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Read The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 680 – Thousands of Changes

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Read WebNovel The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 680 – Thousands of Changes

Chapter 680: Thousands of Changes

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When entering the Desolate Forbidden Land, the two people were extremely

nervous, but fortunately, they wouldn’t necessarily die in there.

It was just everyone knew it was dangerous, and over time, no one had the

nerve to approach it anymore.

However, in fact, as they went deep, they didn’t see anything special about it,

except the light was too dazzling.

Jiang Chen was right there, not very far away. It seemed they could catch up

with him immediately.

“Stop. Stop now!”

Jiang Chi shrieked.

“What’s wrong?”

Frowning at her, Jiang Yao didn’t know what had happened, but when he

looked over, he tumbled to why Jiang Chi had asked him to stop.

He saw Jiang Chi’s soft smooth hair was drying up and turning white from hair


Something occurred to Jiang Yao. And he touched his own hair. The same

thing was happening to him.

They were losing their vigor and vitality in here!

“Retreat, now!”

They had to leave the ancient sword behind. For the moment, their only goal

was to survive.

Fortunately, they hadn’t gone too deep. Since they left in time, the changes in

them were recovering slowly.

“The Desolate Forbidden Land is really horrible.”

“That Jiang Chen is so annoying. He would rather die than give us the ancient

sword,” Jiang Yao cursed in anger.

Jiang Yu might get angry, Jiang Chi thought helplessly.

She was right. When they had brought this news back, Jiang Yu kept staring

at them.

“If Jiang Yao had gone alone, I wouldn’t be surprised that it would have ended

up this way, but Jiang Chi, how could you allow this to happen?” he said, quite


“He didn’t give me any chance. He entered the Desolate Forbidden Land very

decisively,” Jiang Chi said helplessly.

Observing the two carefully, Jiang Yu made sure they weren’t acting in

collusion to cheat him. Then he shook his head helplessly.

“This kind of people is the scariest. No one will be able to stop him if he

makes up his mind to take revenge,” Jiang Yu said.

Recalling what Jiang Chen had said, the two somehow felt a little uneasy.

“Even we almost couldn’t leave there. Not to mention him. He dashed into

there like a crazy man. He must be dead now.”

“Whatever. Tell the elders about what happened when we go back. Let’s see

whether they’d like to take risk for the Ancient Sword’s sake.”

There was a reason that the Desolate Forbidden Land was called a forbidden

land for living creatures. It was grotesque in there. There was no sun, and

even the land had disappeared.

Flying there, Jiang Chen felt awful.

To offset the influences of the Desolate Forbidden Land, he kept lightning

flas.h.i.+ng and thunders rumbling around him, and tried his best to make his

divine body function.

However, even though he was trying so hard, his body was still heavily

wrecked, but he hadn’t realized it himself.

Jiang Chen sometimes felt extremely cold, as cold as ice. When he had

reached the limit of coldness, he started to feel warm instead, as if he was

bathing in hot milk.

Soon, he realized this was the illusion that people frozen to death could have

before their death. He struggled to activate the genuine blood of celestial

phoenix. The crisis was finally resolved for the moment.

He thought the two disciples of the Jiangs must have left, so he started to look

for the exit.

However, it didn’t take long for him to realize he couldn’t even find the same

way he had gone in. He couldn’t even orientate, as if he had lost on a sea.

He felt he was closer to death than last time when he fell from height.

“Why didn’t you just stay in the Realm of Nine Heavens? It’s not good enough

for you? As long as you become a great Venerable, you’ll be the lord of the

world, and the whole Realm of Nine Heavens will be yours.”

He heard one and another unreal voices. These voices reminded him of no

one, but he felt them very familiar.

“You strive to climb up, but what for? You keep running into people who look

down on you, try to crack you down or even kill you every time you arrive in a

new world.”

“Can’t you just stop for a break? You got great achievements in the Realm of

True Force. You could have stayed there. Why did you have to come here to

court death?”

The voices put Jiang Chen dizzy. He wanted to puke, but couldn’t puke


“Break. I need a break.”

He lost consciousness gradually as the vision got more and more blurred. He

started to stumble like a drunkard.

He was moving up and down at first, but in the end, he started to fall.

He didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed when his back had hit onto some

solid thing.

He made an effort to open his eyes and found himself in a mountain.

Outside the mountain, he could still see the illusory images of the Desolate

Forbidden Land. Overhead were some bizarre lights. This mountain was the

only place where he felt safe.

“He is great. Thanks to the divine body and the holy pulse, he has managed

to survive in the Desolate Forbidden Land!”

He heard a voice when he was wondering what had happened.

He thought it was his illusion again, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw a

black-clothed man standing not far away. He couldn’t see the man’s face,

since the latter had his back to him.

“Senior, where am I?” Jiang Chen asked.

“The Desolate Forbidden Land is dangerous, but it has some relatively safe

places, too. You found here on your own.”

“But you won’t be able to leave here anymore.”

The black-clothed man said to him. Jiang Chen found the voice familiar, as if

he had heard it somewhere before.

However, he was too perplexed to recall whose voice it was.

He hurried to check his body, and felt relieved when he had found he hadn’t

got any severe injuries.

“You thought working on your martial arts techniques could make you one of

the best among those in the same state as you. However, now you’ve found

as long as one’s state is higher, martial arts techniques aren’t important

anymore. You feel frustrated, don’t you?” the black-clothed man said.

It was their first encounter, but the black-clothed man seemed to know Jiang

Chen very well. He knew a lot about Jiang Chen.

“Exactly. Senior, what do you think? Is this right or wrong?” Jiang Chen said.

“You are not wrong. It’s the world that has gone wrong.”

His answer evoked an odd feeling in Jiang Chen. He felt there was something

wrong, but he had to admit he felt quite relieved.

If he took the long view, he would surely gain higher achievements than

Young Master Blood Moon in the near future.

“Besides, who told you Spiritual Venerables couldn’t be a match for Celestial


“Are you only using a holy method like the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning

Formula to work on the core of thunder in you?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t sit still anymore. He walked towards the black-clothed


“Senior, who on earth are you? Why do you know so many things about me?”

“You want to know who I am?”

He turned around, so Jiang Chen didn’t have to walk over to see his face.

It was a face beyond Jiang Chen’s imagination.

It was himself!

It was him in a black robe.

The black-clothed man and he were looking at each other, as if he was

looking at himself in the mirror.

All of a sudden, it dawned on Jiang Chen what had happened.

Right at this moment, the black-clothed man turned into a black smoke,

vanis.h.i.+ng in the world.

The black-clothed man was his devil inside. He had never existed. Jiang Chen

had been talking to himself, recounting the sense of unfairness and his


Fortunately, he realized it in time. By then he had identified himself.

It was at the same time that the mountain disappeared. He started to float in

the air. What he saw was once again the changes of the Desolate Forbidden


He was more heavily injured than he had thought. He felt a part of him had

been torn off him, like how a piece of paper was torn apart.

“Survive. I must survive.”

Jiang Chen shouted, trying his best to fly ahead.

He didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed when he saw a giant black

shadow lurking behind a light wall ahead of him. The shadow gave him a

good scare.

However, he was pleasantly surprised when he had recognized what it was.


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