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Read The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 557 – We Aren’t Saints VI

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Chapter 557: We Aren’t Saints VI

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as Ye Yuwei finished speaking, two women came into view.

The woman in a black floral cheongsam looked to be in her fifties. Even though she was in great shape, the wrinkles at the corner of her eyes betrayed her real age. Standing beside her was a tall and wicked-looking woman about Ye Yuwei’s age. She was staring at Wen Jie disdainfully.

“Sister-in-law, what a coincidence!” The tall woman exclaimed shrilly.

‘Sister-in-law?’ Ye Yuwei turned to Wen Jie. She had heard that Gu Tianmu had a sister—a very young one.

“Gu Tianxin, I think you have the wrong person. I am not your sister-in-law.” Wen Jie’s expression was icy.

“Don’t say that, sister-in-law. Even though you divorced my brother, you have been taking care of the Gu family for so long. You are still my sister-in-law.” Gu Tianxin burst into laughter, her voice high-pitched and annoying.

“Please stop this if you still have dignity. Anything related to the Gu family had nothing to do with me. You mind your own business, I’ll mind mine, and we shall not interfere with each other. If you are targeting the a.s.sets of the Gu family, please go ahead but don’t mess with my son.” Wen Jie said with a fake smile.

“Wen Jie, you are still part of the Gu family. Juexi is the sole heir of Gu Enterprise. Now that Juexi has left the Gu family, please keep an eye on him. Don’t let that little rascal appear in the Gu family.”

Hearing this, Ye Yuwei realized the ident.i.ty of the two people—Gu Zhenjiang’s mistress and illegitimate daughter. She subconsciously tugged Ye Xicheng behind her.

“Aunt Gu, I know you are a wise woman. Please get out of my face. I am no saint. If you dare mess with my son, I will make you pay. Don’t forget that my words carry weight. Gu Zhenjiang would still listen to me.”

Though Wen Jie was weak, her overbearing demeanor was frightening.

Wen Jie was right; that was the reason Aunt Gu and Gu Tianxin were here today. Aunt Gu looked surprised at Wen Jie’s words.

“Sister-in-law, we know very well how Gu Tianmu treated you all these years. Can you really forgive him? He is as ruthless as my dad.” Gu Tianxin was still young and not afraid of Wen Jie.

“Don’t you understand what my mom said? Anything that happened in the Gu family had nothing to do with her. The same goes for Gu Juexi. Do you really have nothing else to do?” Ye Yuwei snarled, losing her temper.

“Who do you think you are to talk to me?” Gu Tianxin hissed.

“Pfft, so only an illegitimate daughter has the right to bark? Do you really want everyone to know your real ident.i.ty? Mom, let’s go.” Ye Yuwei turned to Wen Jie.

“Don’t you know the real reason Gu Tianmu wants to take away your son? It’s all because of power. What’s the difference between Gu Tianmu and his father? Both of them have another family outside. The reason he wants to take control of Gu Enterprise is his illegitimate son. He is trying to get some benefits for his illegitimate son by using his grandson. Will you stand for this?”


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