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Read The CEO’s Painted Skin 211 Lusting For You

The CEO’s Painted Skin is a web novel produced by Lizabelle88.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Catherine was watching her phone, of course, it won’t ring because she already turns it off. A few hours earlier, she needs someone to talk to because she was feeling so down. The owner already informed her that there’s already a buyer for her property. The new owner will contact her a few days from now in her messenger.

She was also informed that it’s up to the new owner what will be his decision regarding the future of the stores.

She was feeling nervous and fearful…

When she reached out to John earlier, his phone just kept ringing as if he ignored her calls. He didn’t even reply to her messages, just when she needed him the most!

She sighed. She turns on her phone, it starts ringing right away!

“h.e.l.lo!” she said in an irritated voice.

“Cath! I’m so sorry earlier! I wasn’t able to answer your call right away,” said John.

“Where have you been!?” she asked.

“I have a meeting with my staff in the conference room, so I left my phone inside the drawer in my office table,” he explained, outright lying again.

“Okay, I believe you,” she said.

“Are you okay now? What really happened the other day? Why did you hang up on me?” asked John.

“The place am working right now is being sold, we already got a new owner, am not sure what will be the future that awaits among the existing workers including me. It’s a wait and see situation around here,” she said sadly.

“Don’t worry love, the owner will take pity on you and the rest of the workers, I am sure nothing will change. Just keep the faith! Besides, if everything turns to worst, you can always go back to me. You know I’m just a phone call away! Rest a.s.sured I will take care of you, you know that, right?”

“Okay thanks, I feel much better now,” she said feeling grateful of him for cheering her up.

“Stop worrying my love, there is always a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel,” he said gently.

She smiled with his choice of words.

“I love you, John,” she whispers softly.


John’s heart exploded with happiness! His heart was melting into a puddle. He was grinning from ear to ear! Every time Catherine says ‘I love you’ to him, it never fails to make him happy as if thousands of suns.h.i.+ne are bursting into his whole being dousing his heart with an exotic elixir of happiness.

“I love you too, Cath! Hug you! Kissed your lips!” he was practically imagining himself kissing her plump lips right now while they were having an ongoing conversation. It’s been a while when the last time they make love. He missed getting intimate with her on a physical level. He plugged the earphones with mic in his ears and then attached it to the phone.

“Miss you too!” she replied biting her lips, a deep longing for a physical intimacy with him was piercing her belly right now.

John lowered his right hand down to his shorts and then inserted his hand inside his underwear and cupped his manhood…

“I miss cuddling with you here in my bed, Cath, let’s cuddle…cuddle you,” he said his voice was thick with physical need and l.u.s.t, then he continuous telling her what’s in his mind right now.

“I want to kiss your lips, run my tongue on your neck…nibble your earlobes…then my lips will shower your cleavage with kisses, I will unclasp your bra…then I will start sucking on your breast, your nipple becomes erect…ummm…by this time you are already moaning wanting me to go on pleasuring you…then my mouth went down to your navel trailing sweet hot kisses on your s.e.xy tummy…I immediately discarded down your shorts…I can feel you getting aroused underneath me and then I pulled down your underwear from your legs…then I see your mound so moist ready for me…my head went down and run hot kisses on your crotch and I can’t take it anymore…my tongue plunged inside your mound…I began eating you…thrusting my tongue deeper into your silky folds….your moaning grow thicker and louder…your fingers digging into my hair…my arousal is straining inside my underwear, ahhh… I can’t take it anymore…I freed my stiff manhood from my underwear and when I looked in your eyes, you had this smoky eyes wanting me to go on…ummm…I love the way you look at my arousal as if you are wanting to devour all of it…but I want inside you now…so I penetrated your wet core in one swift hard thrust of my erection…and you like it…I can see with the look in your eyes that you want me to pummel you hard and fast…so I give you what you wanted…I pummeled my stiff rod into your core many times as I could and you love it, every hard thrust I made in your core I got rewarded with a loud moan from your lips….ahhh…you are digging your nails now behind my back…my hard thrust is getting nearer to your G-spot… and finally I hit your G-spot 3 times and then I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed inside you…we o.r.g.a.s.m a few seconds apart…it’s beautiful and mind-blowing just like it always used to be when we’re making s.e.x…our s.e.xual intercourse is always been hot, glorious and truly satisfying…I love you so much, Cath!”

John was catching on in his breath, his face was fl.u.s.tered, his right hand had been inside his underwear, he was masturbating in a frenzy while he was talking s.e.x with Catherine in the phone, he was blown away on how he o.r.g.a.s.m wonderfully a few seconds ago just talking to her in the phone.

“C-Cath…re you still there? You are quite?” he asked.

Catherine smiled. “I’m here listening to your erotic ramblings…my lord…hehehe.”

“I m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.ed on myself while talking s.e.x with you, what are you thinking while I’m making love with you on the phone?” his voice husky with spent l.u.s.t.

“I got my hand inside my panties…,” she answered cheekily.

John smiled broadly. “Did you like it?”

“Yesssss,” she replied.

“Let’s meet soon, okay. Let’s do it for real, pleaseee?” he starts begging again for them to meet.

“Okay. I will tell you when am ready to see you again,” she murmured, then she starts yawning. “I need to sleep now, John. I have only a few sleep last night,” she said.

“Me too, let’s sleep now my love, I will cuddle you,” he said lovingly.

“Sing me a lullaby first…,” she requested, giggling.

“Okay…here we go..sleep my darling baby…John is not far away…Sleep my darling baby…John is not far away…,” he was smiling while singing to her and she was giggling at her end, he kept singing to her the lullaby until she had finally fallen asleep all he can hear was silence at her end.


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