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Read The CEO’s Lovely Wife Chapter 2 – 02 The Male And The Female

The CEO’s Lovely Wife is a web novel created by Marielle14.
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Read WebNovel The CEO’s Lovely Wife Chapter 2 – 02 The Male And The Female

In the presidential suite of a five star hotel in City D sat 2 persons that have almost the same atmosphere yet not. The female is an expressionless and calm beauty, the man is exuding an elegant and cold vibe accompanied by his piercing gaze.

They already finished their breakfast and are now having tea. She doesn’t know why but, oddly enough, she doesn’t feel intimidated or pressured by the presence of this man. At least, not right now. She bitterly smiled as she sipped her tea, thinking of how to open the topic she ever so wanted to talk about.

“Last night…” Lexus started, trailing his words at the same time breaking the silence first between them, while leaning on his chair and crossing both of his arms and legs.

Hearing him say those words made October choke on her tea which made her whole face go pink.

Looking at how frantic she was with her pink face made his pupils dilate. Without him knowing, he was slowly getting drawn to her, showing a slight smile and a hint of gentle air.

Having been working for Lexus from young, a.s.sistant Yu immediately noticed the change in his master’s demeanor. He couldn’t believe that this same man who was unfeeling with women before would show quite an interest with Miss Park.

This news gave him a shock making him look at the woman more intently than ever before. He had a feeling that he will soon have a mistress and that the elders at home will now have their peace of mind. He thought that he should be ready in the upcoming days.

October wiped her mouth with the table napkin and eventually composed herself and said, “Yes, about last night, I have something to ask you.” She said looking at him straight in the eyes.

Right now, there was no longer embarra.s.sment nor clumsiness, she was now on her business mode, ready to negotiate with Lexus as if the situation she was in is that of closing a deal with a business partner.

“Mm, I have to say that you were quite bold last night.” He commented lazily with a teasing tone and, without delay, October’s professional facade cracked again. He thought that October was quite amusing and cute. But this same pa.s.sing thought also shocked him greatly.

October blushed and again tried her best to compose herself, “That is not what I wanted to discuss with you.” she sighed.

“Please do tell.” Lexus tilted his head, acting clueless.

“I’d be frank with you Mister Song and I would like to hear your honest reply.” October squinted her eyes cautiously as she looked at Lexus to determine something with his every move or reaction. “Are you perhaps the one my stepmother arranged to humiliate me last night?”

This question made Lexus’ brow rise and a.s.sistant Yu drop his jaw.

Instantly, the room’s temperature dropped. All the staff in the room turned pale as they s.h.i.+vered in horror, thinking of wanting to immediately get out of this place. Some gulped nervously, some broke out in sweat, and some trying not to breath loudly.

As Lexus stared piercingly at October’s beautiful face, the woman doesn’t seem to notice the dangerous gaze the man is giving her.

“Out.” Lexus’ cold voice sounded. It was soft yet it was enough for all the people inside to hear him.

Without waiting for a second, all of the staff shuffled out of the room in haste that they seemed like they were given the most pleasant order in their whole lives.

The people remaining in the room are October, Lexus, and the pitiful a.s.sistant Yu.

October noticed his glare but was still unfazed and was determined to know the truth.

“Mister Song, were you the man my stepmother arranged? I wish you could think it over. I am just but a simple office lady. Destroying me doesn’t give you much satisfaction. You’re already rich enough to be considered the youngest and the richest man in City D! If my stepmother gave you some benefit, then…”

“Mi-Miss Park, I–” a.s.sistant Yu wanted to clarify something for he himself is confused, his frown getting deeper while listening to her. He wanted to stop her but instead, it was his Master who cut him off by standing from his seat.

Hands on his pocket, Lexus then walked toward October who was looking at him with alarm clear on her green eyes. He stopped on her side and then lifted her chin up with his hand to look at her unblemished face.

He noticed that her skin really was smooth and soft like tofu, as if just a little more force will make it break. Her well-maintained brows furrowed and her eyes glowered in annoyance. He looked at her pursed red lips which was still glistening because of the tea she drunk.

His eyes glinted dangerously which made his hold on her chin to tighten making October grimace in pain.

Realizing of what he did, he immediately let go of her face and then stuffed his hand back into his pocket, still looking down on her.

“Miss Park, don’t you feel afraid of offending me?” He questioned while turning around to walk into the window to peer down the bustling city.

“Mister Song, don’t you feel ashamed of doing something so backhanded just to gain a little?” October retorted, although she knows that she is spouting a lot of baseless accusations right now but she just couldn’t back down and not strike.

Lexus chuckled darkly making a.s.sistant Yu’s skin to crawl. He looked at his future mistress who was glaring daggers at his master. He wanted so much as to just cry and leave this suffocating room. If only he could do that.

October decided to stand and walk toward him, only stopping a meter away from him.

Lexus didn’t turn but just looked at her through the reflection on the window and said, “Miss Park, let me help you remember what you did last night.” he turned and walked toward her till it was only a foot’s distance and grabbed her waist to pull her into his embrace, making her yelp in surprise at his sudden action.

“You were the one who went into my room and climbed into my bed.” he added.

October was not able to react and was still dumbfounded until she smelled a minty and cold fragrance making her senses almost go numb.

October woke up from her stupor when Lexus’ free hand run through her black hair. Startled, she suddenly looked up and saw him kissing her hair while peering at her with his ocean eyes.

Her heart quickened its pace and her face immediately burned bright red. “Wh-What are you doing?!” she squirmed, trying to break away from his cage-like embrace.

“Just getting my interest.” he lowered his head and whispered into her ear making his hot breath tickled her skin and his cold lips brushed by it slightly but was enough to shake her to the very core.

October’s mind screamed in alarm. She desperately wanted to break free from his embraced but it only tightened.

October was fuming in anger and embarra.s.sment. So he was not the person who her stepmother arranged. So what? Is this how he should treat her?!

“I am not a patient man, I am also not the type who is willing to eat a loss. But you’ve offended me by accusing me of colluding with your mother.” Lexus said as he continued to play with her hair, finding it pleasurable and satisfying.

“Stepmother!” October snapped as she slapped his hand away from her hair. “Stepmother, not mother.”

Lexus squinted his eyes at her. This is the first time he held a woman and he was surprisingly enjoying it.

“Fine! I’m sorry. I’m sorry accusing you without any proof.” She looked up to snarl while glaring at him.

“That’s not how you should apologize.” he mused, finding her more and more attractive and cute. Looking at her more made him lick his lips unconsciously.

“I already gave you my innocence. That’s enough payment, right?” She growled, pus.h.i.+ng him away but to no avail.

Hearing her say this made Lexus’ pupils to dilate again making him leaned down to kiss her.

October stared wide-eyed and her mind and blank, unable to function. She felt like she was in a frenzy.

His kiss was sweet and minty with a tinge of pa.s.sion and hunger to dominate her. Oddly enough, she stopped struggling from his embrace.

October wondered what the h.e.l.l is happening to her? Right now, she’s been a.s.saulted by this man but like slapping her on face because she realized that this is the first time that she’s experienced this kind of pa.s.sion. Even with her ex-boyfriend, he never even touched a single strand of her hair, much less kiss her.

She wanted to resist but something inside her just couldn’t do it. After a while of getting her lips rummaged thoroughly, she slowly closed her eyes and started responding to his kisses.

Noticing her clumsy responses, he lifted his hand and held her head to let him kiss her even deeper.

For both being first timers in this type of kissing, they don’t seem to be amateurs. Especially Lexus.

October’s body have now gone numb and her legs felt like jelly making her unable to support herself anymore and let her body be held by Lexus.

Looking at his master acting like a sc.u.mbag, a.s.sistant Yu pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wipe his cold sweat off his face.

“They should’ve just find a room.” a.s.sistant Yu sighed, feeling so wronged. He wished that he could also find a good wife.


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