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The CEO’s Painted Skin is a web novel completed by Lizabelle88.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Minerva squeezed Catherine’s hand.

“Don’t give Sir John a hard time, Catherine. If you can’t forgive him yet it’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t have to be given right away. But at least, don’t fight with him anymore. Don’t give him a cold shoulder. Start warming up to him again just for the sake of your future and your baby. If he asked you to marry him, accept his proposal right away. Secure your financial future, don’t wait! Although, Sir John looks like a responsible man for me. Still, we don’t know for sure how long he will become loyal and devoted to you. One day, he might get tempted by another woman which happens to be ten times better than you in all aspect, and he will have a change of heart and he no longer wants to marry you and then what will happen to you? You will become a single mother. And it’s very hard raising a baby on your own without financial support from anybody. Nowadays, financial stability is important especially if you are raising a baby. You can only feel secured financially if you are legally married to John. Listen to my advice Catherine, before it’s too late, don’t continue to be stubborn, it’s only for your good,” said Minerva.

Catherine sighed. It’s early morning and she already received a sermon from Minerva. “Okay, I will think about it.”

“Do you want to go downstairs now for your morning exercise? We can go down there if you want,” asked Minerva.

She shook her head. “No, not right now. Later in the afternoon. I’m feeling lazy because I wake up late,” she replied.

“Okay,” murmured Minerva. She turns on the volume of the TV and continues watching the show.

Catherine was sitting comfortably on her favorite spot on the sofa and stared at the crystal clear serene ocean view, her mind was in deep thoughts.

With her situation right now, she has no choice, she will become John’s obedient and loyal dog, she will just forget his cheating slowly and pretend it didn’t happen in the first place. From now on she will start pus.h.i.+ng aside her hatred towards him so that she will not suffer anymore.

She wants a bit of freedom to roam around. The sooner she can get her freedom the better. But if there is an opportunity to get revenge, she will grab it. For now, she will practice being a loyal and obedient dog to him. She missed going outside on her own. Although she can go downstairs now she still had chaperones watching her every move, she can’t go out on her own. She was being guarded 24/7.

Maybe, if she can finally regain back John’s trust. She will have her freedom again.

She rose to her feet and walked towards the master’s bedroom.

Once inside, she took her phone from the bedside table and called Mike for the first time.

“OMG! Beautyyyyyyyy! Where have you been? I’ve been calling you several times already yet you are not answering my call. What happened to you? Where have you been these fast few months? You suddenly disappeared from my radar, why?” he asked in a worried tone.

“I lost my old phone. I encounter some personal problem, don’t ask I won’t tell. This is my new cell number now. Add it in your contacts if you want,” she lied.

“Okay, fine I won’t ask. I already added your new number in my contact. So, how are you?” he asked again.

“I’m fine,” she replied.

“When are you going to marry me?” Mike asked.

“Soon,” she answered in a joking manner.

“Wowww, when is that? I’m very excited to know!” his voice sounded genuinely happy and excited.

“Lol, am just kidding, Mike,” she answered, grinning. For some reason, she feels light-headed just talking to Mike over the phone.

“Ouch, I was hoping you are serious! Anyways, I’m willing to wait. Take your time beauty,” he said.

“Where are you now? Inside or outside the country?” she asked.

“I’m outside the country in Bali Indonesia, particularly in Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. One of the best resort stay I ever had. They served sumptuous mouthwatering dishes fit for the King and Queen, they offered Balinese and authentic Asian cuisine. World-cla.s.s service, the resort’s staff were very accommodating and friendly and courteous, they were so polite, they will treat you like you are royalty. The stunning view here is to die for. It’s like I’m seeing a heavenly paradise for the first time. The pool is pristine and sparkling water is everywhere. The rooms and villas are s.p.a.cious, clean and had a touch of modern and local architecture blended into one, the interior design in my villa is superb! It’s clean and no bugs at all inside my room. The property is huge and there is a buggy to move us around it caters to clients 24/7. Great location and privacy are top-notch. Such a breathtaking place with a spectacular view of the ocean right outside your villa! I will bring you here one day,” exclaimed Mike, his voice filled with excitement. He was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with joy and coated with the luxury of life that only a few people can enjoy. Mike was enjoying his vacation.

His happiness was somewhat contagious because Catherine finds herself smiling just talking to him.

“Okay. Enjoy your stay there! Take care of yourself, Mike. Bye-bye!”

“Bye beauty…take cares! I will call you again and again, okay? I miss you!” replied Mike.

“Okay, call me anytime you want. I love hearing all the details of your spectacular trip abroad! Take care!” said Catherine.

“Bye beauty…check out my Instagram photos and don’t forget to comment, okay?” said Mike.

“Okay, Byeeeee!” Catherine ended the call. Surprisingly, she feels a little bit better after talking to Mike.


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