and become one of the most powerful experts among venerables.”

Jiang Chen started making a cultivation plan for them, and provided them with all cultivation methods, and resources, which they would need.

If they wanted to have good achievement in Venerable Realm, then it would better for them to possess a War Body. This was a matter, which Tang s.h.i.+ya yearned for even in her dreams, and he was able of helping her to get it.

He could also help her get rid of the Pa.s.sion Wisp Tribulation’s repercussions even though she used her own true feelings in the first tribulation.

However, it was a pity that matters already developed up to here, and there wasn’t any leeway for going back to the past.

The Tang Family’s people already raised their blades in the Holy Martial Arts City, and slaughtered his men, and he must surely let them pay for it, and they would be both enemies at such a juncture.

Even if Jiang Chen let go of the Pa.s.sion Wisp’s matter, they still must have a fight, and Jiang Chen really didn’t care at all about such a woman, who cultivated the Pa.s.sion Wisp Tribulation.

After he set everything for the women, Jiang Chen went to look Fei Yue, and bid farewell to her.

“Jiang Chen, be careful.”

Before Jiang Chen set off, Fei Yue said worryingly, “One of the Sacred Martial Arts Inst.i.tute’s Great Venerables fled to the Three Middle Realms along with their remaining men, and I heard that he was waiting for you to go there.”

“It’s fortunate that the channel would take you to a random place, and it would be difficult for them to find you, but you must still be careful.”

Jiang Chen already considered such an issue in the Holy Martial Arts City, and it was because of it did Venerable Fengyu stressed his words when he asked him whether he was willing to go with them.

However, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be relieved to leave his father in other people’s care, and he refused him firmly, and prepared himself to the dangers, which he might face.

“Fei Yue, you should also be careful.” Jiang Chen was also worried about her.

“Jiang Chen, I wasn’t dragged here to become an empress after growing in an ordinary household. You shouldn’t forget that I grew up in the imperial palace.”

“The imperial palace’s schemes and plots aren’t really significant, as I had a great card in hand, which is the fact that I’m the only heiress, and I can use it to take care of everything.”

Jiang Chen felt rea.s.sured when he listened to such words.

He suddenly recalled something, and he looked for an object among his Storage Spiritual Artifact, took a scarlet ribbon, and held it in his hand.

When Fei Yue had a clear look of the object in his hands, her face became flushed.

“I will give it back to you.”

“I don’t need it, as I don’t fight any longer with people in such a way.”

Fei Yue lowered his head, and said, “Now that I think about it, it really seemed stupid like that.”

“Stupid? I don’t feel like it’s really the case, as it’s quite pretty,” Jiang Chen said.


When Fei Yue heard him, she wore a pensive look, and said, “You can then safe keep it for me.”

Both of them quieted just after, and Jiang Chen made a firm decision, and was just about to fly into the sky, but a hand reached out, and grabbed his arm.

Empress Fei Yue said, “The Flying Dragon Dynasty need you, and I also need you.”

All sorts of feeling welled up in Jiang Chen’s heart at this moment, and he nodded before he flew to the sky, and left.

Fei Yue observed the leaving Jiang Chen, and it was unknown what she was thinking about now.

“You needs him? You needs a person, who killed your father? Are you this cheap?”

All of a sudden, a black fog appeared before Fei Yue, and it took her father’s appearance.

“You are now an empress, and you can command even Great Venerables. Jiang Chen doesn’t have his father’s support now, and you can take revenge at any time. You can cripple him, and imprison in the rear palace forever.”

The black fog stated unscrupulous words unceasingly, and its word let Fei Yue’s expression change drastically.

“Get lost! Get lost!” Fei Yue grabbed an object close at her, and threw it toward the face of the person formed by the black fog.

However, the object just pa.s.sed through it, and it didn’t affect it, as such black fog existed just in Fei Yue’s eyes, and she was the only one who could see it.

The black fog dissipated gradually as a burst of laughter harsh to the ear echoed.

Fei Yue shrank in a corner, as her chest heaved up and down, and her face became filled with sweat.

“It’s a Heart Devil, a Heart Devil,” Fei Yue muttered.

After she became the empress, she was trained by the imperial household fully, and they let her reach the late stage of Martial Venerable Realm quickly, however, such a quick cultivation speed let her body experience some changes, and a Heart Devil was born inside of her.

This was also the matter, which Jiang Chen was worried about previously, but he had a Holy Pulse, while Fei Yue didn’t have one.

“Your Majesty, it’s time for you to train.” The sound of a palace maid transmitted from outside to Fei Yue, whose face was as pale as paper.

The Flying Dragon Imperial Household was unaware about Fei Yue’s current state, and they all wanted to train her until the Great Venerable after they discovered that she had promising potential.

Fei Yue knew that this wouldn’t be good for her, but she also knew that she mustn’t let other people know that she had a Heart Devil, as it would be quite harmful to the Imperial Household, which just went through a calamity.

“I will go now.” Fei Yue took a deep breath, and wiped the sweat on her face, and by the time she opened the door and left, she already turned once again into a great Empress.

The plane channel was situated at a high alt.i.tude in the sky, and one needed just to pa.s.s through a wave of strong wind, and rushed into a cyclone to enter it.

However, the plane channel possessed powerful tearing force, and it would be impossible for ordinary Reaching Heaven Realm cultivators to pa.s.s through it, and it would be difficult for them to even to fly so high in the air to reach the height where the plane channel was situated.

Jiang Chen obviously never experienced such issues, as when he went to the True Force Realm from the Nine Heavens Realm, he didn’t pa.s.s through the plane channels.

He teleported directly to the Milky Realm before entering into the Alien Battlefield, and going in the end to the True Force Realm through it.

Many multi-colored rays of light were flickering quickly in the long channel, and it would let people become incapable of discerning whether it was them, who were moving, or whether it was the channel, which was moving.

Jiang Chen used the Magical Thunder Armor to prevent his clothes from being torn to shreds.

After several minutes pa.s.sed, a dazzling white light appeared in front of his eyes, and when he neared it enough, he became incapable of even keeping his eyes open.

When Jiang Chen just extended his hand to cover his eyes, a strong repelling force transmitted from his back, and it was like a giant hand was on his back, and was pus.h.i.+ng him forward.

His body flew forward uncontrollably, and in the end, he had a feeling similar to when he was just coming out of the water.

He rubbed his eyes, and when his eyes got used to the surrounding, Jiang Chen observed the new world.

He was now in mid-air, and vast mountains and rivers were beneath his feet. He raised his head, and looked at the sky, and saw two suns, as well as a moon, hanging high in the firmament, and it seemed like there a was rainbow-like radiance linking them together.


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