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Read The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 1815 – Do Not Want You To Get Married So Soon

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy is a web novel completed by Bean Ding Ding.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 1815 – Do Not Want You To Get Married So Soon

Chapter 1815: Do Not Want You To Get Married So Soon

Mrs. Ding paused for a moment with an awkward expression on her face. She put down her chopsticks helplessly and asked, “Is Mommy bothering you?”

See, that was why.

That was obviously not what Mo Fei meant, but her mother was always so careful around her and treating Mo Fei like a fragile doll.

Mo Fei buried herself under the blanket again in frustration. She was most afraid of this kind of interaction.

Mrs. Ding felt terrible. She felt the same uneasiness but she did not know how to comfort Mo Fei.

When Mrs. Ding saw Mo Fei’s reaction, she opened her mouth and closed it. In the end, she closed the lunch box. “Mommy left the food on the table for you. You can eat when you want to. Mommy will go see your big brother.” As Mrs. Ding spoke, she left with a disappointed expression.

When Ding Junhui pushed the door open and entered, he happened to see his mother’s disappointed face. He raised his head to look at Mo Fei, who was covered under the blanket, and reached out to hold his mother’s arm.

Mrs. Ding patted her son’s hand and left in the end.

Ding Junhui only went in after his mother left. After closing the door, he walked to the bed and sat down.

“Feifei, Mom just doesn’t know how to treat you well,” Ding Junhui said as he picked up the lunch box. “If you feel uncomfortable, you can tell her.”

Mo Fei lifted the blanket in frustration and glared at Ding Junhui. Looking at her mother’s frail appearance, she suspected that even a single line from her that sounded like ‘you don’t have to treat me so well’, her mother would immediately faint from grief.

Ding Junhui picked up a pair of chopsticks and crushed the braised pork b.a.l.l.s with his chopsticks. Then, he picked up a small piece of meat and placed it beside Mo Fei’s lips. “I saw Qian Yikun go out just now. Did you two quarrel again? I heard from Mom that the Qian family is planning to propose marriage to us after you’ve healed.”

Mo Fei angrily took a bite. “Who wants to marry him?”

Ding Junhui laughed softly. It was not up to them to decide whether they wanted to marry or not.

Therefore, Ding Junhui was just saying that for fun. He did not intend to get a concrete answer from Mo Fei.

“I want to get out of the hospital. I’m so sick of this place.” Mo Fei looked at the bandage on her arm, even when she was beaten up by Ye Cong, she had never been in such a sorry state before. Her arm was covered with a splint, and even her ankle was bandaged. She looked like a mummy.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible,” Ding Junhui said as he continued to feed her. “Furthermore, from what I heard from Dad, they don’t want you to get married so soon. After all, you just came back, and they want to keep you by their side for a few years.”

“Then, how old am I supposed to be?” Mo Fei exclaimed in spite of herself.

Ding Junhui looked at her with an expression that somehow resembled a smile.

Mo Fei, “…”

It was an accident. She did not say anything.

“I think so too. Qian Yikun didn’t show any mercy when he knocked you out. I also think that I can’t accept such a brother-in-law,” Ding Junhui said with a smile, looking like a good brother.

Mo Fei could not help but think that this elder brother of hers somehow had his own personal agenda.

“By the way, where’s Ye Cong?” Mo Fei asked while eating.

“I don’t know. He was discharged earlier. I don’t know where he went,” Ding Junhui replied. The bowl of rice in his hand was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Mo Fei. It was not like both of her hands were disabled, alright?

Mo Fei laughed coldly. Both father and son were fast runners.

Ding Junqi’s body recovered the fastest. Nalan Chunbo had already given him the script for the first scene. He could study it in the hospital.


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