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Read The CEO’s Lovely Wife Chapter 1 – 01 Their First Meeting

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Read WebNovel The CEO’s Lovely Wife Chapter 1 – 01 Their First Meeting

“Miss, please wait for a while for your bridal car to pick you up.” Lyndonn, the a.s.signed bodyguard of the bride, said while holding his earpiece.

October nodded in acknowledgement as she stared at her reflection on the mirror and let out a long sigh. Although she looked calm and composed, she was anything but that.

“How did it come to this?” she sighed in defeat as she looked down on her flat belly and touched it.

– 2 months ago –

October looked at her phone when she received a text from her friend, Elise. While reading it, her brow rose and then tapped to call her.

“Hey, what’s this all about?” she asked as she sat crossed leg on the couch.

“I’m worried about you! You’ve been busy with work that I barely see you. Anyway, I’m almost at your apartment so you better dress up nice. Got it?” Elise said. Turns out, she is already driving to get her.

“Hey, answer me!” she said, annoyed that October didn’t answer.

“Can I not go?” October lazily said as she leaned on the couch, twirling her stray black hair.

“Gaah! Don’t you dare refuse me! d.a.m.n it.” Elise growled in annoyance then ended the call.

With crossed arms, October leaned deeper on the couch as she tilted her head in contemplation. She thought that going outside is just a waste of her time but she can’t also say no since she knows that Elise will be worried about her.

She closed her eyes with furrowed brows and then sighed.

“Whatever.” She got up and went to her room to change into a black dress and black heels.

“Hey, are you done?!” Elise barged into her room when October is still putting her lipstick on. She then tossed her bag on the bed and went beside her when October suddenly stood up and turned to her.

“Let’s go.” October said as she looked at her friend with a hint of a smile as she tugged a stray hair from her tight bun behind her ear.

“Hmm. You look good on that dress but undo that stupid bun?!” Elise s.n.a.t.c.hed the pin on October’s bun and, immediately, her hair beautifully cascaded down to her waist like the night’s curtain slowly covering the sun’s light.

Elise couldn’t help but gape for a moment to get a good look at the mesmerizing being in front of her.

“Seriously, how can that jerk dump a gorgeous being like you? Hmph! Too stupid, too blind.” Elise rattled as she said the words which was supposed to be kept just for herself.

Elise nervously looked at October but the person in question was still looking so calm and indifferent with her words.

Noticing that her friend didn’t react, she sighed in her heart and cursed that jerk more in her mind.

“Now this is what I call ‘ravis.h.i.+ng’.” Elise happily remarked as she grabbed October’s hand then s.n.a.t.c.hed her bag on the bed as they went out to have fun outside. “Let’s go!”

Morning came. October groaned in pain as she clutched her aching head with her hand. She slowly opened her eyes but then have to close it again because of the light.

“You’re awake.” A deep voice sounded which made her sit right up on the bed.

October looked up and saw a man with deep ocean blue eyes staring intently at her standing by the door with his hands on his pocket.

He has this disheveled brown hair, strong nose, and pink thin lips. Her gaze then traveled down his strong jaw to his body and noticed how noticeable his muscles are under his half-opened white s.h.i.+rt. She felt that this man has a cold but lazy atmosphere which seems to wrap her, dominate her even, but not enough to drown her.

October found herself so entranced that made herself s.h.i.+ver at her own thoughts of this man but she also have this familiar feeling with him but can’t pinpoint where this was coming from.

“Who are you?” October asked in horror but then her head started to ache again because of getting drunk, together with the memories of last night where she saw her stepmother smiling darkly at her.

The man’s eyes glinted darkly as he saw October clutching her head in pain without realizing that her chest is only covered with her long black hair contrasting her milky white skin.

He furrowed his brows and thought of how this same woman climbed into his bed last night. He couldn’t believe that he succ.u.mbed into her tempting body but surprisingly didn’t feel disgusted of her touch.

He looked at her for a while with great interest and then decided to look into her background later in case someone sent this woman to him to gain favor.

Still not realizing the woman’s nudity, he dryly coughed and turned to the woman who abruptly looked at him on alert and with cold eyes.

October looked at the man in front of her and her eyes turned cold as it dawned on her who this man was. She sucked in a cold air as dreadfulness enveloped her whole body.

He was in fact the notorious elite CEO of the newly emerging clothing company, Heaven, Lexus Song. Who doesn’t know, in City D, that this same man standing in front of her was known for being treacherous and unfeeling to the point of making the employees working under him work to their bones.

Although a young bachelor at 27 and rich, he was not involved to any woman during his entire career. Allegedly, some say that he dislikes women. Although like this, he is still popular with the ladies, a very good husband-material as what they say.

“Why…how did this happen? Why is he here…wait…” She suddenly gasped as she remembered what happened last night and, immediately, she felt her face getting hotter.

“I–” She stuttered but couldn’t say anything more. They are just staring at each other in silence but then his eyes gazed down.

“Get a shower first then join me outside for breakfast.” He said coolly and then turned to leave.

October stared dumbly for a second then turned her gaze down on to herself and shouted in surprise, realizing that she didn’t have any clothing on.

She scrambled off the bed in a fl.u.s.ter and went straight to the bathroom with the blanket on.

After entering the bathroom, she immediately saw her blus.h.i.+ng face on the mirror.

She couldn’t believe that she fell for one of her stepmother’s schemes. Thinking about it, her body shuddered in horror.

But why was it him? Why Lexus? Is he the one her mother arranged to put dirt on her?

October wondered but she couldn’t say that Lexus is such a man. In fact, it is impossible for this kind of man to scheme like this. He is already rich, elite of the elites. What benefit can her stepmother give to him?

October’s head ached even more as many questions run through her head.

After ma.s.saging her temple, she gave up on thinking more and decided to just ask the man himself.

After that, she took a quick shower and went out to get dressed. She thought that she’ll wear her black dress again but, to her surprise, there is already a fresh set of undergarments and a new knee-length white dress with pink lilies printed at the end of the hem prepared for her which was placed on top of the bed. There was also a pair of white flats below the bed to match the dress.

It was simple yet elegant.

After praising the dress for a moment, she immediately wore it and went out to meet the Lexus.

After getting out of the room, she saw him with on as he read a newspaper on the circular dining table.

She blinked and got dazed as she didn’t know that he wore but then got amazed at how good-looking he still is with it. It didn’t diminish his beauty in the slightest.

She looked at him with envy as she compared herself to him. How can life be so unfair?

Noticing that a pair of eyes was staring intently at him, he looked up and saw her wearing the dress he picked himself and thought of how fresh she looked on it.

He looked at her face and realized how big and clear her green eyes were. He looked at her lips which was gaping a little was pinkish in color and her bare face made her look younger and innocent. He thought that this woman looked pretty at night but got convinced that this woman has a different flare compared to the other women he met before. This uniqueness made her even more stunning.

He thought that this was interesting.

Her black hair cascading down her shoulders, contrasting her white skin making him remember of how smooth her skin was. He wanted to feel it again.

He narrowed his eyes when he noticed that she was still standing there by the door, looking at him unblinkingly.

“Miss Park, do I have something on my face?” Lexus asked.

When October heard him, her face blushed.

“Yes…I mean no, Mister Song.” she answered in a fl.u.s.ter but still made herself stand in a composed manner.

“Sit.” Lexus said, still with his emotionless face and handed the newspaper to Sir Yu, his a.s.sistant, who was standing behind him.

“Yes.” October answered and went to sit on the unoccupied seat opposite him.

October gazed at the man in front of her who was looking straight at her while the hotel staffs are busy placing their food on the table.

She sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Eat.” He said coolly and then started eating elegantly.

October nodded and started to eat while also taking quick glances at him.

While eating, she thought about how to get out of this mess but is always at a dead end. Also, he talks as if every word is precious but October wasn’t bothered by it all for she herself doesn’t talk much, unless she talks about business.

Minutes pa.s.sed, the two ate in silence but the atmosphere wasn’t heavy at all; instead, it gave off a subtle yet harmonious feel. The only sound was the soft clicking of utensils in the room.


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