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The CEO’s Painted Skin is a web novel made by Lizabelle88.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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John arrived at his residence late in the evening.

He saw Caroline watching a television show in the living room with his son sleeping peacefully on the crib.

She stood up and greeted him. “Good evening, brother John!”

Her smile towards him was dazzling, enough to light the entire room.

John sized her up. He was taken aback by her super duper s.e.xy attire!

My G.o.d! Caroline is acting up like a seductress with her provocative attire. Was she dressing s.e.xily just for him?

This is weird!

He must admit to himself, Caroline looks exceptional tonight, she looks very much like his wife Catherine!

Caroline walked hurriedly towards his side, nearly colliding on him. He has to steady her, touching her bareback accidentally, he immediately withdraws his hand to avoid touching her exposed skin for a longer time. He can feel her body shuddering from her touch and his manhood between his legs come alive immediately! d.a.m.n the b.o.n.e.r! He was aroused again!

Caroline wasn’t distancing herself away from John, instead, she was about to press her body closer to his, but he already steps away from her covering a good distance, he was now walking towards the infant’s crib.

Caroline pouted, he was avoiding her! She also discovered that John no longer entered the room during night time, the last time he visits the room was that night he saw her wearing that black s.e.xy lingerie.

She bit her lip trying to decipher what’s in his mind right now.


“Brother John, why don’t we sing a few songs in the karaoke? I miss having a duet with you, it’s been a long time since we sing a song together. Please—“

She gave him a puppy dog’s eyes.

John released a deep sigh. “Some other time, Caroline. I’m not in the mood to sing any song right now. I’m tired and I just wanted to rest and sleep,” he said, then he planted a quick kiss on his son’s cheek and left the living room going to the master’s bedroom.

“Wait…!” Caroline ran after him. “Brother John, can I borrow my sister’s tablet? I want to use it to browse online,” she said.

“Okay, tomorrow I will hand it to you,” John replied without looking at his sister-in-law.

Caroline pouted and grumbled under her breath. “Brother-in-law is such a snub tonight!”

John heard her whining but he no longer pays attention to her. He pushed open the door of his room and went inside.

After changing into his sleeping attire. He lay down on the bed.

He was a.n.a.lyzing Caroline’s behavior lately, he noticed that during daytime when Minerva was around, his sister-in-law would always wear conservative clothing. But during night time, when he and Caroline are the only adult inside the flat, she always wore s.e.xy clothing, he was not stupid and dumb not to understand what is the type of signal Caroline was throwing at him, she was intentionally seducing him!

Now he remembered why his missing wife refused to let her sister live with them.

John was contemplating on what is the right thing to do with Caroline? He has to admit to himself that Caroline was an excellent nanny to his son. He just can’t fire her without justified reason, just because she got a liking on him? Was that enough valid reason to fire her?

When did liking someone or having a crush on someone become a crime or a sin?

He sighed deeply.

If Catherine was here today, her twin won’t be able to live with him under one roof. He will terminate Caroline’s employment once he already finds Catherine. For now, he will just ignore Caroline’s temptation for the sake of baby James.

He wrapped the blanket around his body and go to sleep.

Inside Caroline’s room.

She was sulking.

She was p.i.s.sed that all her efforts do not affect John.

What she’s gonna do now?

She can continue seducing him while her sister was not around to reprimand her, but if her sister suddenly comes back then she will stop. Maybe, who knows she can ultimately gain John’s attention and love one day if she will persist a little bit longer. Given that there’s no guarantee that her missing sister will come back into their lives she will stick with John and baby James ’till the end, ‘coz she can see her bright future with them if she remained on their side.

She will stick on John’s side like glue.

John might be ignoring her right now but if months and years will pa.s.s and Catherine can no longer be found, he will ultimately turn to her for comfort because she’s the spitting image of his wife’s and she’s more than willing to comfort him anytime he wants, he only have to say the words and she will come running to him with an ‘open legs’ and open arms. Her mouth suddenly erupted in a fit of giggle just thinking how fast she would open her legs for him.

With those thoughts already embedded in her mind, she was determined to nurture her feelings for John in the days to come.

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And she was as normal as anyone else.

It’s not that she caused her sister to disappear in the first place.

It’s a blessing in disguise that her sister vanished ‘coz she had now the opportunity to get closer to her dreams. She doesn’t mind taking over her twin sister’s family. Wherever Catherine was right now, she will be doing a good service to her sister. This was her way of contributing something to help her. She will take good care of her nephew and satisfy John’s s.e.xual needs that her missing sister can no longer provide.

She doesn’t have to feel guilty.

She was destined to become an integral part of John and baby James life and continue where her sister left off.

She will take good care of the father and son like they were her own, she would strive hard to take care of them, more than her sister could ever do.

With that mission in mind, thinking she was doing great service for her sister, she finally succ.u.mbs to a night of guilt-free sleep.


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